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The former Russian President has mocked the withdrawal of a report from the EU admitting that Ukraine has lost over 100,000 troops and 20,000 in a feeble attempt to conceal a truth once admitted. Russia appears to be preparing an all-out assault that should rapidly reduce the timeline with hundreds of cruise missiles in a massive launch to wipe out the remaining energy infrastructure of Ukraine. Even France finds the Biden admin's policies related to climate change to be objectionable, because they provide subsidies for US firms that are disadvantageous for French and European. The UN and WEF continue to proclaim that they "own the science" related to health, COVID, the vax (and more) as they seek to impose a world-wide network to control Planet Earth via the WHO. This is a huge threat and ought to be opposed. Signing such a treaty would represent the end of freedom and liberty for all. Elon Musk's free speech policies are creating massive concern among the parties who have so successfully imposed them in the past. And Jim's Petition for a Rehearing before SCOTUS was denied, in spite of proof that it had been a FEMA exercise presented as mass murder to promote gun control, which was clearly established by his supporting appendices, especially B, C, and E. Check 'em out. Jim is now active on twitter @jimfetzer and invites you to follow him and retweet what he has to report.i

The US Supreme Court has denied my Petition for Rehearing, where I presented new legal arguments and new evidence in support of my Petition for a Writ of Certiorari. The new evidence included (in Appendices B and C) both the FEMA manual for the exercise (which was not previously before the court) and the CT FEMA published schedule showing that Exercise L-366 at Sandy Hook Elementary was on the agenda for 14 December 2012. They even published a map of how to get from the office in Bridgeport to 12 Dickenson (sic) Drive. In addition, Appendix E included an affidavit from Brian Davidson, a licensed private investigator in Texas, who had accessed the CT State Police archives and studied the photographs there, which contradict the offidail narrative. So you can see for yourself that the hallway, where the bodies of the principal and of the school psychologist, were supposed to be lying in a pool of blood are not only absent but that, in a classroom where there should be a pile of little bodies and blood everywhere, there are not only no bodies or blood but no student desks or chairs and no teacher's desk or American flag. In other words, not only did Brian discover that there was no evidence of mass murder but also evidecen that it was not even an oprating schoo, all of which is consistent with my book and my Petition, which SCOTUS nevertheless denied. Not only that, but they had removed the metadata that would show when and where each photo had been taken in an obvious effort to conceal their own complicity in conducting the drill behind the scenes. Check it out for yourself, where you can download the relevant documents to your own desktop here: https://jameshfetzer.org/2022/11/press-release-fetzer-v-pozner-in-the-united-states-supreme-court-petition-for-rehearing-filed-1-november-2022/ Remember, this is the Supreme Court of the United States. Stunning! Better: DISGUSTING!

REQUIRED VIEWING!!! "A digital identity means that you're ALWAYS IN A DIGITAL PRISON." Aman Jabbi has over 25 years’ experience working in Silicon Valley as an engineer primarily on camera technologies. He joins us to expose extremely alarming technologies being set up in Smart Cities, including street lights that can KILL, “The Internet of Eyes”, and how people will be forced into the Metaverse under the new Digital ID slavery system in what he calls “The Final Lockdown”, and the only solution we have to avoid this.

Source: https://rumble.com/v1w1fcn-aman-jabbi-the-final-lockdown-street-lights-that-kill-in-smart-cities-cbdc-.html (1:17:41)

In this brief educational presentation you will learn how all the major narratives used by the media and political establishment to promote the idea of man-made global warming are, in fact, false, and not based on any science at all. Through all these wild and exaggerated claims, climate alarmists are able to present emotive narratives to liberal audiences in order to sell radical and damaging ‘green’ policies. However, debunking them is a lot simpler than most people think. The filmmaker encourages viewers to share this video with anyone who has swallowed the alarmists’ propaganda. Watch!


Philip Geraldi calls out the absurdities of the Democrats' support for the clown President of Ukraine, who is basically shaking down the US for support, much of which is being laundered and kicked back to fund Democrats and to steal elections--all at US taxpayer support! Zelensky is doing everything he can to draw NATO into an attack on Russia by lobbing a missile into Poland and claiming it came from Russia. So far, the West has not fallen for his ploys. Elon Musk has been trolling CN with free speech memes driving Democrats crazy on behalf of freedom of speech. Must (at this point in time) appears to be a real champion of America! The Anti-New York Times takes on its discussions of the suppression of opposition to lockdowns, which has a decided left-wing bias. US Air Marshals are planning a "mutiny" against the Biden practice of sending them to the border to wet nurse illegals while leaving Americans vulnerable in flight. Good for them! Donald Jeffres offers a searing critique of the current state of America 2.0, where the citizens are lied to ABOUT EVERYTHING! I am proud that he will be speaking during my False Flags & Conspiracies 2022 conference this weekend. Rupert Murdoch is paying Ron DeSantis Big Bucks for a book that will help in financing a run for the Presidency in 2024. Mary Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B., explains why the prosecution of Dzhokar Tsarnaev is completely improper and legally unwarranted--about which she is completely correct! Joe and Chris were brilliant. And on Monday we shall learn whether or not the US Supreme Court has today granted my Petition for Rehearing to present my case before the entire court to enable them to reverse my case in Wisconsin, correct abuse of Summary Judgments, and affirm that the 7th Amendment applies to all 50 of these United States.

A Court of Appeals has rejected the Special Master appointment for the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid, where I regarded the way it had been handled as completely appropriate. Meanwhile, the last rural county in AZ to hold out on certification of an (obviously and blatantly) stolen election has been ordered by a court to certify the election, even though they are convinced it was fraudulent. This may not be as bad as it sounds, since legal actions contesting the outcome require that the results have been certified in order to be admissible. Meanwhile, the American Thinker has published a brilliant expose of how it appears to have been done taking advantage of (what is known as) "database latency", where addresses can be changed to mail out ballots and then changed back after they have been sent out, which makes it all but impossible to prove. The Republicans treat elections as acts of civics, while the Democrats treat them as getting the business of "winning" done! Until the GOP gets its act together, they have no chance of winning again. James Carvelle boasted of saving 57 seats and attributed it to Trump's involvement, but it was a tacit confession of the theft of the election. The GOP has lots of investigations to.conduct, but none of those will make any difference to future elections unless the GOP gets serious. Meanwhile, this weekend will be spectacular for me personally, with my third annual False Flags & Conspiracies conference this Saturday and Sunday, with 13 speakers each day. I should learn on Monday whether SCOTUS has granted a Writ for my Petition for Rehearing--and my 82nd birthday is on Tuesday!

Aimee Villella McBride of CHD interviews Matt Snow and Nick Stumphauzer, the filmmakers behind "DIED SUDDENLY." GREAT interview!!! Reports of sudden deaths with unknown or strange causes. Athletes collapsing on the field. Deadly cancers after recent diagnosis. Blood clots, unlike anything ever seen before. What is going on? The film, ‘Died Suddenly’ exposes the tragic agenda behind excess mortality and shocking autopsies. Today, on ‘Good Morning CHD,’ viewers witness a jaw-dropping discussion with the filmmakers.


Dr. Tom Cowan at the Weston A. Price Foundation 2022 conference in Knoxville, TN, October 21 & 22, 2022. Beautiful, logical demolition of the entire viral illness construct.
Part 1 of 2. We have been taught that “germs” make us sick. That is incorrect. Once we get a clear picture of how living beings are constructed, it becomes easy to understand how and why we do get sick and what to do to treat illness.
You hear Tom Cowan’s voice here but the video only has his slide-show as he presents:

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6ZxrGwYNENjq/ (1:09:31)

Dr. Tom Cowan at the Weston A. Price Foundation 2022 conference in Knoxville, TN, October 21 & 22, 2022. Beautiful, logical demolition of the entire viral illness construct. Part 2 of 2. We have been taught that “germs” make us sick. That is incorrect. Once we get a clear picture of how living beings are constructed, it becomes easy to understand how and why we do get sick and what to do to treat illness.
You hear Tom Cowan’s voice here but the video only has his slide-show as he presents:

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0fjkKKumxxIJ/

Former President of Russia warns, if NATO sends Patriot missile batteries to Ukraine, then even if they are manned by NATO crews, they will be legitimate targets of war. There are growing conflicts between Ukrainian and Polish troops because the Poles are faring far better. And Ursula von der Leyen has acknowledged that Ukraine has lost over 100,000 soldiers. Mike Adams reports why AZ is crucial to the NWO for multiple reasons, making Kari Lake's resistance to the theft of the race there all the more important to the nation beyond the state. A case on the Supreme Court's docket could bring about a reversal of the 2020 election, but its prospects cannot be regarded as promising--especially after the Court rejected the Texas lawsuit, which appears to me to have been better grounded legally and evidentially. A move is afoot to rename "Monkey Pox" just "MPOX" because it is thought to have racist connotations (which I regard as frankly absurd). Twitter is blowing apart the COVID and vax censorship of the past, which is a very healthy development--and where I am being attacked by shills and trolls, which is another very good sign. The Republican Liberty Caucus is supporting Andy Biggs for Speaker.And Tucker has called out Apple for being in bed with the CCP. My False Flags & Conspiracies Conference will be held this weekend. Check it out at https://jameshfetzer.org/2022/11/false-flags-and-conspiracies-virtual-conference-2022-3-4-december-2022/

Twitter has become somewhat of a bastion of freedom of speech, just as Elon Musk declared he intended for it to become. An assortment of recent tweets confirms it--not to mention that I have been reinstated in spite of my (controversial) status as a Sandy Hook skeptic. The Dutch are shutting down some 3,000 farms out of the (absurd) belief that they are contributing to "global warming", which is a hoax on steroids. Even though there is no scientific foundation for taking such drastic action, it will have real world consequences in dramatically cutting food supplies. The climate zealots are even going after household pets, such as dogs and cats. Unreal! A 7-hour deposition has confirmed that Anthony "Tony the Rat" Fauci is a BIG TIME liar who had no idea what he was doing in moving to shut down the economy, which he claims was based upon the report of a single person who made a brief visit to China and thought that its draconian measures were good for the USA. This man will go down in history as responsible for more deaths than all the world's other villains combined. The total I suspect will be in the 100s of millions or even into the billions--all based upon a fake pandemic and a very real (and lethal) vax. If Mike Lindell becomes the Chair of the RNC, it might actually make a difference. Otherwise, not. Other absurdities abound.

Began with Mike Adams sounding the alarm about why the NWO must take control of AZ (by any means, fair or foul) in order to advance their agenda, which revolves around the WHO new treaty that would enable it to dictate responses to pandemics and other medical emergencies with mandates on lockdowns, face masks and vaccinations--and even send in armed forces under the guise of medical workers here to assist in order to deceive Americans into believing they were there to help rather than secure the nation. I think he's got it right. Kari Lake is going to do what she can to set right the grand theft that occurred, especially in Maricopa County, where a new suit has been filed with the US Supreme Court contesting the theft of the 2020 election and asking for removal of the false President and Vice President of the United States (among others), where it is on the SCOTUS docket but not yet schedule for conference. Whereas my own Petition for Rehearing will be in conference this Friday. My False Flags & Conspiracies Conference will take place Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd and 4th, I should learn SCOTUS' decision on Monday and then enjoy my 82nd birthday on the 6th. We shall see how all of this plays out.

Artillery is breaking down in Ukraine and, while winter is rapidly approaching, Russia appears to be dominating the conflict without even having to launch a winter offensive. Paul Craig Roberts explains why events are unfolding in this fashion. The illegal installation of Katie Hobbs in AZ continues unabated, even though the AG's Office has asked for documents related to the theft of the election in that state. Kari Lake insists she will not cease fighting for electoral integrity, where an expert observes that the machines used to count the votes in AZ and 32 other states were not certified, which means that their votes are invalid as a basis for rejecting the outcome across all 33 states. Maricopa County has nevertheless moved forward to certify the (massively stolen) election results. Katie Hobbs, the beneficiary of this malfeasance, appears to be tied into the FTX funding scandal, which could have significant legal ramifications in the future. A former Silicon-Valley engineer is blowing the whistle on the creation of SMART CITIES to control their populations as a multi-faceted approach to wire communications between whole populations to make them easier to control. CBS has finally admitted that Hunter Biden's laptop is real and not "Russian disinformation", as some 50 intel officials have in the past declared. Another fake mass shooting makes a mockery of the move to ban assault rifles, which AR-15s are not; but it appears unlikely to pass. And my third annual False Flags & Conspiracies Conference will be held this weekend, which you can learn more at https://jameshfetzer.org/2022/11/false-flags-and-conspiracies-virtual-conference-2022-3-4-december-2022/

Inconvenient Truths is a weekly reaction video series where Gary King presents various videos, articles and stories for Jim Fetzer's and our audience's spontaneous, unrehearsed reaction through our comment section. Recorded LIVE. Tonight's show includes: G Edward Griffin's World Without Cancer, Covid Winter in Australia? Fentanyl, Cap'n Crunch & Cargill, Titanic/Olympic switch debunked plus much much more!

The Russian Parliament has passed a ban on LGBTQ propaganda, which might be a good idea right here in the USA, and protested against State Department's Anthony Blinken complaining about violating human rights, when Russia is acting to preserve its traditional moral and family values. I am with Russia here. Maricopa County leads the nation in the blatancy of the theft of the 2022 midterm, especially where Katie Hobbs--who has no following, held no rallies, doesn't show up for work and declined to debate -- was supposed to have prevailed over the popular conservative Kari Lake, when only 17% of the voters were Democrats, yet Hobbs won over 50% of the votes cast! GROTESQUE. The Biden admin has made several moves to increase oil production, which appears to be an implicit admission that it was wrong to cancel the XL pipeline and permits to drill on federal land. But its insane programs are going to continue in place unless something drastic is done to set things right. Oddities even occurred in NH, where 27 votes were not counted in a race decided by 15 votes--and where a candidate (DEM, of course) got 1100 votes in a town with only 700 voters. Nothing to see here! Canada has been very harsh on physicians who have not kowtowed to the COVID regiment, even putting them on trial. And it turns out that there are two peaks with adverse effects from the jab: the first 2 weeks and then 5 months after. More and more feds appear to have been in the crowds on J6, where the FBI refuses to admit how many of them were present at the time. (Could be in the 100s.) Majorie Taylor Green has been reinstated on Twitter--and so has Jim Fetzer! Check him out @jimfetzer and retweet if you like what you see, including a photo of "Noah Pozner" celebrating his 8th birthday, which is pretty good for a boy who died at the age of 6. The 2022 Turkey Awards have some very distinguished recipients. And you can learn what you need to know about Jim's False Flags & Conspiracies Virtual Conference 2022 at https://jameshfetzer.org/2022/11/false-flags-and-conspiracies-virtual-conference-2022-3-4-december-2022/

Today's show fell into four parts, where the first was a Dave Hodges' show on FTX and how it was used to launder money sent by the DEMS to Ukraine and the laundered to return to DEMs to help steal the midterm elections. The second was focused on Maricopa County and the blatant theft of the election in AZ and how the Maricopa County officials even moved the time of their meeting in order to certify the election to 8 AM when it was originally scheduled for 9:30 AM and they have requests or demands from AG of Arizona. Kari Lake is fighting the good fight on behalf of every American. This is a fight for the soul of the nation. The third was focused on my third annual False Flags & Conspiracies Virtual Conference 2022, where you can learn the details from https://jameshfetzer.org/ffc-2022-speakers-biographies/ And I have invited everyone to share my tweets @jimfetzer, including one encouraging Elon Musk to reinstate Alex Jones, in which I explain that he did nothing wrong at attached a photo of "Noah Pozner" celebrating his 8th birthday, pretty good for a kid who died at the age of 6. Paul from CA called in for the last segment of the show and we had a very pleasant and cordial conversation. Nice show!

Segment from INFOWARS, Nov. 22, 2022 -- Atty Michael Schafer reveals that the certification process for voting machines was deficient in Arizona and as many as 34 other states! WHOA! The use of voting machines that are not currently certified cannot produce a legally valid outcome, which may be the key to unraveling the stolen 2022 midterm not only in AZ but in other states as well. The law was broken: the voting machines must be certified by an accredited lab, but they were not. This requires that the election must be redone using paper ballots and headcounts. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

INCREDIBLE testimony about the radical upsurge in stillbirths and miscarriages after the CV19 shots from Michelle Gershman, RN, and James Thorpe, MD. “This is the most egregious disaster in the history of medicine. … It’s an unparalleled disaster, and yet no one in our medical community will come out and declare that the Emperor [the CV19 injections] has no clothes.” ~ James A. Thorpe, MD
This week, guests CHD.TV on ‘Friday Roundtable’ to share a sickening report on the state of vaccination and its relationship with pregnancy, stillbirths and reproductive toxicology.

Source: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/nurse-whistleblower-reveals-shocking-increase-in-fetal-demise/

At long last, Anthony "Tony the Rat" Fauci has been subjected to an interrogation by the AGs for MO and LA, who are fed up with the lies and perversions of the CDC, the FDA, and the NIH under his control, where he will go down as the greatest mass murdered in all of history. Steve Kirsch confirms that his plan to "repurpose" drugs already available to cope with COVID were derailed by the CDC and the FDA, which (I assert) were complicity in the mass murder that was going to take place (and continues to occur) with the vax. Stunning stuff; Elon Musk has opened Twitter and restored Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green, and me (about which I am delighted). Indeed, in attempting to get Alex Jones restored, I was offered as an example of a Sandy Hook Denier who had been readmitted; and I would be glad if Alex were to regain his status, notwithstanding that something very strange has been going on with his trials, where I sought to intervene (without success) in all three (as well as in the Remington case). While it was not surprising that the fake Sandy Hook parents did not want me there, neither did the Defendants, even though I could have demonstrated powerful and convincing proof that nobody died at Sandy Hook because it was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control. Among the benefits of restoring Trump's account was access to his last two tweets on 6 January 2021, which I believe is the reason for his ban, because in both he asked the public to be peaceful and to support the police. Tough to make out that he was an "insurrectionist" with evidence like that! So they had to ban him! Paul Craig Roberts bemoans the loss of faith in Freedom of Speech, where some 51.8% allegedly were for reinstating Trump but 48.2% were opposed, when it should have been around 90$ in favor! I suspect the 48.2% was manufactured by trolls and bots, but there are good reasons for concern. Stew Peters' "Died Suddenly" has made a tremendous breakthrough with the public, where more and more are becoming aware of the monstrous hoax to which they and their loved ones have been subjected. Disney has been shaken by the losses it is enduring for going "woke". And my False Flags & Conspiracies 2022 conference will take place next Saturday and Sunday. Something you don't want to miss, with 24 speakers and 26 presentations you can watch over the next six months!

Air strikes across Ukraine are taking out its energy infrastructure, which is leaving the country in a desperate plight as winter approaches. NATO appears to be abandoning Kiev given.the Russians are in virtually complete control of the outcome. Meanwhile the Pentagon is doing its best to conceal the true (astronomical) cost of the war to the American taxpayers, who were never consulted or voted upon whether or not the US ought to become involved. The Russian Parliament has voted to ban LGBTQ propaganda from its media and public venues in the interest of morality and the public good. And it has rejected efforts to meddle in its affairs by Western leaders, such as US Secretary of State Blinken. The AZ AG's Office says that the Maricopa County election was in violation of the law, but nothing seems to be being done about it. Indeed, Maricopa County officials even moved up the certification of the election to evade a directive from the AG's Office. Kari Lake says Arizonans know BS when they see it, and this is most certainly an enormous pile. An expert reports that the machines used for the election had not been certified and that you cannot get a certified ballot out of an uncertified machine, which appears to lay a foundation for repudiating much of the midterm outcomes in which those uncertified machines were used. Several cases in New Hampshire indicate the extent of the theft, where one candidate received 1100 votes in a community of 700. The Biden admin is quietly reversing its assault on "fossil fuels" and CBS has finally admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop is "real".

On 29 May 1980, New Jersey Congressman William J. Hughes(2nd Congressional District), reacting to pressure from his “constituents”, sent a letter to then FBI Director William H. Webster asking to reopen the Malcolm X assassination investigation. The letter cited new evidence that had come to light, which the petitioners were willing to divulge, presumably in a formal setting. These letters, including the FBI reply were found buried in the FBI digital vault which keeps copies of heavily redacted Malcolm X documents covering virtually his entire adult public life up until his assassination, including coverage of the trial which sent three NOI members to jail for life.

A wave of airstrikes has left Ukraine largely bereft of electricity, including the capital of Kiev, where Zelensky has been demanding that NATO strike Russia for missiles that appear to have originated in Ukraine. NATO seems to be abandoning its erstwhile ally in the wake of enhanced Russian military activity, where when the ground freezes, a short and brutal ending may be anticipated. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has been hiding the true cost to the taxpayers, where billions has been laundered and set back for Democrats to steal the 2022 midterms! Kari Lake is fighting the good fight in AZ, where it looks like the machines used there (and in many other states) were not currently certified, which appears to be solid legal grounds for a recount with paper ballots and hand counts. The GOP will have opportunities to defund Biden's Green New Deal initiatives, which would be in the nation's best interest. Gov. Whitmer of MI is being touted as a prospective DEM nominee in 2024 or 2028 by James Carvelle, which reflects the impoverished state of the Democrats' bench. Meanwhile, Fauci and others are being grilled under oath in lawsuits brought by the AGs of MO and LA to expose collusion between the Biden admin and BIG TECH to censor and suppress information disputing the official narrative of COVID 19 and the vax, which would be blatant violations of the 1st Amendment. Klaus Schwab offers China as a model for many nations of what the future ought to look like, which is as repulsive as thought as he is a person. And it turns out that the purported shooter at the Club Q in Colorado is "non-binary", which is as much against the progressive narrative as that the WalMart shooter turns out to be black as were many of his victims. So it goes in the State of Biden!

TERRIFIC recent statement from former Pfizer VP, Mike Yeadon, who has signed on to the virus challenge for modern virology.

Source: https://rumble.com/v1wo9xu-dr-mike-yeadon-on-depopulation-ventalator-sedative-murders-and-sars-cov-2-t.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2

(Brian took the day to spend with his family.) Francis Boyle warns that the new WHO Pandemic Treaty would grant the World Health Organization authority over the health plans responding to pandemics and other medical emergencies of sovereign nations with regard to lockdowns, masking, and other measures--where Carl rightly observed that it would require a 2/3 vote of the Senate to ratify and (so far) we have no reason to think that would happen. But most certainly the threat is there and we must keep it under advisement. Placing faith in BIG PHARMA when these companies have been massively fined for fraud, false advertising, and doing harm to their consumers. For them, it's all about MONEY AND PROFITS, where the actual benefits to those who use their products are a distant consideration. Tony the Rat bids "Farewell", but he will be under interrogation by Congress for years to come. And after declaring that he would make MBS a "pariah" for the murder of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, which was brutal and involved dismembering his body, Biden has instead provided him political cover. No surprises there. In. a sensational development, an expert in accrediting voting machines has observed that none of the machines used in AZ and many other states were certified, where you cannot get a certified vote out of an uncertified machine, which has the potential to force the midterm elections in those states to be redone with paper ballots and hand counts. Devoutly to be wished! AZ's AG says the law was broken, in which case, he needs to enforce the law, promptly and severely! The DEMs are good at cracking down, the GOP not so much. That won't work when you are playing softball and they are playing hard. Musk is making a difference, where I (@jimfetzer) am delighted to be back on board and making the most of it. Disney has fired its "woke" CEO and reverted to its most recent in an attempt to regain lost ground, but it won't be easy. Once confidence has been lost, it's all but impossible to restore. Mike King offers his reflections on the assassination of JFK and some of those who played key roles in his death. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ONE AND ALL! SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES. TREASURE EVERY MOMENT.

Stephanie Seneff, the great MIT Senior Researcher, on glyphosate, the CV19 kill-shots and staying healthy in a poisonous world. In this video senior MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., delivers compelling scientific evidence based on countless published, peer-reviewed studies, all in frank, illuminating and accessible language. Dr. Seneff sounds the alarm on glyphosate, chemotherapy, statin drugs and Covid-19, and provides guidance on simple, powerful changes you can make to protect your health and that of your family. A must-watch video, it also addresses the true nature of the pharmaceutical industry and its influence on the broadcast media. The sources mentioned in this video can be found here: https://www.dr-rath-foundation.org/go...

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKTi1OyjiYQ (22:54)


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