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Hi- I am from Melbourne Australia.
I have many life projects on the go- in fact, I have been a born project manager since I was born!
I have worked in both the private sector and public sector and they are just as bad as eachother.
I thought I could enforce change management- I am dreaming in this culture- the workplaces are more toxic than rubbish tips!

At the moment, I am focussing on the following:

My Life's Purpose- and unpaid:
*Bird Behaviourist & Bird Rescue, Rights-Welfare Campaigner and Activist- speaking up for the tragedies and atrocities upon
pet/companion birds in Australia by the 'monster' bird breeders/bird sellers and pet shops

On hold for a moment- too busy with the birds......
*Holistic Counsellor- not the BS 'new age yoga guru type' but the real type who has decades of personal health challenges
experiences and the only truth and solutions I found was with Anthony William, Medical Medium- i have
given up on the medical industry in Australia, who have taken over 200K from my pocket to tell me to 'rest.'

*Parrot Productions- I've had extensive studies and experience in the film industry, so corrupt, I decided to make my own small
films/webisodes mainly about birds and counselling- they are in pre-production at the moment.

It took me 50 yrs to accept that most people I surrounded myself with were uninspiring, toxic, liars and frauds. Hopefully from now I have more faith and confidence in myself and I can acquaint myself with genuine, no BS people who care more about nature, animals and humanity than they care about their latest clothes, cars, holidays- it is all fake to me.