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Australian MP Quits Politics To Tell People The Truth About COVID

Actual footage from the people that were actually there. Antifa dressed as Trump Supporters, assistance from police and orders that Capital Police don't agree with but have to follow. Language is strong but this is what happened not what the media is pushing or what the politicians are hyping.

Italian Doctor Makes Surprising Statement On Covid 19

60 minutes Australia report on Jeffrey Epstein that US media refused to report on.

Evidence from Italy on the stolen US election.

Witness claims that John Roberts has adopted children that he allowed Pence to use for Sex. Claims that John Roberts, Rod Rosenstein and Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike plotted for the death of Supreme Court Justices

Biden and Kerry pressure Ukraine to fire Prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden's Burisma activities. The leaked phone calls have been banned on Youtube.

Unfiltered truth about the vaccine that is being pushed.

60 Minutes Australia Report on Chinese spy network.

Sky News Australia on report on the Biden Crime Family.

Listen for yourself and make your own mind up.

The definitive 9/11 documentary that challenges the ridiculous "official" story

Very through account of the "Elite" pulling the strings behind the scenes of our world. The most believable scenario of what really happened in the JFK Assassination.

A quick documentary about attaching the Shuttle to the planes that fly them around.

Biden's stance on issues

Doctors discuss the truth about Covid-19.


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