Jeffrey Stevens: The Shadow Pursuer by Keshav Tadimeti is a heart-stopping crime thriller and police procedural. In this novel, detective Jeffrey Stevens is forced to work with the NYPD to solve a high-profile murder case. Along the way, a vigilante commits a murder, which is only the beginning of a far more sinister plan. Jeffrey Stevens: The Shadow Pursuer is a thriller that definitely brings one on the edge of their seat.

Sharon Jean Wiginton reveals a stunning discovery of healing after she found a “cure” from her stage 3 cancer. The secret to an astounding healing lies not on pills, tablets, and even chemotherapy, but on real food. Order a copy of Abounding Health Naturally by Sharon Jean Wiginton now to know her secret!

In the history of mankind, God blessed Israel and America with His mighty hedge of protection, along with bountiful wealth, peace, power, and prestige. Both countries initially pledged Him their perpetual obedience and faithfulness, yet they disobeyed Him and ignored His warnings. Israel perished from biblical history. Will America perish as Israel did? Find out on Philip Wittig’s “Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct: Will American Mend Its Ways and Return to God?”

The Book is realistic and shares positive stories that point to the fact that we are guided by beings of a higher life force guides angels spiritual teachers actual loved ones we knew in this time and place and indeed the Creative Source of all life: the Divine or God.

The book is about loss, forgiveness and redemption. Somewhat suspenseful, and eventually come to a happy place.

Explore the life of Tyler Oberheu and how one day he woke up with a serious neurological condition, only to learn more about life than he ever thought he would.

This tale deals with a beautiful young girl, Amanda Mannon, who comes from a rather haunted family and becomes rather haunted herself.

ENCHANTED RAINBOWS is a heartwarming visual representation to say happy birthday to someone you love.

The book is intriguing and believable. The plot held attention as Sunny faces old and new demons.

A compelling presentation of a devastating humanitarian crisis on television propelled Dr. Conner and his wife and two children on a missionary trip to Ethiopia. The crisis was a famine in Ethiopia which threatened the lives of many thousands of Ethiopian citizens.

When Rudolph got sick with reindeer pox on Christmas Eve, he couldn't guide the sleigh to deliver presents, so Santa had to find another means of transportation... A toy train and magic dust save the trip.

In an overview of the entire Bible the author presents his conviction that the Gospel in incompatible with Christian participation in war. This view was prominent in the early Church. and is presented with Biblical support to help readers. lay and ordained, understand God's commands.

“Never Too Late” is a sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often heart-warming tale of a long-term survivor and a supporter, as they make their way through the AIDS crisis and eventually find each other in a twist of fate.

Finding one's center and inner guide is essential on the road called life. Join the author, Dana Hayne, in her global travels and real life experiences of living communally for thirteen years with a hundred-year-old sage from the jungles of Sri Lanka as she discovers the awakening of that inner guide.

Mark Anthony Tierno truly shows his storytelling prowess as he brings his masterfully crafted fantasy novel to the table. Readers will experience a world filled with magic and science through the book’s page-turning plot. In a world of magic and ancient secrets, “Maldene” is just the start of a great fantasy and sci-fi adventure that readers will surely enjoy.

This is the author's first (and maybe last) book written at a time in life when most people are either in retirement or anticipating it. But with well over 57 years of searching Scripture with his graduation from the evening school division of Philadelphia College of Bible (now CAIRN University) over thirty years ago.

is a children's book depicting Rosemary and the crow fighting over the ribs she is cooking on a hot grill. The crow is shrewd and conniving, outwitting Rosemary at her own intelligence; he peed and pooped on the scarecrow, and laughed at her. The crow is good at what he does best, peep and peck.

In this book, the author explores ways to respond to acts of kindness, to go beyond the words, and to find possibilities. He offers ideas to inspire you to become a better person and give someone else that emotional lift.

For fans of “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Game of Thrones” or those who wish “Harry Potter” was adult-themed, Rachal M. Roberts’ “The Cursed Dragon: Book One of the Age of Acama Series” will do more than enough to satisfy their cravings for all things epic fantasy. It's a thrilling dragon story, every chapter has magic spells.

Rich with detail, Sundown at Sunrise takes readers back to the southwestern Minnesota of a hundred years ago.

I am happy to share my experience growing up on the plains of South Dakota, completing grade school in a one-room school, surviving blizzards, including getting lost in our yard. I have virtually all positive memories, for example I remember being in severe pain, but I don't remember the pain. I can look back and see points where a different decision by me would have changed my life, but not necessarily better for me.

Scourged Souls takes place during the American Civil War; however, it is not about the war itself. Instead, it takes the reader into the lives and settings of the characters whose lives cross, for a brief few days during a horrific battle, whether directly or indirectly through relationships.

A Simple Seller of Noodles unveils the gripping story of SamSanan illegitimate Vietnamese peasant who rose from near-infanticide in a garbage can to become a highly sought-after interpreter for the Cambodian military.

How the Lord Sent Christmas is a beautifully illustrated imaginative, poetic retelling of the Christmas story in a fresh Dr. Seuss-ical way that will surprise and delight children and adults. The author weaves Old Testament prophecy and the gospel accounts with sanctified imagination and poetic whimsy to present the gospel in an engaging style. This is a fun addition to your Christmas library and a wonderful gift for your friends.

Jeremy had to go to the funeral to honor his Uncle Jim, who had taught him so much about horses and life in general. He knew somehow he had to share the knowledge with others, especially what Jim has taught him about horse whispering, a talent that only six other people had in the states at the time. Jeremy also wondered about what doors this talent would open and where it might lead him.

A man of influence was how Jeremy remembered Jim. Even in his death, Jim was bigger than life. The way he dealt with people and horses had been a gift sent from heaven above. Jeremy knew from all of Jim's teachings that he could be one of the best horse whispers ever. Jeremy only hoped that he could prove his talents when he tried out for the foreman position at the E&J Stud Farm owned by Esmira, a beautiful independent woman used to having things her way. Both Jeremy and Esmira were not prepared for what would happen if love was thrown into the mix.


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