blocked on YT

A full uncut version of this video for your viewing pleasure! :) Enjoy!

In case YT decideds to be a dick.

Full version because...YT...yeah :D

PRACTICING is the keyword here :D

Original video blocked on Youtube by WMG assholes. Enjoy the un-fucked version with the original music video!

Original video blocked on YT (Also BitChute bugged out and won't let me upload the original thumbnail for some reason.)

Blocked of YT worldwide

Unedited version

Fuck SME ,fuck labels who block shit.

The YT version of this video was copyright claimed = it made MONEY for the label.
And they block it...
Idiocy at it's finest

So....enjoy here,without any bullshit :D

Full unedited version! Enjoy :)

Again F**K YouTube's blocks....Hope you enjoy :) (Also BitChute is weird with thumbnails and wouldnt let me post mine so there is me as Papa Emeritus :D

Fuck SME and their blocks.

Oh my,Ozzy and Post Malone in one song? That is....something!
(BTW didnt have a thumbnail ready so...yeah :D )

SME worldwide block again....feel like a broken record by saying that at this point,but yeah.

Just in case YT decides to be the BAD GUY....k i'll see myself out (:

Blocked on YT - Reupload

SME just started blocking my Tool vids on YT. (5 so far) This ,from now on,will be the only place,where you'll find them in their unedited form. (And sorry for the lowered quality - had to do a screen recording to actually get the video.)

Corey Taylor is angery and he knows how to tells us making FUCKING AWESOME MUSIC with the bois from Slipknot!



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If YT decides to be an ass on my videos,you'll find the unedited versions here! :)