In this inspirational video, Brother Dave shares the key to Christian leadership principles by following the Lamb's example.

Christian leadership is no easy task, but inspirational leadership doesn't come from official training, but through through the commitment to follow Jesus (the lamb) wherever he goes... even unto death!

This video is also a commentary on chapter 20 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

Many people have claimed to be the two witnesses of Revelation, but do any of them have the goods to be the two end time prophets?

In this video, Br. Dave shares some guidelines to help us identify the two end time witnesses and encourages us to learn the spiritual lessons behind these two apocalyptic prophets.

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This video is also a commentary on chapter 16 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

Brother Dave shares his interpretations on the stinging locusts unleashed by Apollyon Abaddon, the angel of the bottemless pit, which is one of the seven trumpets described in the book of Revelation chapter 9.

There are several theories as to what could be modern day "locusts" that match the description of the locusts described in Revelation 9. But more important than that is understanding the lesson behind the passage. That lesson can be applied no matter what the final manifestation of the mutant locusts are.

This video is also a commentary on chapter 21 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

Brother Dave reveals the mysterious woman in the wilderness described in Revealtion 12 as the bride of Christ AND the mother of Jesus. Is it possible she could be both?

Here's a link to an article that goes deeper into these issues:

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This video is also a commentary on chapter 17 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

Brother Dave comments on the most controversial videos from Survivors a highly controversial novel and apocalyptic movie about the end times.

Chapter 18 is considered the most controversial chapter of the Survivors novel as it presents a second chance for people who have committed an apparently unpardonable sin.

Receive a free copy of "Listening", the sequel to Survivors through the following link:

This video is also a commentary on chapter 18 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

Is God giving a final warning to everyone about the Mark of the Beast? Is there a prophet or organization that is warning people about this significant prophecy?

In this video Brother Dave challenges people to consider that the warning has already been given by God, as well as the solution, which is found in the teachings of Jesus.

This video is also a commentary on chapter 15 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

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The mark of the beast is becoming a reality before our very eyes. We now have microchip implants that can provide a literal application of the prophecy. But who is really counting the cost of what it will take to reject it?

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Construction of a new temple in Jerusalem is the single clearest pointer to the return of Jesus… a pointer that can literally give us the date for when Jesus will return. Learn what to look for, and what to expect along the way.

Check out the relevant chapter in Survivors, and see a list of events that will happen during those last seven years in Armageddon for Beginners.

The Timetable:

Who are these mysterious Twelve Tribes mentioned in The Revelation? Brother Dave gives a clear and simple way for identifying them. Check out how the Twelve Tribes operate in our end time novel, Survivors.

Read this article by the same name, and Chapter 12 in Armageddon for Beginners

If you haven't already watched Survivors Ch 10, please do so.

In Soul Harvest, chapter 11 of Survivors, the end time audiobook based on the book of Revelation, the twelve tribes start gearing into action, attracting new members and carrying out a world wide outreach campaign.

Which church is the correct church? Everyone’s looking for (or claiming to be) the one true church, whereas Jesus instructed his followers to be somewhat skeptical of anyone claiming to have all the answers, especially in the years just before his return. The best way to find the best church may be to stop looking for it, and just listen to Jesus.

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We suggest watching Chapter 3 of Survivors before watching this video.

Jesus rarely used the word “church”, but he said a lot about a mysterious organisation called “the kingdom of heaven”. But is anybody listening?

Brother Dave will discuss more about this "church" here, and how it relates to the end of organized religion and the apostate church.

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If you haven't already watched chapter 9 of Survivors, please do so.

In Bible prophecy, there are multiple mentions of an eagle, as well as a lion, which just so happen to be the same animals America and the UK use to represent themselves. Brother Dave elaborates more on the significance of America in Bible prophecy. You can find out more on this topic by reading Armageddon (chapters 5, 20, and 22) on the ES website.

Please watch chapter 7 of Survivors if you haven't already.

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Did you know that anybody can hear from God? With all the twists and turns that will be used to deceive people in the last days, what we need to learn most is how to LISTEN to what God is saying, and how to distinguish his voice from our own delusions. This video will introduce to you to some practical steps towards hearing from God.

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Please watch chapter 5 of Survivors if you haven't already.

If you think Br. Dave has been vague about the teachings of Jesus, you won’t think so after viewing this one. He examines one of the best definitions of a Christian (which is also the most controversial definition) you’ll find anywhere, and observes that virtually everyone in the world has rejected it as being too hard.

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If you haven't already watched Survivors Ch 6, please do so.

Br. Dave dares to question one of the most respected theologians in the world, by suggesting that Americans have more faith in Billy Graham than they do in Jesus Christ.

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...and please be sure to watch chapter 8 of Survivors if you haven't already.

The last place you would expect to find lukewarm Christianity would be in America, where poverty is ironically linked with obesity. But the real famine is a lack of knowledge about what God expects from his people. That, too, is surprising to anyone who knows how religiously zealous Americans can be. But they really don’t have a clue about what Jesus taught.

If you haven't already watched chapter 4 of Survivors, please do so.

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Is America Babylon? What does the Bible say about the Fall of America, and the role of the United Nations in its demise? There is surprisingly little reference to America in The Revelation, but that is largely because America is likely to be gone by the time the last seven years begin. Br. Dave shows how all of this is related to dramatic changes in the U.N. Security Council.

We suggest watching Chapter 2 of Survivors before viewing this commentary.

When will Jesus return? Before or after the Great Tribulation? That's a big question for many professing Christians. Brother Dave restricts himself to two verses on which both sides agree, and then locates clear evidence in those verses for when Jesus will return.

Brother Dave will be posting his comments after each chapter of Survivors, his End Time Apocalyptic audiobook.

Please watch Chapter 1 of Survivors if you haven't already.


The filmmakers interview the public to get their thoughts on the fulfillment of this prophecy from Revelation 13 (the mark of the beast) and the RFID implant. You'll be surprised at some of the reactions! PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

Jesus described the last days as being like the days of Noah and Lot, but contrary to popular belief, his beef was NOT so much with the sexual sins that Sodom and Gomorrah were infamous for, but with simple things like buying and selling, planting and building. Why?

This Christian cartoon explores one of the parables of Jesus! A parable which contains a very important lesson for living in the end times.

They are tiny, they look monstrous, and they are very difficult to kill. What could you possibly have in common with the cockroach?

Well, if you are preparing for the end times (or you're interested in off-grid movements), maybe more than you think! This video looks at the need to follow the example of the hated cockroach in order to glorify the lord as we start preparing for the revolution.

As Christians we are instructed to be subject to governing authorities, but we are also taught to obey God, not man (Romans 13:1, Acts 5:29). How do we reconcile this apparent contradiction?

Church goers are taught to be in submission to government authorities and to obey the law of the land. Christians breaking the law is unthinkable for many church going people today. However, what happens when the governing authorities require one to disobey God? Such seems to be the case in totalitarian regimes such as Russia and China.

True followers of Christ will become increasingly marginalized as the system heads towards a one world government, controlled by a universal monetary and identification system (the Mark of the Beast). This video give practical information on learning how to obey God above man, without falling into needless rebellion against authority.

Arrogance and self righteousness permeate just about every Christian debate you hear on YouTube. This bad spirit is the cause of most divisions in Christianity. We teach that the rapture will happen after the Great Tribulation, but we can still learn from others who believe differently. Our emphasis on listening should include learning how to listen to people who disagree with us, and, above all, how to respect others.

Those of us who study Bible prophecy often have a hard time letting go of the minor details, so that we can see the bigger picture. What you need to learn from prophecy is not so much who will lead the final world government, or when exactly an asteroid will hit the earth. What matters most is that we are doing the right thing spiritually by staying faithful to the teachings of Jesus and searching for others who want to do the same.

This video explores three main lessons (the bigger picture, if you will) that we take from end time prophecy.


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