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Eating well on the trail. The first in a series about cooking over a campfire, and in the inaugural episode we'll be dining on campfire cooked cornbread and a baked potato.

A discussion of the two general types of sleeping bags, and some of their benefits and drawbacks

This first in a series of wildland food finding, starting with the pinon pine, its delicious nuts and how to acquire them.

The long delayed second episode of backpacking food, focusing on quick and easy breakfast foods.

Just a brief sitrep on the delay in new videos.

A discussion about various options for dining on the trail, and some suggestions I have from my personal experiences.

Talking about getting your head right for the trail.

Here we'll cover the general types of backpacks, what distinguishes them and what advantages or disadvantages they may have.


A conversation about what you can carry daily that will improve your chances of dealing with an emergency situation.

An introduction to the various types of backpacking stoves, covering features, price and my thoughts on each.

A brief introduction to who High Country is and what we'll be presenting to you.


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