The crowning achievement of Mitch McConnell's entire political career was denying Communist thug Merrick Garland an appointment on to the Supreme Court. This Eunick Fairy Boy wanna be tough guy will be impeached in a few short months. This piece of infinitesimal frog shit thinks he's going to intimidate us? Anyone who takes it in the ass on a daily basis from his CCP slaves doesn't scare me. Fuck him and his crooked merry band of FBI jerkoffs...

So who was it? Who inside Trump's inner circle of "trusted" advisors is the mole? Who is the rat bastard who betrayed him? I have my ideas. This "raid" had ZERO to do with classified documents (which were already DE-classified on Jan 19th of 2021) this raid was an attempt to cover up the multitude of crimes perpetrated against President Trump by the FBI and DOJ. Here's the full story...

This was a fun discussion mixed in with a little humor at times and a lot of disagreements. Former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris, who I have interviewed previously a few years ago, joined us on the panel to discuss the Mar A Lago raid and what the repercussions of it could be. After he left Dan Perkins, IQ andMyself discussed who and what 2024 might actually look like. Lots of differing opinions in this one.

ATTN WASHINGTON: We are NOT afraid of you mother f-ckers. There are MORE of us than there are of you. You are our F-cking Bitches and NEVER forget it. F-ck the FBI. F-uck the DOJ. F-ck Joe Biden in his crusty old demented a$$hole. And F-CK You to every politician in Washington from BOTH Parties. We will see you at the Ballot Box in a few months or perhaps at the Battle lines in the near future.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Patriot. I have known him for years, met him in person, and he has been a guest on my show a few times. I find him authentic, honest, and MAGA/AMERICA FIRST all the way. But with that being said above all must be accuracy. I do not feel Wayne mislead or lied or engaged in fake news. Its definitely not his style. But after reading his latest article I am at odds with his final conclusion.

Dr Ben Carson is an incredible person. He rose from very humble beginnings to the top of his profession as the head of Neuro Surgery at John Hopkins University. He is also the first person to separate conjoined twins. He has won numerous awards in the medical profession, ran for the Presidency in 2016, and served in President Trump's Administration. He now runs his organization American Cornerstone which supports America's founding principles and hopes to raise a new generation that loves America, respects our flag, and learns our traditions. This was a fantastic interview!!!

Everything is BassAkwards these days. Up is down. Down is up. And more disturbing Good and Normal is now Bad and Extreme? And Evil and Satanic behavior are considered normal and mainstream??? WTF is going on? Yet another MUST SEE Livestream. Enjoy!

First, Kari Lake has indeed won the AZ Primary after the establishment realized there were not enough votes to steal. Alex Jones hit with a 4.2 million dollar defamation sentence which will likely end his career unless he can convince enough people to buy penis enhancers and vitamins that don't work. Lizard Cheney is losing so bad in Wyoming she resorted to a pretty desparate move that definitely will not work. WNBA Carpet Muncher Brittant Griner sentenced to almost 10 years hard labor in a penal colony. Ask me why I don't care. And finally is Hollywood now openly mocking our military? The New Amazon Series The Terminal List is doing exactly that.

The results are still coming in and it looks like the Uni-Party Establishment is itching for war. Kari Lake was blowing away Karrin Taylor Robson and definitely won the primary yet they are saying she is losing? Who knows by the time you all see this the results could change. It seems to me they rigged it as I predicted from the start. This video is just as frightening as this primary season if not even more. There are some very evil and powerful globalists in the world that think they can tell the rest of the world and the American people what to do and how to live? Well, I got news for these mother fuckers...NOBODY tells the American people what to do! And these Globalists are no different.

Imagine being titled a "SPEAKER" of the House but you couldn't speak? That is what 456 year old Nancy Legosi, the dead vampire is. And we now know who EXACTLY DELETED THE DATABASE in Maricopa County BEFORE the AZ Audit was conducted. These evil traitorous bastards need to be jailed forever with a huge dude named Bubba with aids.

I have said repeatedly the largest most gravest threat to all of humanity is the CCP. Finally many countries around the world are starting to take action. However, China is smart and have gone into "incognito mode" (you know, how I have to surf the internet lol) and are now hiding "Made in China" as I correctly pointed out months ago by using "Made in the PRC" which for those playing the home game is "People's Republic of China" But we are fighting back and I stumbled upon an excellent tool to fight with this site will tell you what companies and products to use as well as which ones to avoid. Also, what is the difference between a "White Supremacist" and a "White Nationalist"??? Well, there is a BIG difference and I explain it all to you and much more on this livestream. Enjoy!!!

What was it like in the last days of President Trump's tenure in the White House? According to former CEO of Patrick Bryne there were lots of different people pulling the President in different directions. It was frantic and chaotic. As the President watched his victory slowly being eroded and stolen from him had few choices to fight back with but he did have choices. Could he have actually stopped the Crime of The Century in process? Find out all the incredible details in this explosive interview!!!

$13,000. That is the amount of money given to Doctors and Hospitals to admit patients under "Covid Protocols" $39,000. That is the amount of money each hospital is reimbursed if the patient is intubated on a ventilator. Another $13,000 PLUS... That is the MINIMUM AMOUNT PAID out to Hospitals when a patient dies from "Covid" Your life round trip? A minimum of $65,000 to MURDER YOU... SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE...

Tim Nygun is the World Health Organizations Director of Global Infectious Hazards and Preparedness Program and he just admitted publicly what those who have refused to be vaccinated knew from the beginning. These experimental shots have NOT been tested properly. They have NOT had any previous clinical trials. And they have NOT been tested for adverse conditions!!! guessed it. We the people have been their experiments! This is UNETHICAL it is IMMORAL and it is CRIMINAL...

This was the 5 or 6th appearance of my good buddy Roger Stone on the show. It has been a few years since he has been on and we had a LOT of catching up to do. We discussed literally everything. Too much to even list. Stone is one of the most genuine honest guys I personally know in politics and like me is a relentless fighter against injustice. There is no better person I could think of to help save America than Roger.

Another wild night. Another wild livestream. Welcome to North Korea. You don't agree with the current regime and the regime has targeted you, denied you your right to call witnesses, cross examine, or even allow you to defend yourself. This happens in Communist Countries and has for years. But this didn't occur in Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea. THIS HAPPENED TODAY...IN AMERICA....WHERE YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY....Just in case you all weren't awake yet.

Can't wait for all the Jew Hating Fake Conservative Nazis on Bitchute to call me a kike lol. Just know I f-ck all your mothers and cum on their faces.

The FBI and the DOJ are no different than ISIS and Al-Queda. Did Josh just compare two branches of our intell community to Muslim Jihadist groups? You bet your ass he did. If we had a real justice system in America instead of a two tier justice system perhaps I would think different. Here is a story that broke a few dasys ago but was not covered extensively, and certain NOT like this.

You know why you watch my show everyday? Obviously for the truthful content. But also, because you never know what the hell I'm going to find to cover next!!! Well, if you are into weird and shocking look no further than todays show...

First, the Maricopa County Gop Chairwoman is a Rino a$$hole. She is denying counties the right to challenge early ballots? This IS ILLEGAL and she is going to learn the hard way we are SERIOUS about election integrity. Then, something I have been talking about for months might finally become a reality. #DropBoxWatch or to learn more. We need to set up drop box watch teams all over the country! This is our right and it is legal.

Golden Grave Digger Karrin Taylor Robson is NOT a Republican. She is a Democrat and this video proves it. Arizona voter MUST NOT BE FOOLED by this loser scam artist and VOTE FOR KARI LAKE ON AUGUST 2ND in the primary! Also about an hour after I recorded this Judas Pence the traitor endorsed Rino Robson.

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Well, as promised. I'm back doing interviews after almost two years. The last interview I did was Mike Lindell so I had to come back with a big name. Paul is a great guy on and off the record. (our private conversations are hilarious) he was very articulate, engaging, and didn't dodge any questions. He was persecuted and prosecuted under false bull$hit charges and then slapped with a gag order so he couldn't defend himself! Communist in Russia had been treated more fairly than Paul was. But now pardoned thankfully by Trump he is able to talk about the TRUTH of what the Deep State dirtbags did to him and it is outrageous! Enjoy!

NOTE: For some reason Paul was not looking up at the camera? Not sure if he just didn't know it or what. Also, my producer didn't let me know nor did I notice because as a professional interviewer (over 400 people in my career) I know to always look up at the camera. So it wasn't untill after the interview and playing it back that I noticed. Oh well, the content is excellent.

This was another great livestream fill with lots of content as usual. I also answered more real time comments than I normally get to. Plus emails, and much more. Enjoy!

F-ck you parents! We do not respect your role and will raise your children to become trans activists and seek sex change operations when their 13 years old! And we will do it behind your backs without your consent, and in secrecy. That is what essentially the Federal Government is telling parents. This story is so sick and upsetting my eyes watered just researching it.

Tonight's show was all about what you WON"T SEE on the media. You won't hear the Presstitutes reporting on Hunter Biden playing with his twig and giggleberries on camera (but you'll see it here) You won't see a 4 year old black kid punching a police officer and cursing at him on CNN or MSNBC. (you will see that here) and you will never see the sad tru face of the ever growing "de-transitioning movement" and the pain, regret, and permanent irreversable damage the Transgender Mafia pushes. (but you will see that here.)


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