Jason is a great host and we always have great conversations. I am starting to become his "go to guy" for anything really important happening in America. I hope this continues because regardless of the topic he chooses it is always a great discussion with my new buddy down under! Enjoy!

Also, It's Yom Kippur and technically I am not supposed to be working but the show must go on. So this is one I did earlier last week that I was saving for a time like today.

To my sacred and beloved audience: I IMPLORE YOU-DO NOT MISS THIS INTERVIEW! This was by far the best medically focused interview I have ever done with the absolute best guest! Dr. Kory is an ethical, intelligent, patriotic, and brave Doctor who 110% believes in the oath he took to "do know harm" what happened to Dr. Kory was similar to all the other Truth Telling Doctors during the plandemic. Here's his story. The War On Ivermectin: The Medicine that saved millions and could have ended the pandemic.

The Biden Regime has created two new first of their kind expansions of Government both designed to sell you on their merits. First is the "Gun Violence Prevention Office" which is a back door attempt by a blood thirsty illegal regime to destroy the second amendment and come after our guns. The second is "The Climate Corps" sold as protecting the environment but is really another attempt to de industrialize Amerikka by pushing their radical green agenda to ban your gas cars, your gas stoves, your gas heaters, your refrigerators, your washers, your dryers, etc. Other than that everything is just Fucking peachy!!! God help us...

Today is a Two For One. I had no idea Jeff was having on Jake Lang, an innocent political prisoner still incarcerated in the DC Gulag. So I decided to also keep that short interview on the segment as well. Also, I spoke with Jeff off the air and he is going to try to get me the info for Jake so I can try to have him on the show here.

In this no holds barred fast paced verbal assault we cover 9 STORIES in less than 30 minutes! Keep a close eye on the thumbnail on this one.

Attention Parents and Grandparents: If you have small children that have been raised on Nickelodeon, just like with Disney there is a sinister and demonic reason you should not support the Network or let them watch any of the shows. This is a deep dive into a 44 year old kids television company and what they really mean by "back to your regular programming."

Another hit on Australian media: This time the topic was Julian Assange. (I don't get to pick the topics folks but I can and will cover any topic) Hasn't hero Julian Assange paid his dues already? I mean he should have never been detained and incarcerated in the first place! Jason and I have a great discussion on the topic.

Also, I have met and always have been a supporter of Congresswomen Lauren Boebert (all 4 foot 8 inches of her lol yes folks she is that small.) After the latest controversy at the theatre I gave her the benefit of the doubt. However, after seeing the FULL video I no longer support her. In fact, she is a lying little whore who is also sleeping with a DEMOCRAT!!!! She was obnoxious to the pregnant lady sitting behind her. She LIED when she denied Vaping in the theater (it's on Video) Plus the little slut was grabbing her date's privates in the theater. After she thankfully was thrown out, she pulled the "Do you know who I am" card. And the little bitch gave everyone at the theater the middle finger on the way out. I don't give a shit how conservative she is, I hope another MAGA candidate emerges and kicks her little snotty ass out of Congress. SEE FOR YOURSELF... (she is sitting directly North of the "W" in the video)

# 3 After experiencing anti White Bigotry, wokeness, and severe daily indoctrination Will Witt did the brave and honorable thing. He decided to drop out of the University of Colorado at Boulder. After this monumental decision he decided to fight back by becoming Prager University's first "Man on the Street" interviewer which brought him back to colleges and universities but this time to educate the woke on how they were being indoctrinated. This was an interesting interview. Enjoy!

# 2 If you didn't think your Government was evil enough to kill you for profit perhaps this will change your mind. The new "Vaccines" rolling out for the first time in history, have NEVER EVER been tested on humans!!!!! Only mice!!! This is how much your evil demonic blood thirsty fake government and Big Pharma want to f-cking kill you!!! Plus a whole lot more!!! NOTE: I was in one of "my moods" tonight so the language is flowing. ENJOY!

Thursday Morning Extravaganza! Enjoy! See you all on the livestream!!!

New Mexico Governor, who illegally and unconstitutionally temporarily suspended the second amendment rights of New Mexicans has been denied by a BIDEN appointed Judge due to the absolute insanity of her actions. When will the impeachment proceeding starts on this evil bitch?

The Libertarian Party seems to be the only party with a back bone. They are filing a legal conservatorship to stop Geriatric-Crats Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell. Lets hope it works.

Why the Democrats in every state including Colorado, can take their 14th Amendment argument and shove it straight up their asses. Trump will be on every ballot in 2024 and here's why.

And finally, what the world needs now is more people like Oliver Anthony. Wait till you find out what this incredible, selfless Patriot has just done for his fans!

In the leadup to the 2022 Mid Term Election, a political earthquake erupted with the overturning of Roe V Wade. At the time, I was AGAINST it for only one reason...Timing. Fast Forward to almost a year later and President Trump not only agrees with me but ADMITS I was right. in order to "vacate the chair" and remove Speaker McCarthy the house needs only ONE vote to start the process. Matt Gaetz is sounding as if he might be the one. California Demon Rats are using Mein Kampf Hitleresque tactics to push their radical anti God anti science radical agenda on Red States. Will their message hopefully fall on deaf ears? And finally, in normal times when a politician or candidate is caught up in a sex scandal of their making they drop out of the race, make a public apology, and are never seen or heard from again. But these are NOT normal times. Now they are seen as 'victims" and they are protected by their fellow deviants. Such is the case with Virginia, or should i say Vagina Candidate Susanna Gipson . This dirty whore is raising millions due to her pornographic private life being exposed. And if you so desire to see this candidate in all her glory, CLICK ON THIS LINK HERE: don't say i didn't warn ya as it is VERY Graphic. F-ck you Bitchute Faggots!!! Subscribe to see it you cheap fucks!

No one will say what I say in tonight's show. If they did they would be ostracized and forced by their corporate slave masters to issue an immediate apology. Then they would cry about going to treatment or taking sensitivity training. There careers would be over. But not me. I don't have corporate sponsors nor do I EVER apologize for anything I say. Happy 9-11 Comrades....

Just wanted to reach out and say hello. Please check out our profile and read it carefully before responding. We are looking for a very specific type of threesome If interested please respond by answering our 3 screening questions with your reply. We hope to hear from you! Be safe and have fun!

Lois Perry is a fire cracker! She is an awesome true patriot from the other side of the pond where she is a tireless fighter against wokeness climate communism, the globalist take over of the United Kingdom. She is the founder of Car26.0rg which fights against zero net emissions and the co host of the popular British quiz show, "That was the Woke that was" This was an interview of shared frustrations but also a reminder of the shared patriotism and solidarity we possess. Together both countries, ALL countries if united in the same cause and mission can and will defeat the Globalists once and for all. This was a great interview!

Plus, If you don't "affirm" your 2 year old child's gender identity California Communists want to TAKE AWAY your children from you! Also, 64% of DC Residents will vote to Convict Trump EVEN WITHOUT A TRAIAL!!!! Who are these F-cking people? All this and a whole lot more! With great audio for a change too!

Thursday Morning ritual for the last 8 years plus and counting. All the stories of the day, a few callers, and a few laughs sprinkled in. Enjoy!

A Yavapai County Judge ruled in favor of the rule of law and against our fake Secretary of State. I explain why I am "cautiously" optimistic. And a new twist on Oliver Anthony's chart topping hit song 'Rich Men North of Richmond"

Wikipedia was supposed to be a non partisan, agenda-less, open source platform dedicated to facts not fiction. Enter the FBI, CIA,& NSA and Wikipedia should be renamed "FEDAPEDIA. Then, have you ever heard of John Nichols aka the "Scaffold Commander"? If not I'm sure you know the reason. And finally, Nancy Pelosi wants everyone to know she lied about January 6th, she lied about "Hammer-Gate." She lies about everything. But guess what? Nancy is very proud of her lying ways. So proud she wants to show you EXACTLY how she does it. TAKE NOTES. I did.

When Elon Musk first purchased Twitter/X I took a close look at his investors and from that I created an entire show from it, remember? Well, I was right! They are censoring Conservatives at almost the same rate as Youtube and Facebook. The Burning Man Mud fest is the very definition of hypocrisy. A sad and shocking poll of over 1,400 Priests shows the real challenges the Church faces. And, President Trump is finally calling for something I starting saying publicly after indictment # 1 Better late than never but still not strong enough.

The short answer is YES they should. If President Trump is ever back in office and this time with a real Attorney General I hope he is out for blood. No more slaps on the wrists. We need to arrest Democrats Nation Wide without probable cause (just like they did to us) and lock them in a cage with no access to any legal representation. (just like they did to the Jan 6th prisoners) Then we should set them up in "show trials" except we will have SOLID EVIDENCE of their multitude of crimes. Then charge every single Democrat ever "selected" with Act Blue and Soros's funding with Treason, which is thankfully punishable by death. Charge them all with Treason convict them and carry out their punishment immediately. AND DO IT ON PAY PER VIEW! The money raised can go to every single January 6th innocent political prisoner and their families. It is the LEAST we can do.

Sorry, went a little overboard on the thumbnail so please check it out. Also, the Jackoff Smith Story is towards the end.

But First,

A God Denying, Science Hating, and Biology Bending Teacher's Union in Colorado is openly breaking Federal law! They are also doing it behind the back of parents! And they admit they know they are breaking the law and tell teachers how to hide the evidence!!!! This is why I fucking hate all Unions!!!!

And Finally,

We end on some potentially very good news. According to George Papadapalous and Paul Sperry and backed up by numerous legal experts Jackoff Smith's entire bullshit Mar A Lago case could be tossed! Plus why I am cautiously optimistic things could get better for my career.

Lastly, and most important, PRAY. Pray for President Trump. Pray for an end to our two tier justice system. Pray future children know what sex they were born. Pray for a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine. And pray for America's healing and revitalization. God bless you all. And thanks for always being here, every day, 365, fighting along side me.

Another action and content packed livestream! Climate Communism: Australian bank no longer offering financing for gas powered cars starting in 2025. Suicide pods? Leading human rights attorney says what most do not have the guts to say. NY has an opportunity starting this weekend to lead America against tyranny. How Michigan was stolen in 2020. How the Post Master General Louis DeJoy totally F-cked Amerikka but how he can redeem himself for 2024. And A Russian State Controlled TV Host calls Tucker Carlson a "Dead Man Walking"? Not a peep from Biden condemning the comments and not a peep from the Presstitute Whores in our Pravda.

This livestream actually had the best sound yet! Almost perfect!

So, the Jeff Cruere show I usually put up was not ready when I was getting ready to do today's show so I decided to pivot to something different but I believe better. This is one of the best and most revealing investigative expose that OMG Media Group and James O' Keefe have ever done. The attitudes on these leftist elitist arrogant snobs is the reason I left New Jersey in the first place. Watch this VERY CAREFULLY it shows you the mind set of these Blue State Communists, including even the local police!

After I recorded this show, the Thursday Morning Show with Jeff Cruere became available. If you want to hear it MY SEGMENT STARTS AT 3:00.00 of 3:55.00

This one is going to make your blood boil! What were Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley concentrating on while 13 services members lost their lives and 14,0000 Americans left behind? Also, Tucker is dropping TRUTH bombs that we should all pray never happen.


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