During the 1922 Turkish Civil War, two Americans and a group of foreign mercenaries offer their services to a local Turkish governor who hires them as guards for a secret transport.

Charles Bronson & Tony Curtis...

The kindly story-teller Uncle Remus tells a young boy stories about trickster Br'er Rabbit, who outwits Br'er Fox and slow-witted Br'er Bear.

Well, we'll see how long this stays up before it is removed. The official word from Bog Iger, is Song of the South will NEVER be released officially....


A1 Rock Machine 3:45
A2 Heavy Rain 5:14
A3 Aragorn 4:25
A4 Heavy Metal Heart 4:48
B1 Wild Fire Queen 6:15
B2 Pumpin' Iron 3:55
B3 Breakin' Out 4:05
B4 Regular Rocker 4:24


Fits Ya Good
Hungry Eyes
The Maze
Looking For Love
Standing Six
Fear No Evil
Metal Of The Night
Rock Bottom
High Speed Roller


A1 Rock Warrior 6:40
A2 Live Faster, Die Young 8:46
B1 1964 4:08
B2 Mankind Doesn't Change 6:34

Learn the untold story about the most reviled man in history. Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told is a 6-hour Documentary by TruthWillOut Films.

This ground-breaking documentary chronicles the rise of Germany from defeat in World War I, to communist attempts to take over Germany; hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic, widespread unemployment and misery, and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

It also reveals a personal side of Adolf Hitler: who he was, his family background, his artwork and struggles in Vienna and what motivated him to come to power.

There’s so much hidden history to recount; FDR Pearl Harbor conspiracy, Soviet brutality, betrayal and treachery on all sides. Do we really know the true cost of war? Do we really possess all the facts?

Watch this series and uncover the real root causes of World War II. Do your own research and decide what you choose to believe. Think differently.

Fighting between the loss of Padme, and the new cursed life he now leads, Vader must do what must be done when a surviving Jedi Master from Order 66 has lured him to the home planet of his late wife's tomb.

The film takes place eight months after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith,


De Temporum Ratione 5:11
2 Only 3:33
3 When Stakes Are High 4:10
4 Ravenmaster 4:44
5 We'll Find A Way 5:05
6 The Nine Ladies 4:44
7 The Goddess And The Green Man 4:46
8 Crystal Wind 4:13
9 The Plague 4:23
10 Knight Errand (My Son)


01. King Aiwass
02. God of Silence
03. Thoth
04. The Outsider
05. Heroes
06. Battle of Maldon
07. Chaos at Uruk
08. Atlantean Dreams
09. Hagalaz


1 Stick Into Yours
2 Come On Sweet 16
3 Black Jack, Bad Luck
4 Slim Body And Lipstick
5 Hard Workin' Lovin' Man
6 (You Give Me) Action!
7 Turn On Your Radio
8 Sleepin' Away
9 Ready For Love
10 It's Time To Rock'n Roll


Tell The Truth 4:10
Fades So Fast 5:00
Into The Sky 4:00
Victims 3:08
Witches Burning 3:38
Battle Zone 4:56
The Dream 3:38
Rules The Night 4:02
Can't Fall In Love 5:16
Perfect Day 3:20



Wind Me Up 5:03
Shake Of The Hunter 4:32
Rock 'N' Roll Rebel 4:18
Burning Heart 5:15
Work Hard, Die Young 4:18
Rock Down 3:49
Stay The Night 4:34
Lady 4:08
Hot Legs

Classic Laurel & Hardy Short Film...


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