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Instructions for all Crypto Investors and Crypto / Web 3.0 Industry projects on how to sign up for JPB Liberty's Class Action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban

An interview examining the broader reasons the the Class Action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban including protecting internet freedom and fighting big tech censorship.


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JPB Liberty ( seeks to preserve freedom and liberty in the online world.

Decentralised applications & projects and cryptocurrencies represent the future of online freedom, privacy and democracy - a Web 3.0.

JBP Liberty has been established to fund class action litigation against those who attack the Crypto Industry unlawfully and other wide scale abuses of power.


JPB Liberty is organising a Class Action against Facebook and Google for banning the advertising of the Crypto Industry.

This ban was an anti-trust violation which breached Australia's competition and consumer protection law and caused billions of dollars of damage.

Companies doing business in Australia which engage in anti-trust violations can be sued for worldwide damages in Australian Courts.

Anyone holding cryptocurrencies or involved in the Crypto Industry can join the Class Action as a Class Member on an anonymous, no win no fee basis at