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Ebola Chan has a her own creepy music mix. This video aims to fix that and welcome her sneaky sister into the fold of kawaii contagions. First I started with a heavy drum setup, followed by some shredding guitar. Jumbled them up a little bit so the track is unpredictable as she is. Then I tossed in a sub layer of horror drones, mad laughter, and some sub-bass. Shook the mix up vigorously and poured it into my video editor.

*Note* This video was made just for schnitzengigglez. If Corona-Chan goes full pandemic, take precautions. Practice a measure of vigilance, and protect yourself by gathering information... And do NOT panic! Be calm, stay aware, and be safe.


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A pack of politically incorrect and foul mouthed gamers. No gaming topic is too taboo for them to tear into. This is the family friendly gaming podcast... be warned.