Part 2 of the interview details the Judicary's role in the cover up of Deutsche Bank's paedophile blackmail operation.

Copy of the original video I did with SGT Report. This was banned from Youtube and D-Tube. I expose the links between Epstein, Deutsche Bank, Oleg Deripaska and the British Judiciary.

I published this with Sean of SGT Report after I discovered Jeffrey Epstein had been blackmailing the UK Parliament to put Jes Staley in charge of Barclays. My FOIAs dated from 2017, so you can see I was way ahead of the mainstream press. The media is still in denial, and the FCA has put out a whitewash report, in which their criticism of Staley is limited to his and Epstein's use of the term 'Snow White' The reality is that Prince Andrew socialized with one of the worst criminals in human history and the media and government do not wish to admit it.

Dirty bastards of the dirty Swiss banking system UBS got away with confessing to rigging the bullion markets, exactly as I had alleged, yet signed off a restraining order against me which helped Deutsche Bank get away with audit fraud.

As the title says, here I expose a master judge in the UK CoA, who sees no conflict of interest petitioning for the prosecution of a politician. All it would have taken is Farage or UKIP to have taken some lawsuit to the CoA and the Judiciary would have been humiliated. Stupid woman. A complaint was sent to JACO, who did nothing. JACO was run by Paul Kernaghan, who is in the RAINS list for abusing children.

I released this video on YouTube back around 2016-2017. This was before I discovered that Epstein had blackmailed Parliament to put Jes Staley in charge of Barclays. it covers the four corrupt judges involved in my lawsuit back in the day. The man on the right is Baron Thomas, who helped Oleg Deripaska launder Deutsche Bank money through to another Russian Mafioso Michael Cherney in the UK Court of Appeal. Burnett's reward for covering things up was to succeed Thomas as Lord Chief Justice.


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