Yeah, I am going to be talking about the Chaturbate drama over a 3D Cam Girl name Melony.

Drama I know its wrong but it seems people brought up on Twitter Melonie Mac who is Streamer and content creator she had some drama with someone over a disagreement which I will agree with her.

I watch the first episode.

Phase 2 is out I manage to get into a BG at level 48. With some music.

The topic of Fan-service because a Translator I will not mention was upset with the issue I am doing this in a pitch voice to see how this goes.

I know I did pull a Memeology I do like his video's so I made this for the fun of it considering what happen a day ago.

I don't know who the cosplayer is. If anyone would please give me her name I would like to credit her in this edited thumbnail so I can give her he Instagram out of respect for her work.

3DARTWORK BY @visualdon – https://instagram.com/visualdon also here is there website https://visualdon.uk/downloads/

I do follow Amouranth just going to post this for the sake of insanity.

I manage to trouble Shoot Metal Wolf Chaos XD considering people are not able to play I manage to fix Temporally fix it.

I added the sound effects from Gi-Joe as a joke but I understand Hong Kong is protesting for there own sake.

I did a bad edit from an old meme video go ahead and share.

Extra Credits crated something that shock a lot of people that made a bad argument so here is my video making fun of it and the original is link down below.

Stop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design - Extra Credits

Tom Happ Games and Limited Run are not happy with a Spanish Company known as Badland Publishing over a deal they had with them.

Here is the Twitter thread that is talking about this.

ZombieUnicorn E3 Drama over the Bang Booth at E3.


The Saga Continues as Suzy Lu attacks the Boob Streamers I have to point out something to Suzy Lu.


Subverse Made 2 Million Random Talk

I am very sure people on Youtube would get upset with this video. The ending does stereotype but it shows how far MK 11 has gone with there vision of making a game.


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