Drawing Epicurus, a philosopher who thought that life was supposed to be a balance between seeking self fulfillment, as well as discipline in order to attain the full perception of what life is. A stoic and one of the key founders of hedonism. Bear in mind when old school hedonism is referred to, it's not it's modern definition of wanton pursuit of lust and greed, but the old school of thought expressed above. Epicurus is also the source of the brilliantly stupid quote which roughly surmounts to, if evil exists, are the gods evil to allow it to exist, or are they just not as omniscient as we believe they are?

8(?) more frames of animation I drew today

Just another progress update, it seems quite a few are thirsty for animated content of sorts so I'll try to upload and render videos whenever I have the motivation and time to draw. Art is time consuming you know?

Animation progress yet again, this time with the GIMP png layers rendered natively into .avi format using a different encoding provided by the GAP add-on.

Animation progress rendered in Windows Movie Maker

Backup files, son. They reupload in response to copyright claims. You can't hurt us, (((Neil)))!

Just an animation test, specifically for editor usage.


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