This is an old video actually. Going to start catching up on my Uploads... I hope!

This was originally supposed to be a Kuma vs Bryan video, but the file failed to upload due to formatting issues. I really loved the thumbnail and didnt have the heart to take it down.

Please join me on Twtich.tv/stage_7_ for Tekken 7 live streams, as well as many other games.

This was my original Juggernaut promotion. I have since been demoted twice , and then promoted thrice!. So currently I am a Usurper with Master Raven. Akuma is now my lowest ranked character at Marauder. Every single other electable character on my screen is a Fighter or above...

Another Heartbreaker (not really) with Nina. She beats me out my promotion but then I win the next one. Talk about bad timing...

Crazy match with Bryan and my Raven. It was fun...

A good promo match with none other than that futuristic killer Lars Alexandersson. Nothing too great, but I thought it would be a good addition to BitChute. You can catch the full video of my Lars on my Twitch channels past broadcast panel.

Yoshimitsu VS Kuma makes for a wild fight. I love Kuma' rage art. EAT FISH!

This just a match with one of my fellow Tekken friends on Steam.

Added new Friend on STEAM these were the matches that followed. They were pretty good, I had a great time okizeme style.

If you can believe it I managed to beat this same guy before and after the actual promotion match. Go figure. You can catch it all at... https://www.twitch.tv/justekken

I'm moving in the streaming little by little. I added a mic and soon I get the web cam going and try to do this thing for real. Hope I see you guys [email protected]

I had a great time playing this guy. We went back and forth like 6-7 times. It was really fun.

This was a decent match with Jin. I was still trying to get warmed up at the time. Dude was cool though, while I was upset and complaining to myself about the mistakes I was making. He was thinking lemme add this guy. And now were friends.

Definitely a worthy battle with this Hwoarang fella. But I must admit I can be very mean with that man myself. Hwoarang's Twaekwondo style can only be rivaled by only one other. And if you don't know who that is... LOOK IT UP!! YOUR ON THE INTERNET! You can look up anything LOL!

Sucks when people are too scared to play a video game without quitting before they lose. Whenever this happens to you or anyone you know, raise you right hand with only you pinky and birdy finger extent and say BABA-BOOEY! This will curse all turtles and rage quitting losers. LOL

I still can't believe how much I disapproved of this character when I was first introduced to her back in 2014. She has grown on me quite a lot and I think she a lot of fun to play.



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Right now this is a channel devoted to my (so called) professional gaming career through my favorite fighter Tekken. Tekken could quite possibly be my second favorite, but it is the game that I play the most. I Love this game. In the future I may broaden this channel to include some of my other great gameplay vids, or create an entirely separate channel for such in endeavours. In the meantime please share in my Tekken action, and let me know what you think. Enjoy!