A cool vertical animation...

Wait for it...

Here is my result from Mr. Grant Abbitt's Blender character course.

A couple of mugs.

Made in Blender (with love)

This is the 4th video in this mini serie.
I am still learning and discovering new things...
(Made after the CGBoost course "Blender Launchpad".)

This is the third video in this mini serie.
(Made after the Blender Launchpad course from CGBoost)
Still learning new things every day, and hopefully I will make better animations overtime ;)

Music credits : Bensound.com

The second video in this mini serie.

This is my result from the CGBoost's "Blender Launchpad" course.
Learn to use Blender here :

Music credits :
Vestron Vulture : You f*cked with the devil, Rosemary


(Track used with the permission of Dante @Vestron Vulture)


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Welcome on "K learns Blender" channel !

I am K and I will publish my results from various courses (and personal projects).
Everything is done with Blender, a free 3D software (https://www.blender.org/)

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