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Calling all Patriots to join us on Saturday, November 13, 2021 2-4 pm, at the American Legion in Edwardsville, Illinois, for a Patriot Summit hosted by Citizens for Kurt Prenzler, CPA.
An afternoon filled with speaks such as:
Speaker Colonel (Ret.) John L. Mills - former Director of Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs. Colonel Mills Served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense with 35 plus years as a Colonel and Senior Civilian. Col. Mills was in a unique position to observe the 2020 presidential election and founded the National Election Integrity Association to clean up elections at the county level across the United States.
Speaker Kurt Prenzler, CPA
Madison County Chairmen & host of the event.
Speaker Kim St. Onge
Former St. Louis Television Reporter who stood up for medical freedom and was FIRED for an attack on her conscious beliefs.
Speakers Ryan & Megan Cunningham
Speak for Students founders who are advocating for our kids in the classroom against government overreach and mandates.
Speaker Definitely Holly
Conservative media personality and commentator.
Speaker Kathleen Ramsey
How to deal with Covid coercion in the workplace.
Speaker Wanda Cerny
Getting the news in the age of censorship.

Edwardsville American Legion, Edwardsville
Saturday - Nov. 13, 2 - 4pm
Free of charge.

Sponsored by:
Citizens for Kurt Prenzler
Madison County Conservative Caucus


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