I have examined whether or not original Christianity claimed to be the one and only way to God and/or means of enlightenment.

I explain the dispute between the traditional designations of years and the modern system.

Autism must be defined so as to help you understand your fellow humans, and so be able to treat them properly. I explain.

I discuss infamous YouTuber T J Kirk, who calls himself The Amazing Atheist.

Although most "social justice" is crap, there are those who are truly in need of major social justice intervention. I explain.

I explain the idea of government issued girlfriends and wives for men so deprived.

I discuss the White Panthers, a radical Leftist political party founded in 1968 and since disbanded, and compare it with today's Antifa group.

There's too much misinformation surrounding the use of gas chambers for execution and chemical warfare. So I'm here to teach the truth.

The full truth about vaccines and vaccinations.

Is gender a binary or spectrum? Is life itself a binary or spectrum? Why do the answers to these questions matter? I explain.

I explain the truth about porn stars, including Mia Khalifa and Ron Jeremy, and porn producers.

Join me in an imaginative scenario in which I explore what might happen if famous political pundit Styxhexenhammer666 was king of the United States.

I reveal the important truths about astrology right here!

Be open minded and learn something new!

I expose both the fat acceptance movement and anti-fact acceptance movement. I also give reasons why men might be attracted to fat women.

I plumb the history of dealing with the problem of human waste through the centuries, and also throw in some interesting facts.

I explain the consequences of allowing wishful thinking to triumph over logic, and who might be beholden to "castles in the air".

Mighty sea creatures or semi-aquatic creatures; living, extinct, and mythological. And Leviathan as a powerful and important symbol.

Virtue signaling can be defined as: taking a conspicuous but essentially useless action that allegedly supports a good cause, when it only serves to show off your supposed moral superiority. I discuss.

Can true Christians be bad people? What role, if any, do good works play in salvation? I explain.

I discuss the lack of sexual attraction and/or lack of interest in sexual activity.

I explain the true nature of the average woman as opposed to the ideal virtuous woman in light of ancient texts containing historical wisdom.

Scammers try to stop people from making their own decisions about life's origin and instead try to make zombies in their own image. I explain.

I present interesting and important facts regarding board and table games, with an emphasis on complex games of skill.

I explain important facts about tattoos, piercings, and body modification that you've probably never thought about.


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"K C Sunbeam" tackles animals, economics, gender, philosophy, politics, race, religion, science, sexuality, social issues, and technology. He defies modern society.