Be open minded and learn something new and interesting.

I discuss the issue of Christians holding to and promoting the idea of infinite torture, and examine alternatives.

I express and explain an interesting view of Heaven, Paradise, and the afterlife, and critique the views of others.

I'm so angry over people's ostracizing of me and others who are different, that also claim to be full of love, that I could vomit (and sometimes I do). I explain.

Have space aliens visited Earth in modern times? If so, what could be their intentions? Could some so-called humans be aliens? I answer these questions.

I explain the horrible problem in India and Nepal of poor people forced to come into intimate contact with human waste on a regular basis.

I explain my quasi-hermit lifestyle, and attempt to encourage others who are also socially isolated in similar ways to myself. I defy popular opinion, as you yourself should.

Around three and a half years ago T J Kirk ("The Amazing Atheist") and his buddies featured me on their podcast. But they misunderstood me, so I'm here to clarify things.

I explain why both Capitalism & Marxist Socialism (or Communism) are terrible, and why we must install a Third Position political and economic system, which I call "Folk-ism", in its place.

I explain the truth about motorcycles in detail while dispelling the propaganda surrounding them.

Can horse transportation or some other alternative be superior to automobile transportation, taking all things into consideration? I explain.

I reiterate every common point and counterpoint both for and against the death penalty that I'm aware of, and present ideas that you've probably never thought about.

Oftentimes, the difference between right and wrong is difficult or impossible to determine at first glance (or even second). And people often rely on their emotions instead of facts. I explain.

Suicide is the discussion of this compassionately made video which presents the facts in unbiased fashion.

I present the traditional Christian understanding of rich people and luxury.

I showcase important facts about Capitalism in the United States which you're probably unaware of, and explain how to make things better for more people.

I go into great depth into former United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and present facts you probably never thought about.
My website: www.thezap.net

I critique some videos by the infamous T J Kirk, who calls himself "The Amazing Atheist", on race.

I analyze and critique two videos made by an Atheist which deal with his thoughts on Jesus Christ and religion.

Should women be the boss? Should men be boss? Should there be some of both? I explain.

Explaining the problems of both Communism (or Marxist Socialism) & Capitalism; that one is not the solution to the other; and that Third Position politic and economics is a great option and potential solution.

I present the points and counterpoints on both sides of the abortion issue.

I explain the importance of animals and our environment, and what the correct response to Nature should be.

What is prejudice by definition? Is prejudice a serious problem today? Who are the real victims of prejudice, if any, and who are the real perpetrators of prejudice, if any? I answer these questions.

Is all judging bad? Is all judging good? Could their be both good and bad kinds of judging? I explain.


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"K C Sunbeam" tackles economics, gender, philosophy, politics, race, religion, science, sexuality, social issues, and technology. He defies modern society.