Fascism is misunderstood and demonized by ignorant people. Therefore I explain it and clarify things.

As one who is highly knowledgeable of the Christian religion, I see that many do not understand what faith is or is not. So I explain.

I explain what Humanism is, and what its implications are.

Pardon my flickering camera. I shall get a new one before my next video.

Unfortunately my studio is on a timeshare with Israel Hymen. So they have made videos on my channel. Here they unfold their plan to destroy all traditional values which they find oppressive.

I reiterate the horrible problem of two years ago, where wildfires destroyed much of Australia's trees and animals, some of which were intentionally set, and what actions must be taken.

I am a former member of a group calling themselves the Church of Christ. They claimed that they were the only true Church established by Christ, while all others were just man-made denominations. Do they stack up? Listen to me read this e-mail to one of their preachers and find out!

Again I address the conflict over climate change fear & climate change denial, and advocates of alternative energy sources VS. advocates of continuing consumption of fossil fuels.

I read the book review that I wrote by request of Desh Subba, an author, philosopher, and lecturer who lives in Hong Kong. In his book he analyzes and attempts to explain human nature.

I supply some important information on pornography, both matter of fact and philosophical.

There is so much dishonesty and misinformation regarding who is or who is not a Christian, that I must address this issue and present a logical definition.

I explain the position of Adolf Hitler sympathizers, who still have a political party in the United States to this day.

To have a living will is imperative. I read a sample of a Living Will on camera, then add my explanations.

I give examples of perverted and twisted ways of doing things, and compare them to the distorted view of gender roles that we have today.

I have a dinosaur tooth from a Gorgosaurus, a smaller Tyrannosaur, which I got for Christmas. I go on to explain the history and theories behind such creatures.

Some believers in Jesus also exalt Adolf Hitler. Are these people completely crazy, or do they have secret information and wisdom? I explain.

Most people claim to know what being a Jew/Jewish is, when they DON'T. Therefore I explain.

I explain what we should value instead of popular opinion.

I reiterate both the good points and bad points of the political commentator and philosopher known as Styxhexenhammer666, and make vital critiques.

The Nazis actually won World War 2 in some respects. I explain the lasting influence of Hitler and his ideology.

My father and savior of humanity, Prophet Peter Popoff, has been libeled, slandered, and discredited. So I'm here to clear his name and reputation.

Relaying intriguing facts about various small critters, and tackling the question of Intelligent Design.

Us liberals must complete our plan for total domination. I explain the proper strategy point by point!

I discuss end of life care and treatment of those with Alzheimer's, paralysis, and other conditions that people can take extreme advantage of.

I originally made a video about the Atheist who calls himself DarkMatter2525. He responded, and this is my response to his response.


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