Kyudo is not a sport, Kyudo is a Martial Art form, practised in Japan for centuries. When I was in Kamakura, I was able to visit a Kyudo Training School within one of the main temples of the town. Mamie Mayanaki from Toyko was so kind as to introduce us to this ancient art of Kyudo, where the archer is always in a meditative consciousness and follows a strict set of traditional ceremonies and guidelines. As Mamie states in her interview, you need to practise for 30 years or more to achieve perfection in this field. Filmed by kedarvideo.

During his stay in Vienna spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy also visited the Divine Enterprises and meditated there. Soundtrack by Sri Chinmoy. Filmed by kedarvideo

In a temple garden near Kumamoto in Southern Japan I discovered a site with 500 Buddha sculptures. They show that there is not only one Buddha, but many aspects of Buddha exist. Soundtrack by Parichayaka Hammerl.

Sri Chinmoy visited Germany for a big Concert Tour in 2005. These are excerpts of the Nürnberg performance in the Meistersingerhalle on September 16th. Filmed by kedarvideo.

Sri Chinmoy is not only a prolific spiritual master and lover of peace, he also is one of the prominent modern artists, creating his artwork from the heart and not from the mind. All together he did more than 100'000 acrylics and millions of bird paintings. Watch this painting session on the "Aspiration-Ground" in Jamaica, Queens (NY) in August of 1997. Filmed by kedarvideo.

During the Christmas Trip of Sri Chinmoy in Western Samoa, he gave two concerts in the John Williams Building in Apia, W. Samoa on December 22 and 28, 1993. Watch the highlights in this video. Filmed by kedarvideo.

On April 2, 1989 Sri Chinmoy visited the Monastery of Cham in Switzerland for an interfaith service. He meditated and sang, mainly compositions he created after texts of Jesus Christ. Filmed and edited by kedarvideo.

In 1991 spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) visited Germany and gave a Peace Concert in Frankfurt, where he also played the synthesizer. Filmed by kedarvideo. Enjoy

An essay on the special Japanese devotional martial art of Kyudo. Filmed by kedarvideo. Soundtrack by Parichayaka Hammerl.

In 1994 Sri Chinmoy did a powerful recitation of his own poems on a God-realized soul.
Filmed by kedarvideo.

In 1991 Sri Chinmoy visited Spain and gave a Peace Concert in Barcelona. One of the highlights was this piano improvisation. Watch and enjoy! Filmed by Kedar Misani

On August 27, 1991, Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 60th birthday and with him more than 1000 of his students from around the world. This short clip shows some glimpses of that day: A meditation while some Japanese disciples are singing, presenting Sudhahota Carl Lewis's shoes he used in the Olympics and that he offered to Sri Chinmoy and finally some smiles while Sri Chinmoy gives Prasad on the "Aspiration-Ground" in Jamaica, Quenns, NY. Filmed by kedarvideo.

23 members of the Kailash Group from 17 countries are performing 10 of Sri Chinmoy's English songs during lockdown times from their respective homes. Spirituality and Prayer are the main things that bring you safely through a situation like we have at the moment. Watch these soulful singers and enjoy!

Edited by kedarvideo, Switzerland; Soundtrack by Dharmik

Here are the titles of Sri Chinmoy's songs:

1. Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme
2. Lord, I am tired
3. Lord, my heart-flowers of beauty
4. My gratitude-heart
5. My heart's peace
6. My Lord Supreme never doubts me
7. My Lord, my only prayer
8. My mind-jungle, my heart-garden
9. My mind wants success-procession
10. No aspiration, no Heaven-expedition

Kailash's Group is an international singing group that regularly performs Sri Chinmoy's devotional songs and already learned almost 15,000 songs by heart! This April they could not come together due to the Corona lockdown. So, they sang from their respective homes and here is the result. Enjoy!

Edited by kedarvideo (video) and Dharmik (soundtrack)

Bengali song texts by Sri Chinmoy:

1. Agyanatar bojha guru tor se gopan katha hai Jeno janina rahiyachi ami nithur ama nishai

2. Akasher Par Akash Rayeche Dekhechi tader rup amare tushite tara chai mor atmahutir dhup

3. Amai Dekhe Keno Sabai Tader Upahas keno tara chahe kebal amar sarbanash

4. Amar buke tomar asan Barai bhalo lage Tomar bijoy gahi jeno Barai anurage

5. Amar jiban majhare Tushibo pushibo sabare Bandhibo dhara adharare Amar jibana majhare

6. Amar mata karechi aj ati abanata Hate chahi bishwa pitar param anugata

7. Amar mayer charan tale Pujbo ami pale pale

8. Ami amar param prabhur bhakta Ei jibane nahi kichu sakta

9. Ananda hate ese anande jabo sheshe Bedana pather sanchoy maya moha abhinoy

10. Asha amar tader hatash gabhire Dekh bujhi hai kabhu hiyar rabire

One of the best films made on today's society. It is still relevant to this day.
French movie produced by Studio Canal/Coline Serreau. French original version.
© 1996 Les Films Alain Sarde

Sri Chinmoy was the only spiritual master who used art as a means of communication and manifestation. After a small painting period as a youth he started to create drawings and artwork for over 30 years after he traveled to the west; altogether more than 100,000 acrylic paintings and millions of so called soul-bird drawings. Watch some of his art pieces and pictures showing him creating them.

More artwork here:

Sri Chinmoy celebrated his mother Yogamaya's Centenary on April 8, 1994. In fact it was a whole week that he had an intensive program with meditations, singing and other spiritual activities indoors and outdoors - together with his students in Jamaica. Queens, NY. Let's enjoy this video and remember these special moments. Filmed by kedarvideo.

Sri Chinmoy was very fond of the big Buddha statue in Kamakura, Japan. He visited the place many times and in 1992 planted a Peace Tree in the garden of the site. Also present was the Head Priest of the temple connected with the "Daibutsu" as the large sculpture is named. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

Filmed in Jamaica, Queens, NY, in April 1992 by kedarvideo, Switzerland. Original soundtrack. Exclusive footage.

by Sri Chinmoy during a Peace Concert in Helsinki in 1998, Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

20 years ago Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) visited Panajachel at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and give this beautiful concert with view to the nearby volcano. Filmed and edited by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

When a spiritual master creates art it is always a good opportunity to meditate. One day during his Christmas vacation in the Hotel Atitlan in Panajahel (Guatemala), Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) made a drawing session, creating so-called Peace-Birds on big paper sheets attached to the window of the hotel. Later he continued with bird drawings in his sketch book. This is the original footage, filmed by kedarvideo Switzerland. Enjoy the creation.

When Sri Chinmoy was in Brasilia in the year 2000, he met the famous sprinter Joachim Cruz who participated in a race with disciples of Sri Chinmoy. At the end he was blessed by Sri Chinmoy and got Prasad from him. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

Guru Sri Chinmoy speaks on and demonstrates Sahaji Samahi; and gives his vision on hinduism. Recorded during a Christmas vacation In Bali in 2004 by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

In 2004 Sri Chinmoy visited Bali and met with all 8 Kings of Bali. Among many ceremonies and musical offerings on both sides he played on several instruments, culminating with a piano piece and a final meditation. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.


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