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This video examines three things: 1) What makes The Batman and Spider-Man so amazing, 2) What makes Far From Home what it is, and 3) What will Spider-Man 3 be about?

DC Comics' New 52 Batman is something I keep finding myself coming back to as I see new things with each visit. This time: I find myself intrigued by Gordon and Bruce Wayne's true nature.

DC Comics' Nightwing: Year One is a classic. My gosh, the stories are as timeless as the art. Every fan should have this comic.

I need to read these comics again! What do you think?

DC Comics has some of the best characters ever in fiction. This video starts with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Tomorrow, I will be doing secondary characters; which we love just as much.

DC Comics are in an interesting position as HBO MAX needs to stand ahead of the crowd. Here's how with Superman!

Warren Ellis is done. But does that mean his source material is also done? This is nuts! Now, I need to read his Ultimate Fantastic Four run again, but I just remember thinking "This is what the MCU Needs!"

Hickman's X-Men could have saved the day. Man, it's just said. Marvel, Disney and Star Wars had two years to save franchises that people loved...they didn't. This video examines how, and also, why DC could really start making some $$$!

DC Comics' Teen Titans #42 was a pretty good read. I missed some major moments in previous issues, but still, I want to read the next issue. Well done.

YouTube is driving me flipping crazy.

DC Comics' Batman #93 is just downright awesome. Man, after this, and Death Metal, I'm starting to feel really excited about comics, plus, attracted to Punchline! This comic is what we NEED, plus, I want to read this comic again. Man, this feels good!

Dark Nights Metal #1 was almost exactly how I remembered it...except...the added value it now has as Snyder has worked tiredlessly the last three years to create something truly extradordinary at DC Comics!

Right now, it looks like DC Comics is fighting back while Marvel is...I honestly don't know? But, before society went crazy, DC and Marvel had a chance to create one heck of a promotional campaign that would benefit everyone...why didn't they?

Right now, HBO Max and DC Comics have Tenet, Wonder Woman and The Batman leading the way (I know, techinically it's WB, but I'm talking about when they become content on HBO Max), which is going to dictate a lot of things moving forward. Same time, the sky's the limit for DC and HBO!

DC Comics' Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have always played pivotal roles in their Events. But lately, they're telling timely stories that the world really needs to hear at this point as the war of Religion vs. Science is only beginning.

Oh, boy. DC Comics' Death Metal by Snyder and Capullo is going to be another Doomsday'll either hate it or love it. Personally, it could be one of my favorite comics ever. (I bought the floppy)

DC Comics' The Flash 1987 #2 is awesome, and also, just weird AF in the best possible ways. Also, seeing Wally trying to wow his girlfriend is something sorely lacking in modern comics. Men want to make women happy...even if it's impossible with some!

I know everything that is going on within entertainment. Right now, is the perfect time to go back to what works. And yeah, it may mess up certain people's agendas...but what good is propaganda if no one sees it?

DC Comics' Superman #1 1987 is simple and heartfelt. I'm finding myself stuck in the 80s reading comics, and honestly, I'm loving every moment of it!

This video goes over the recent rumblings of Joker appearing in The Batman, plus, why I'm confident in Reeves' vision.

There's been a lot of drama regarding Pattinson saying he's not working out in DC's 'The Batman'. This video explores the possible motivations, also, why they don't really matter along as the movie hits! Plus, why you should never talk s*** to your fans (only peers).

I'm about to take a trip back to when the American people had hope, and also, a fight about them that is missing in today's corporate landscape. It is what it is. DC Comics' The Flash #1 from 1987 was everything I wanted it to be!

Just trying to talk a little common sense. This is about survival.

DC Comics Batman #635 is what a professional writer looks like. Winnick used every trope, every panel to futher the story. Plus, the art was legit AF. I might have to talk about DC Animated movies way more!

What's your favorite DC Animated movie?


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