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YouTube Refugee. I had mostly been doing a lot of audiobooks. I plan to still do some. I may even post up a small set choice books back on an alternate YouTube Account. For the foreseeable future though, I will be posting here and on Pewtube. I might also post to Vimeo.

I was getting to the point on YouTube where I would have been able to start asking for Patreons. I hope to get there on here too.

Reading books is okay but I think it would be easier to do reviews and summations like some other content creators do.

I have a few ideas for different kinds of videos. Development is tough - for me at least.

So, there will be a decent number of different readings, different kinds of books and probably some different kinds of content being posted.

I'm not sure if you can message me on here but if not, I am available on @kemperor.

I hope to see the BitChute Platform grow and to help it grow,


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