He seems different but I got verbal approval from David to post.

Fuck Andrew Anglin

From "This Hour has 22 Minutes," not to be confused with "This Hour has 88 Minutes." "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" (commonly shortened to 22 Minutes since 2009) is a weekly Canadian television comedy that airs on CBC Television. Launched in 1993 during Canada's 35th general election, the show focuses on Canadian politics with a combination of news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials.

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Some people get confused.

It's a snippet from something. It might from a video called "Why are People Anti-Semitic?"

Mr. Bond

Her name is Hailey Dawson. In the womb, she had a rare developmental disorder that cut blood flow and therefore growth to her right side from her pectoral muscle down to her hand. Her hand is not fully formed. The syndrome she has is called Poland's Syndrome.

Hailey has been travelling around to MLB Teams since last year throwing out the first pitch at games to raise awareness for Poland's Syndrome. As you may have noticed, she was at the World Series last year. Hailey has been to about half of the MLB teams home stadiums to throw out the first pitch. The footage above is from 7-3-18

I had asked Dr. Joyce a year or two ago if I could post audio readings of his work. He said yes.
I lag behind reading his published work for about 6 months.
Depending on how this does, I'll post the batch I had on YouTube.
www.TheOccidentalObserver.net is Dr. Kevin MacDonald's Website

This is a rough edit of a project I wanted to do. I've never put a complicated video together before and I wanted to get the word out.

Mirrored from the Official Proud Boys Media Youtube page here:

From the Patriot Prayer Breakfast

Mirrored from "Boston Antifa" on Youtube

Clips of the machinations against Europeans Worldwide.

Roseanne Barr can't die enough times. If you don't hate her, you're a fucking retard.
If you like her for any reason, get the fuck off my fucking page.

They charge for this whole video.

Moonman sang his version of Black Sabbath's Paranoid at a Chip and Dale's after he cleared the place.

The Based Epic.

Der Jude or The Jew was first published in Der Angriff or The Attack on Jan 21, 1929.

Not just maybe. He should.

From the Official Party Program as presented by Gottfried Fedder

What did people expect to happen? Let us rise to reverse the tide of colored gold-diggers.

"Racism" was popularized by one of the head Jew Communists.

Be sure to stay out of trouble. Both Court and Jail suck

This is a classic. My Dude when off the cuff during his shoot for an Everest College Commercial. I'm not clear on what he majored in but you gotta be able to tell by his energy, G was hyped.

Everybody is the same and love is love. That is what we are told anyway. We also know the plethora of problems all those counted among the lovely and diverse community of homosexuals etc. is the fault, in one way or another of almost entirely White "Cis-Gendered" Males. We also know White "Cis-Gendered" Males are pretty much the source of all the world's problems along with their stolen and perverted version of the Judaic Faith.

A Primer on White Genocide.

This is the final section of Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle, Chapters 22-32


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