From Patriotism to Agriculture and Trade to the much misconstrued Corporate Fascist Structure.

The speech I read was from the heyday of the Reich. Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda iterated some about what propaganda is, what the Party used it for broadly, why they use it and their successes that year in using it. He did all that publicly... Oh my!

You Can't Stop Em

Charles Lindbergh was a true renaissance man. Men like him are not around anymore. If they are... If they were, I think they'd have a hard time at it. Lindbergh was a member of the first America First Committee and when America said America First, he meant it. Unlike Trump. Lindbergh also made the first Trans-Atlantic Flight.

A written copy can be found on the web here:

The story, entitled "New World Order Pledged to the Jews," was published in the New York Times on October 6, 1940 on page 10. It states explicitly that the pot-Hitler World, a "Just World," a world safe for Jewry may well be the only way to ensure freedom, peace and prosperity for eveyone. It is interesting that 13 months into the WWII, the most important outcome of it as expressed by the NYT is the fate of Jewry. No Holocaust was claimed to have going on at that point. The Americans were not fighting in the war at that point and the Axis Powers had only formalized their war pact. There was no real indication the Allies would win the war. The whole thing is very similar to the events surrounding the Balfour Declaration.

~5 minutes

NRA TV Host Grant Stinchfield interviews Dale Wilcox of the Immigration Reform Law Institute on the floodgates for Social Security ID theft since the implementation of DACA by fiat.

The Institute's website can be found here:
The Institute's YouTube page can be found here:

The Institute has been running since 1987.


According to Wikipedia, this is the first known record of the Fuhrer's anti-Semitism. It was written in 1919 to an Adolf Gemlich. It's somewhat a philosophy and somewhat of a plan. The 6 Million Crowd believe it's the first evidence of the Holocaust although nothing of the sort, nothing of genocide is mentioned.

Patrick Little? That Guy Hustles the Jew Namin'

The guy like a lot of the European Leaders has no children. Macron, however, has no children because his wife is about 25 years older than him. He was also rumored to be a gay.

The original essay can be found in the Library at, here:
The author's intent is to link Apathy to one not working independent enough. The essay though is very bare bones. One could use this as a framework to write something much longer or in several pieces.
FlawlessLogic is pretty cool.

Law and Justice Party MP Dominik Tarczyński for the Polish way.
Cathy Newman of Deutschland on the German way.
EU Policy discussed.
PowerfuPoland Rises, Germany Falls

Let's go ya fucking Krauts(INB4, I am a Kraut)

Dr. Walther Gross was the Director of the NSDAP Racial Policy Office. In this release of his, he talks of the future of Germany and the way of the NatSoc. His aims for the people were secular but noble and non-exclusive of Christianity... or something else for that matter.

The translation was a little rough so, there are a few skips of broken English.

This was originally written by Churchill presumably in 1920 to promote Zionism. It was published in the Illustrated Sunday Herald on February 8, 1920, on page 5.

A Bond Ballad!

This woman has some nerve. She said she wanted to show Britain's independence by visiting S. Africa to fluff U.K. contributions to S. African Scholarship Funds. It seems like it was a really poor time to do that as the S. Africans are readying to steal White S. African land so they can ruin it. It is interesting the scholarship recipients are only Black. It seems like Blacks are really high maintenance and generally ruin what they strong arm anyway - see Zimbabwe.

in the video, Jones says there are only two kinds of people:
-The people that watch porn.
-The people who lie about watching porn.
Jones then goes on to say he doesn’t watch porn...
wtf does that mean? Is that an admission?
You tell me, Dear Viewer.

Dr. Pierce highlights some Black on White crimes, and looks at the media and PC or Culturally Marxist Culture

I found this last night. We have probably all seen an oratory by German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler of one kind or another but an interesting channel put together a collection of three instances of Hitler speaking more casually. The channel is Mark Felton Productions on YpuTube. This video has been put into limited state since last night but the channel is still up.

The channel with more history can be found here:

Update, the channel that originally published this video does has some dumb shit like the Hitler Fucked his Niece BS.

The Police have their gun, taser, pepper spray and maybe club. Some perps, however, may be jacked up drugs or like The Artist Formerly Known as Paul Town, a Wiry Psychotic Lunatic. Police are testing a new device to immobilize such perps. The first one that may be implemented is featured in this video and called the BoloWrap.

The first ~3 minutes is solid but it gets a little so-so at the end.

At least the man at least *had* balls.

I just found this in my archives! Alex Jones did it! He saved the world through the power of his prayers. I wonder how many times he has moved The Most High God to our side.

Japan, the U.S., Russia and all the rest of the most powerful nations, including Israel were saved by the humble water water filter merchant and sworn enemy of the Elite and sworn defender of The Republic. Buy Brain Buster tablets from the Infowars store, now!


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