A "Nazi" walks the opposite way through a Pride Parade in one of the Latin Nations.

A candid discussion with Israelis on the subject of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Supposedly, a 4 Shermans to 1 German was the ratio of tanks destroyed in combat for a time.


From MemeLab

by Ted Pike

Compelling Footage


From the 30, January 1945

Of course they are a "forgery" meant to slander and demonize the Jews. The Protocols, they're incoherent too. Nothing to see here. These writings are the product of a sick mind and Russian.


I read a chapter on Batman from the late Jonathan Bowden's Pulp Fascism.

On British War Mongerers.

A decent video I found. The guy gets into the woods and wavers a little in parts.

Reading of a speech Hitler made defining National Socialism. Hitler made the speech in 1922 Munich. He outlined some of the NSDAP's strategies and touches on his Christianity. Hitler's definition of NatSoc and the Party's strategies were done in a very accessible way. A very important speech.


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YouTube Refugee. I had mostly been doing a lot of audiobooks. I plan to still do some. I may even post up a small set choice books back on an alternate YouTube Account. For the foreseeable future though, I will be posting here and on Pewtube. I might also post to Vimeo.

I was getting to the point on YouTube where I would have been able to start asking for Patreons. I hope to get there on here too.

Reading books is okay but I think it would be easier to do reviews and summations like some other content creators do.

I have a few ideas for different kinds of videos. Development is tough - for me at least.

So, there will be a decent number of different readings, different kinds of books and probably some different kinds of content being posted.

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