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So the CBC thought they'd be clever about my bounty video. The wrote a semi-left article about me and my offer to ensure that Muslims are not spewing hate speech.

More RAW Footage in cold weather. This time it's CBC that wanted to Interview me about the $1000 bounty!

Global TV Interviews Kevin J Johnston About The $1000 Bounty. Here is the raw footage, uncut!

I am offering A THOUSAND BUCKS of my own money for those who record HATE SPEECH in Peel District School Board Schools!

Get out there and start offending your family, friends and coworkers! Start making profound statements of your own and deal with the fallout - LIKE AN ADULT!

1- The Hadith (narration) by the Prophet:

Janet McDougald of the Peel Regional School Board has no problem bringing in Syrian Refugees who molest your daughters for cash, but has all the problems in the world with their ZERO marks counting towards the School Board's average.

$1000 of my own money if you record a MUSLIM STUDENT in any Peel District School Board School spewing hate speech during Friday Prayers.

Kevin J. Johnston Speaks About The Corruption of The Peel District School Board

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