My experience using the Berdan to Boxer kit using GP-11 Swiss Brass.
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Lyman Press - Nick J
Nebo package - Jerry1911
Smart Knife- Vanessa Kitty and Warthog71

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A follow-up video about the upper and parts that I won from El Tenda's channel giveaway. The Rise Armament trigger was malfunctioning and I was getting light primer strikes and non-firing rounds with the Kaw Valley trigger and the other lighter trigger springs that I had. Additionally, the hollow point rounds were intermittently hanging up on the feed ramps. I solved all the problems by using a mil-spec lower and running FMJ rounds. After this, both mags ran 100% and the upper was spitting fire.
Thanks again to El Tenda's channel and Koyote Tan for the parts.

Giveaway will end on July 31st. Please let me know if I missed your VR or if you were not on the list.
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$10 for an entry paypal address for donations [email protected]

I still have a few bugs to work out, but I am very happy with how it turned out and it was a blast to shoot. I really appreciate El Tenda and Koyote Tan for giving away such an awesome prize. I have had trouble with that BCG before, I may try a different one and see if that helps. Additionally, the rifle just might need some break in time to become 100% reliable. Thanks for watching.

An introduction to Yugoslavian Mausers and the different variations that I have in my collection.
Check out JH586:

An introduction to Yugoslavian Mausers and the different variations that I have in my collection.
Check out JH586:

A brief video about the importance of checking out your military surplus rifles before shooting them.

New Surplus (C&R) pistol from Classic Firearms.

I got some more stuff in from the El Tenda's channel giveaway. A special thanks to Koyote Tan for helping with the Giveaway and sending me this awesome stuff.
Koyote Tan channel:
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On June 27, 2019 Kentucky became the 16th State to recognize the ability to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. Just some random thoughts about it.

I am giving away 2 packages:

Package #1 : Lyman Ideal Press

Package #2 : NEBO Flashlight Package

Rules to Enter:

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#2 A VR or comment about the future of firearms/reloading content on YouTube.

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All comments and VR's must be posted to this video on The Reloaders Network.

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A follow-up video about the M1 Garand and things to consider when you are handloading for this rifle. This is not an all encompassing video about reloading for the M1 Garand, just some basics and clarifications about my last video.
The M1 Garand gas system was designed for specific weight bullets and specific powder pressures. If the system is over pressured it will damage the operating rod and the gun will not be functional.
Special thanks to Thor's Axe for all his help and comments:
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How I load an En-block clip and shooting some reloads out of my new CMP M1 Garand. Thanks for watching.

An on the fly video while I was reloading some 30-06 ammo. I really like the Sheridan Case Gauges and the slotted gauge is just too cool. Thanks for watching.

I show off the Service Grade M1 Garand that I just received from the CMP. It came with a new walnut stock and looks to be in excellent condition. I consulting with the folks at the CMP and they recommended using Tung Oil on the new walnut stock. I show some before and after picks of the Tung Oil application. Thanks for watching.

Just a video comparing the Romanian model Tokarev to the Yugoslavian model. These are great guns and they shoot the super fun 7.62X25mm cartridge. I really appreciate the simplicity and reliability of these guns. These are still available and the prices are still around 200.00, so you should get one while you can. In future videos, I will be doing some reloading and shooting with both guns. Hopefully, you enjoy the video and stay tuned for future installments.

Thank you to everyone at The Reloaders Network and everyone who has helped me over the past year. I really appreciate all the great comments and help I received over the past year. It has been a great learning experience and I have developed some great friendships.
My Reloading:
2. 223/5.56
1. 7.62X25 TOKAREV
3. 357 MAGNUM
5. 40 S&W
6. 9 MM
7. 7.5 SWISS(video to come soon)
8. 8MM MAUSER(video to come soon)
9. 30-06 (video to come soon)
10. 7.62X39MM(video to come soon)
11. 303 BRIT
I set out to reload for every gun (caliber) that I have and I am almost there.

My first time reloading for the 303 British round. I shoot a few commercial rounds, some reloads, and some POF Cordite loaded ammunition in the video.
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My first 9mm reloads. I use some Lyman 356637 cast bullets from Charles Irby and Berrry's 147gr FMJ with CFE Pistol.
Special thanks again to Charles Irby for all of his help.
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