(The Last Reformation) For preaching the Gospel...on 3rd July 2022..Torben from The Last Reformation gets thrown into jail...FBI alleges he has been smuggling guns from Mexico into the USA (Comeon people the USA has enough guns already, they dont need smuggled ones from Mexico...a total lie and made up story from the FBI)
Cant make it up ...

Thanks for blocking your nose and doing it so obviously to show how much you care for my health...謝謝你

(I tend to only show the bad side of things in my videos, this is not the case, there are plenty of good things too) A dream...."When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincere will join them." Daniel 11 vs 34...

The difference is that the Taiwanese willingly let themselves get taken for their "health"..Would you be willing to trust yourself to some stranger in a hazmat suit who works for the "government"?? 你會相信一個為“政府”工作的穿著防護服的陌生人嗎?This is next level mind control stuff...Hope the young woman gets treated well and returns safely 希望這位年輕女子的逗留和旅途安全,無論她被帶到哪裡……

I remade this video from yesterday as I forgot some things

In Taichung, Taiwan protests for freedom and health against evil and experimental drugs the WHO's "mRNA vaccines". (Video from Ray)

In Taichung, Taiwan protests for freedom and health against evil and experimental drugs \their "mRNA vaccines"...very hot and humid and then the rain opened up but it was a lot of fun....(Sophie does have a point , its very hot here in summer)..a relatively small group around 50?...nice meeting you all...

Propaganda by NGO's, companies sponsored by the UN, globalists, or the Taipei City Government???
If you write about masks or vaccines, it will be deleted or tampered with quickly, either by the brainwashed masses or the "government"....but if you promote Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Goals, that's accepted see they don't want the truth... (Agenda 21...sustainable development goals for the 21st century)

Its not a "vaccine:"...Its gene therapy mixed with what seems like poisonous is not "safe" it is not "effective" do not take it..它不是“疫苗”:......它的基因療法與看起來像有毒藥物的東西混合在一起......它不“安全”它不是“有效”不要服用...... I hope Chichi recovers quickly 希望ChiChi快點好起來....oil go!

‘PROTECT TAIWAN’: Tsai Ing-wen said that the nation is facing a crucial stage in the fight against COVID-19, so people must continue to comply with regulations...sounds the same as Shanghai propaganda "Please follow the COVID rules and control your soul's desire for freedom" 請遵守新冠病毒規則,控制你靈魂對自由的渴望 ...complete evil, just say no ...

Revelations 13 vs 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666..启示录 13: 18 在這裡要有智慧。有悟性的人,就讓他計算獸的數字,因為這是人的數字,它的數字是六百六十六。

Studied enzymes, genetic engineering, developed the hepatitis B vaccine in Taiwan also voices his concern about the procedure of the vaccines ...感謝您警告人們這些疫苗可能存在的危險

Steve Lin gives some very wise words...智慧

May 22, 2022..speaking about the "vaccine" and "vaccine" policy... 談論“疫苗”和“疫苗”政策

A well known professor in Taiwan that has been persecuted by the "establishment" for telling the truth about vaccine side effects of this mRNA "vaccine"

From Jan. 1 to May 12, Taiwan reported 544,161 COVID cases, of which 542,971 or 99.78% were asymptomatic or mild cases.
從 1 月 1 日至 5 月 12 日,台灣報告了 544,161 例 COVID 病例,其中 542,971 例或 99.78% 為無症狀或輕度病例。
So why do you need a "vaccine" 那麼為什麼需要“疫苗”
If most of the people who "died" by covid are elderly?, why are you the lethal blood clot shot.....too children??
如果大多數死於 Covid-19 的人都是老年人……你為什麼要給孩子接種疫苗? ?

他們沒有說出全部真相,只是他們想讓你看到的...they will not tell you the truth ...only what they want you to push fear (they don't want you to use your brain to think about it) 他們不會告訴你真相......只告訴你他們想讓你看到的......推動恐懼(他們不希望你用你的大腦去思考它)

台灣政府是獨一無二的嗎? ...或者它是由 控制的
They do not work for the people , but follow an agenda, and are controlled just like the UK, EU, China's government ...

Why did it suddenly switch off its sirens, and then go through a busy traffic light and turn right...(yes it could have stopped after it turned right....but then why did it turn off its sirens, while still going, this is unusual ) this is just to put more fear in people to force them to take tests, to bring in their digital ID and death vaccines..reporting from a very asleep Taiwan ...為什麼它突然關閉警報器,然後穿過繁忙的紅綠燈並右轉......(是的,它本來可以在它右轉後停下來......但是為什麼它關閉了它的警報器,同時還在繼續 ,這很不尋常)這只是為了讓人們更加恐懼,迫使他們接受測試,帶上他們的數字身份證和死亡疫苗……從一個沉睡的台灣報導

新北市……必須摀住口鼻才能避開“omicron”……這是邪教?Insanity...a sunny day, Taiwan 4th shot boosted, Rapid Antigen Tests forced,, no one around, outside...but completely brainwashed and under mind control of the Taiwan media...10 May 2022...this response is very common in Taipei 精神錯亂...一個陽光明媚的日子,台灣第 4 槍加強,快速抗原檢測被迫,周圍沒有人,外面...但完全被洗腦並在台灣媒體的精神控制下...2022 年 5 月 10 日...此回應是 在台北很常見 Is this normal behavior? 這是正常行為嗎?or do I just smell very bad?

If people in Taiwan have vaccine related injuries and want prayer, we can help..."call on the name of Jesus and you will be saved"

台灣通過巨額保險賠付激勵新冠病毒檢測呈陽性? And Catherine from Taiwan gives her opinion on the vaccines and masks...... Catherine 談論口罩和疫苗 In order to go to a hospital to get a PCR test so that they can get insurance payouts for being "sick", people have to show a positive rapid antigen home test result...this is another way in which people are "encouraged" to voluntarily take the test, to drive up cases .為了去醫院做PCR檢測,這樣他們就可以得到“生病”的保險賠付,人們必須出示陽性的快速抗原家庭檢測結果…….這是另一種“鼓勵”人們自願參加考試、增加案件的方式...others include constant fear propaganda through the media...ambulances are also driving around in circles with no passengers with sirens blaring to increase anxiety.其他包括通過媒體不斷進行的恐懼宣傳......救護車也在兜圈子,沒有乘客拉響警報器以增加焦慮...this is intense psychological warfare against people to get people to obey, to give up their freedoms, so now the government controls every decision over you , just like Shanghai...very evil


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