the scene when he is standing in the rain after escaping...
Then I will briefly outline the steps they take to make this a criminal offense...
Then what Pastor Arts brother asked the gestapo at the church ."where were you yesterday when bars were opened , restaurants were open, Cosco is open, Mosques are open?"...but they come to a church...people singing songs is very dangerous and the covid is drawn to that..
So we its not about peoples "health" or "safety" ...its about not being allowed to question or go against the new political order of total control....but you can, just say no, and put your faith and trust in God (Jesus)
I know why they target Christians because we are the only ones that have the authority in Jesus to bind their overlords demons, fallen angels in the spiritual realms and they have to listen...and the evil spirits tremble at the name of pray for our brothers and sisters around the world...prayer is the key my brothers and sisters

Gods Word never changes although men would like to change it.....Gods promises will always come true ....although through Cern via the Mandela Effect certain words in the Bible have been changed...and how we can know the truth or interpretation of a particular passage....(if you want to know God (Jesus) exists just ask Him , He will answer if you are sincere in your request)

God always repeats Himself...and is the same yesterday today and tomorrow, and in Him is no darkness (sin) He came to take your sins away and forgive them (...and then with God's help you go sin no more...)
(I mean couch not one of the words that have been changed)

other things that have been changed "Luke I am your father" "life is like a box of chocolates" "thats not a knife, this is a knife" have all been changed too, through Cern...

because the virus knows the difference?
Chris Sky on twitch realchrisskytv gives a basic overview of the agenda how it is not for your safety but for your control.
My solution differs from his, as "greater is He (God(Jesus) in me than he (devil) who is in the world ...God puts Himself, His glory and His power in us, when we show faith and are "born again"...for eternal life, we do not belong to this world anymore, we have something much better...(this is the hope of the Gospel)

but dont worry a post mortem happened to find covid in him (although he was perfectly healthy)...this is truly a demonic sick agenda...its zero to do with your "health" or "safety" but keeping up appearances of a "highly contagious deadly disease" to drive their "new order" agenda...they dont care if they murder you....they care about driving up the case numbers...truly do NOT have to take their death jab...reject it
and Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords

WEF 666..EU's link to the Baphomet Satan, Devil...their god...Freemason ritual of pointing swords to someones throat on their knees (submit, take a knee) reminds me of my dream in the "clubhouse" Mask mandates, vaccines are coming from a very dark place.....(so Christians should you submit to Satan or to God (Jesus) which is right?)

In UK Column News 23 April 2021 I saw they were talking about Gordon Brown encouraging everyone to take the death shot (vaccine) because of the "cases" in India in the massive new "wave"...I saw Gordon Brown in a dream from God (Jesus) in 2018 where I saw a tsunami hit the UK somewhere....and we were taken to safety to a top of a mountain where I saw a club house, in that club house I saw Gordon Brown (at that time I couldnt understand, why Gordon Brown?? old politician...its beginning to make sense now)
Thanks to my sister in Christ, McKinley from the USA who explained that a tsunami could also represent a massive wave of spiritual darkness (1st wave, 2nd wave, 3rd wave anyone...)..DO NOT TAKE THE MRNA VACCINES

over 900 views, "36" dislikes "10" likes but zero comments???? I really don't understand why anyone would post or comment on youtube any more...(censorship) Ephesians5 vs 11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. will eat bugs and it will be wonderful, a delicacy ( cockroaches and flies , yummy!!) this is a good thing according to the satanists in Chatham House,,,,

According to Chatham House in the UK -You wont need a car(reminds of "you wont own anything") eating bugs (cockroaches, flies) will be a delicacy, and lab grown meat will be "delicious" (because there will be no naturally farmed meat) you will have to recycle everything, no new products made (eg if your bicycle breaks, there will be no new parts for it)...abject poverty and starvation, and you will have a Care cryptocurrency that the government will pay you in a social credit score system (eg total obedience to the state or else)...just say no to their masks, vaccines, "vaccine passports"....turn to God (Jesus) who has a much better salvation plan for you than this Satanically driven lot....sure this is for "your benefit" "health" and "safety"...sounds like a dream I had about empty , lifeless, chaos, fantasy that the "elites" want...

....compared to the Pfizer jab which only 4 heads of state have taken...No mention of adverse effects or deaths from vaccines..
In this video talking about deaths reported and adverse reactions from mRNA vaccines reported from the UK health agency..facts, not just propaganda statements...if you have taken the vaccines you can still repent and be saved and healed and restored because it is not the final mark...(the one in your forehead or right hand)
The masks, vaccines are there to bring in their vaccine passports...its not about your health and safety but a systematic plan with an end goal...say no to masks and they cant move you to the next stage vaccines and so are already free and healthy, you dont need the government to say if you are healthy or not...and Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of lords

HEADLINE news - 2 more cases (one has no symptoms,(not sick), one has an itchy throat)....there is such a deadly contagious virus that it gives you an itchy throat or doesnt make you sick at all)...itchy throat? how about drinking some water......verses 4 adverse reactions from man in intensive care after taking the vaccine....nothing to see here folks..."the vaccine is perfectly safe" we the government would not lie to you in order to bring in a preplanned agenda by using fear...that forces you through fear and coercion to make you take a vaccine (which will put you in intensive care) inorder to bring in a vaccine passport (ID 2020) to link your ID bank account, social credit score...and finally their mark in the right hand or forehead..."trusted sources" MSM and government...they really care...

Woe to you, you evil doers, the Lord Jesus, the living God rebuke you...repent, turn from your wicked ways...

First health verses control...Doug Ford vs a bodybuilder...its not really for your health or safety..a step by step plan to control you
Obama the Biblical last antichrist..their chosen one...the abomination that makes desolation (destruction).
His promised will own nothing and be happy...slavery equals freedom.

So they werent allowed to enter into the promised land...(the land of promises, by faith) They forgot how God had miraculously saved them out of Egypt ...they complained...there are giants, there city walls are too fortified...ahhhh...

My people perish because of lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6 (she was guilted into letting her father take the vaccine...for his "safety")
This scenario could have been avoided...I play some things she said that made me remember a prophetic dream of someone I heard about an ebola like plague in the future and I had a dream about people going crazy after taking the vaccine...

First a quick comparison between its for your "health" and "safety" .....vs getting you to comply to their agenda...
Then I talk about a dream I had of Ezra Levant driving a yellow bulldozer. (yellow in this case signifies light as opposed to darkness)
Psalms 33 vs 5 The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.

Chris Sky talks about its not an opinion if it is truth, based on facts....a step by step agenda of control with an end game in mind (not for your "safety" from a virus)...they will use "pandemics" "climate change" to accomplish this..control, not to save you or the earth.
Notice the anti-Christ Obama talking about Build Back Better...the beast of the rising beast system....
This to the beast system rising Revelations 13 vs 1
The greatest window of faith is when we go through the most hardship...
This beast system will happen as it is written in scripture,,,but how long it takes to be fully developed is debatable (we still have to have war, economic collapse, plagues and finally fallen angels "alien" deception for it too fully be in control..
God is in control...He is anything to hard for God or impossible...we were born for such a time as this...have faith in God(Jesus)...this is our moment to shine..the greatest miracles ever seen are coming...
- Jesus is God...(I mean when I said Jesus was helped by God...He is God and so used the same power as we can ask for from God (Jesus) but we must ask for this help...God (Jesus) could help Himself if He wanted to....
for example when Jesus said I have power to take up my life and power to lay it down...
- when I said if we are around at that time, it doesnt mean that we will get old before the fully operating beast system comes, it means some people will be taken early to be with God...others have various jobs to complete before that (We are living in the 2nd seal) we are in "this generation" of His coming... probably in the next 3 to 7 or more years...(that would be my estimation, but could be longer or shorter...but we are told to watch and be ready....I think in 2023 we will be able to see more clearly in the prophetic timeline..

(God) Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.....In Him is no darkness (sin) only light

Looking at-
Safety verses Control, some examples (maybe you can come up with more examples)
Plandemic - London Olympic 2012, event 201 October 2019
"trusted sources" "fact checkers" in me (Mogley verses the snake in the Jungle Book)
1984 freedom is are a slave to whoever controls you...
and a Bible verse because the Bible is a light to my path and shows me the Way..

WARNING .. my brothers and sisters in Christ, there are some swear words in this (pray the blood of Jesus to protect your eyes and ears, so they will have no effect on you (as God said, be holy as I am holy or you can skip the video)...however this shows a great way how to wake people up from the changing peoples perceptions slightly to let them see that these covid mandates are not really for "your safety" (for your benefit) but are put there to control you to get you to their next level of compliance, submission...try to see the bigger picture.. ( video from Chris Sky)....... (Jesus Christ is Lord, and I do not agree with smoking dope, weed as it is part of being a drunkard, getting "no drunkard has any inheritance in the kingdom of God (Jesus)" and we are to be "sober minded" . I do not agree with any sin (swear words)....and "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues" but I do love Chris Sky as a person..and he has real value to standing up to the coming beast system rising as in Revelations 13...thanks Chris Sky (put your trust in God (Jesus) He wont leave you or disappoint you in the end) (the original video)

The whole interview can be seen on this guys channel...for Christians it contains some swear words, so you need to use your discretion if you want to see it or not... pray the blood of Jesus covering of protection over you (so any bad language has no effect on you)...but Chris Sky always puts forth his points in an easily understandable logical way...(he really gets into the heart of what is going on)..........(put your trust in God (Jesus) He wont leave you, although we will have many tribulations (hardships) we wont be disappointed in the end)
Original video (warning strong language)

Grace Life Church Canada gets fenced off, two fences, one with black "symbolizing death??" tarpaulin around it, and change the door locks... whose Pastor was recently put in a maximum security prison for a month or two for not bending the knee , for saying no to signing a form that told him he couldnt preach there...for "covid" for their "protection"...stand up to Satan, Christians, dont back down...push back...they want to kill you already..its just at what point you stand up...may you guys experience great revival now in Canada..Jesus is Lord...
Original footage on ytube The Angry Albertan

After leaving the Brantford #nomorelockdowns​ rally, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt was followed for several kilometers by the Brantford Police and then pulled over at the 403 offramp by 4 cruisers, 3 motorcycles and 10 officers. The traffic stop was illegal on several fronts as Brantford police did not have reasonable cause to believe the driver had committed any traffic violations. They ticketed all the adults in the vehicle under the Reopening of Ontario Act. (from the Pastors ytbe channel)
For their "health" and "safety" of course...the SS, Gestapo go for the Pastors in Canada then they will come for everyone now you should realize that this is not about a "virus" ...and so you do not need to take their death shots...just say no...and Jesus Christ is Lord of all....

They try to disrupt the Sunday Easter, Passover service.....Notice the 2 Police detectives, that look like the same 2 that went to harass him at home...exactly like CCP, or stazi intimidating and harassing him at every turn......(its not about a "virus"...its obvious the Pastor is healthy...its about control, obeying the state or else...KGI, SS, CCP)

For not wearing a mask...even though he's mask exempt..2 detectives and 2 police Officers give him a by law ticket for not wearing a mask..Its not about a virus people its about control...(I think he mentioned that this is his 26th ticket) Did they come give him some oranges? did they check up to see if he is healthy? is he sick? no of course we know its not for your health and saftey...

Their aim is to get you take their death jabs...that will take away your free choice to choose to be eternally saved through God(Jesus) as your DNA starts to change...the government are just using the "Police" to terrorise..

No matter how dark it gets...God (Jesus) loves you...your life out in the day of trouble and He will rescue you...

This world is just cling tightly to it is not everything that can be shaken will be ...then the end will come...the atmosphere we breath, the material goods we have will all be destroyed...only our soul and spirit will remain either to heaven (with rewards) or to hell(prepared for the devil and his angels......God wants us to be with Him and to share His glory...this is so much more valuable than anything on this earth...choose wisely ...choose God(Jesus) and his forgiveness....God (Jesus) has already won!! cheerful God(Jesus) has overcome the world....
His original video is on y t ube


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