I love my cats, they are great stress relievers x

He's been struggling a bit, so I poured my heart and soul into remaking a song I made for him 2 years ago while singing in the shower.

I hope he feels better soon, he means the world to me.

He was just too cute! ūüíô Nature can be so precious sometimes~

Gosh... Magic! :0

I can do a good Spongebob laugh, but Squidward... Eh.

Yep. Been trying to get the perfect take for 42 minutes now. I'm happy ^^


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I love you more than you could ever know. All my affection is genuine, my words are sincere and if you could be happy then I would feel equally as good. Reading this, I can understand if you're wary of me. You might be thinking "Ew, what a creep" or perhaps even "Aha, so what's the catch? Subscribers? Views?". But I can assure you this is not my intention. I wish to live on my dad's legacy by being the kindness person this planet has to offer. I aim to be around for everyone despite knowing full well that's impossible. I yearn to have a big platonic loving family, I yearn to have friends that make me feel wanted. I'd give anything right now as I type this to be cuddled up and looked after, giving in return all of my unconditional love. I'm obsessed with making others happy; not fulfilling my obsession upsets me majorly. Whether you're behind a computer screen or not, you're always welcome here as long as you are respectful to each other. Thank you for reading, sorry I type too much.

I also have a YouTube account, this one is simply for extra reassurance that my content will not be removed by COPPA (I'm a bit of a worrywart).