Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away and many are gonna be sad and angry about this. Political differences aside we can see Ruth was a strong woman who dealt with many obstacles in her life. And we can all respect her strong will and her ambition to succeed.

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the USA and the rest of the world. The US stock market is now headed into bear territory.

President Donald Trump gives an address to the nation on the coronavirus pandemic.

These are all the videos I could find all over the web that have been leaked from Coronavirus China.

The Lamestream media is now turning against stupid socialist Bernie Sanders and calling him a Russian Agent

Many Bernie Bros challenged me to go to Bernie Sanders website to see his issues and I did and I debunked them easily.

This is a message for Bernie Sanders supporters

The Democratic Party will be screwed if they nominate Bernie Sanders

James Clyburn was on FoxNews and he was asked rather or not if he agreed with Trump and his effort on achieving record black employment and James Clyburn only said that you can only compare Trumps record black employment to slavery.

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The 2020 Democrats have begen fighting among themselves before the Nevada caucus.

Pete Buttigieg was at UNLV talking to African American law students talking about white supremacy.

Michael Bloomberg has jumped to second place in Zogby polls

Joe Biden was at a rally in Reno Nevada and he said that DACA immigrants are more American than most Americans

25 people in the gun controlled Chicago have been shoot over the President's day weekend and 11 of them were children.

Former President Barack Obama is claiming President Trump's current booming economy.

Nancy Pelosi was on CNN the other day and she talked about why she ripped the State of the Union speech copy for attention.

Liberal leftists have been releasing criminal illegal immigrants


#illegals #immigrants #liberals #politics

In this video, Nancy Pelosi goes on about why she ripped up Trump's SOTU speech.

#trump #SOTU #pelosi #politics #news

Joe Biden was put on the spot when asked about the Obama administration stance on illegal immigrants and border security


#obama #biden #trump #immigration #immigrants

President Donald Trump is deploying "Elite Tactical Agents" to 10 sanctuary cities all across the United States.

#immigration #trump #borderwall #immigrants #illegals #sanctuary

President Donald Trump is again trolling the left and trolling 2020 Democratic candidates by making special Valentine's day cards directed towards the 2020 democratic field.

#democrats #2020election #trump

Nancy Pelosi is looking at the possibility of impeaching President Trump for the second time. This time for political interference from Trump talking about the Roger Stone sentencing.

#nancypelosi #pelosi #trump #presidenttrump #rogerstone

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley has said that the US Constitution is sexist and that women today in 2020 are still not equal to men.

#feminism #feminist #liberal #bitchute

President Trump's new budget plan would cut welfare and foreign aid but most likely it will never get past the house.

#Trump #Welfare #presidenttrump


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