Dr Venloon's Asylum made for a Halloween event with a creepy music score soundtrack for the video they made in The Netherlands.

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This video tells the story leading up to an event day for local kids in Holland for which i was asked to score the music for not just this, but for four areas of puzzles and scary goings on in and around the woodland area of Loonse en Drunense Dunes (South Netherlands) on 15th August 1018. The story is made up of medicine, monsters, crazies, experiments and fear.

Apparantly, out of 100 or so kids, 25 of them saw this video and didn't want to go into the woods out of fear....... Woohoo!!! - Job done! hehehe.

Well done to all the team over in Holland for putting on such a fantastic looking day for the kids. It looked like a lot of fun and hope to be there for next year's event.

I'll be releasing the other tracks and this one as an album shortly before Halloween this year. You'll be able to purchase this on the above link, or anywhere such as Amazon, iTunes etc.

Epic Music - Here's the title track to the album - On the Edge of a Blade.

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This track epitomises my tag-line "Music Forged in Adventure" and represents a group of mis-fits coming together in a voyage that takes them beyond an uncharted sea.
This one took a bit more time than usual to create as i spent a few weeks creating it in my head as an experiment. Writing something that's been intricately formed in my mind and making it sound the same took another month or so (in between the day job) and was very hard work. But i'm pretty pleased with the end result.

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(For The Blades of Jeneria)


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