Ich hatte † Kameraden
Buegner from Hamburg was lured into a trap by the own comrades and was murdered with numerous stab wounds in 1981. An agent of a German secret service was involved in the crime.
Wolfgram and Uhl were shot by the police in Munich in 1981.
Kexel from Frankfurt a.M.committed suicide in prison (1985).

Landser's commitment to the children who carry our kind into the future

Music and lyrics by the german band 'Sonderkommando Dirlewanger' (S.K.D)
from their album 'Grüße von Oben', 2009 --
All pictures and movies are my ---

Origin - Nation - fate - faith: that is the message and the meaning of this song.

for Horst S. (1925-1997)

just a nice song

lyrics (engl.translation)
'There is a land in the middle of Europe, where the lie is official.
There the earth is still a disc, and whoever tells the truth is criminal.
They want to transform a whole people, with us they will never succeed.
They call our grandfathers criminals, but they are the real criminals.
The singing of songs is forbidden, and for a badge they lock you up soon.
It is just like the Communists used to to, but it will not be for long.
Yes, it will not be for long!'


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