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At the tail end of 1999, Masakatsu Funaki secured a working deal with Rickson Gracie for a premier MMA bout to be held in Japan. This fight would be the basis of a new MMA promotion called Colosseum, with plans for future events revolving around great Japanese hopes desperately trying to defeat Rickson. Unfortunately, hitching your cartridge to an aging horse like Rickson wasn't a great idea, and thus, this would turn out to be Colosseum's only MMA event ever. In today's episode of Classic MMA Revival, we watch this event.

UFC nuked the previous upload. I think I've edited the video in a way that will make them happy and no longer angry block company. PLUS this allowed me to put in a couple annoying fixes, which are.....

1) Old Man Logan picture re-added to the first fight, after it was overwritten by a screen shot from Silverload.

2) Wallid/Stiebling upkick sequence with funny sound effects has been fixed.

3) Don Frye's interview was put in the right place

4) I think that's it. I thought I fixed a "black out" portion of the Frye/Shamrock fight, but I only mostly fixed it. It's still there, but has been reduced.



A long time coming, it's finally here! Pride 19 - BAD BLOOD! This event has been referenced for about 2 years, and now we are reviewing it! It's an awesome event, but is it the best Pride ever? You'll have to watch to find out!


Tom Erikson vs. Tim Catalfo

Wallid Ismail vs. Alex Stiebling

Daijiro Matsui vs. Rodrigo Gracie

Carlos Newtom vs. Jose Pele Landi

Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Heath Herring

Enson Inoue vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Wanderlei Silva (Welterweight Championships

Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock

Amazing night of fights! A BARREL OF FUN. Even The Colombian Goodvibe shows up! WEEEEEE!


The Boys of Pride are back for some AMAZING ACTION! THE BEST PRIDE HAS TO OFFER! FOR REAL!

Strap yourselves in, fight fans --- Soichi prefers it that way --- for this awesome Pride event - The Best Vol 1!

YOU'LL BE STUNNED BY WHAT TRANSPIRES! Fixated by the sights of Joe Son's ass cheeks! And overjoyed that you yourself didn't have to watch the original 2 hour broadcast... Instead, you only have to watch this 1 and a 1/2 hour recap!

Uhhhhh.......... Wait, what? It's a RECAP, and still is nearly as long as the original broadcast? FUCK ME!!!!

Hitler takes his MMA fighting very seriously.

Our Motto is Accuracy. All facts have been checked, re-checked, and then checked again. Just like CNN.

Painstakingly created over 20 days of furious research, and about 30 minutes of editing. Enjoy!

Pride Resurrection Episode 03 - Full, In-Depth Review of Pride FC 3!

Also appearing are other men who like to punch and kick, such as...

Daijiro Matsui vs. Akira Shoji (What's wrong with Matsui's face?)

Daiju Takase vs. Emmanuel Yarborough (If this was a eating contest, the Japanese guy would still win)

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Carlos Newton (What's wrong with Sakuraba's face?)

Gary Goodridge vs. Amir Rahnavardi (Ha, ha, ha...... Ha.....)

Mark Kerr vs. Pedro Otavio (We're all wagging our fingers, Pedro....)

Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kyle Sturgeon (WOW! Kyle Sturgeon?? WOW!)

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Pride Resurrection Episode 04 - Full, In-Depth Review of Pride FC 4. HUGE CARD OF FIGHTS* Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Gary Goodridge (UKRANIAN WORDS) Akira Shoji vs. Wallid Ismail (OH MY GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?) Daijiro Matsui vs. Sanae Kikuta (Fuck you, Kikuta! Fuck you!) Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Allan Goes (Who wants a BJ?) Satoshi Honma vs. Naoki Sano (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.... Ohhh... shit) Alexander Otsuka vs. Marco Ruas (Marco's lazy eye progressively gets further off center) Mark Kerr vs. Hugo Duarte (Ha, ha, ha, ha, what the fuck...) Rickson Gracie vs. Nobuhiko Takada (Takada surprises us here as he lasts longer than a minute)

Pride Resurrection Episode 2 - Full, In-Depth Review of Pride FC 2.

What an amazing set of fights! 50 minutes of Renzo Gracie and Sanae Kikuta! Kill me!

Can't miss "non-starter" main even of Branko Cikatic vs. Mark Kerr! Get excited for a fight that never happens!

Also on the card, "What's Wrong with Your Face" Kazushi Sakuraba, who through crossed-eyed loving gazes will lure you into a sense of security, before he fiendishly begins to fondle your naughty bits. WTF.

PLUS LOTS OF MAN HOLDING and Wannabe Japanese Pro-Wrestlers trying to be real fighters! Huzzah! Huzzah! Three times, Huzzah!

All this and MORE in PRIDE RESURRECTION - EPISODE 02 - Sakuraba's 'Oh' Face!

(When you close your eyes, do you see Sakuraba staring at you? You know, like in the blackness of your mind? It seems to appear out of no where, just looking right into your soul. No one else sees it? Oh. Never mind then.)

We do not own any of the video contained within this review/retrospective, and all rights are property by their respective owners! This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only!

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SPECIAL THANKS TO KUMKUMLINE! Go on Twitter and follow @kumkumline, also check out his t-shirt. We appreciate your work, Kumkum! And thanks to Tom Tanaka for taking part! Let us know what you think of this and kindly give us all feedback. Taking Place on May 10th, 1991, Spirit-U was held at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan in front of 11,000. It featured 5 bouts, with the first "preliminary" bout not shown on TV. Chris Dolman brought his dojo boys to Japan for some fun. Standing in their way of acting out the song "Boys of Summer" is Akira Maeda, who has a bone to pick with Dick Vrij. Who will come out on top in this extreme battle of wills?

Pride Resurrection Episode 01 - Full, In-Depth review of Pride FC 1.

Broadcast on October 11th, 1997 at the Toyko Dome in Tokyo Japan, in front of a crowd of ~47,000 screaming, squirting Japanese coeds. I mean fans. And not squirting. Not even really screaming.... Kinda quiet in fact. The crowd was very polite. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this look back at the monumental first event in the famous Mix-Martial Arts promotion!


The fight card includes..

- Kazunari Murakami vs. John Dixon (really? Really?!)

- Gary Goodridge vs. Oleg Taktarov (doing his best impression of death)

- Renzo Gracie vs. Akira Shoji (could be worse)

- Koji Kitao vs. Nathan Jones (fuck you)

-Branko Cikatic vs. Ralph White (cheating fuck)

-Kimo Leopoldo vs. Dan Severn (at first, "fuck yeah", quickly turns into "fuck no")

Rickson Gracie vs. Nobuhiko Takada (what did you expect? Takada to do a flying senton bomb or sum shit?)

Pancrase: Breakthrough 3 was an MMA event held on March 9, 1999, at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Some fighting happened.

In this exclusive prime member premier select subscriber exclusive patreon only fiver special exclusive, The Most Dangerous Man Alive watches Pancrase: Breakthrough 3 and talks about it (kind of). Do you like? Suggest an oldie MMA event, as long as it isn't 5 fucking hours long. Pancrase: Breakthrough 3 was an MMA event held on March 9, 1999, at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Some fighting happened.

Do you like pro wrestling? Do you like MMA? Then you'll just LOVE this video, which is all about pro wrestlers trying their hands at MMA. This is part 1 of 2, and in this part 1, we'll look at the 1990s, and try to cover all the pro wrestlers who stepped in the cage (or ring) to throw down.

In the fall of 2001, a rift into the chaos realm has suddenly opened in the middle of Japan, causing the once pacifist Japanes populace to go completely and utterly insane. Mass murder, sacrifice, and forced sexual intercourse have broken out, and the only remedy to halt the madness, is to close the rift. And so, 18 of the world's best, most excellent warriors - coined "The Champions" - have volunteered to enter the rift and destroy whatever beings are causing the rift to stay open, thus saving Japan from complete ruin. Can the succeed? This is Pride 17 - CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS!

Held on November 3rdh, 2001 at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, over 53,000 fans are in attendance, the largest in house audience for a Pride show since Pride 1 – which had 47,000 in attendance. This will be the biggest Pride show attendance until Pride Shockwave 2002 – where over 90,000 will be on hand.

Pride 17 features 9 fights of meaty chestery action, with some returning favorites including Renzo Gracie, Dan Henderson, Heath Herring, igor Vovchanchyn and of course, THE GREAT ONE, Nobuhiko Takada! We will also see the debuts of Mario Sperry and Mirko Cro Cop, along with the crowning of two Champions. This should be a great show.

3 HOURS OF EXCELLENT ACTION! AND GENERALLY GREAT COMMENTARY (Except the bits where Goodvibe gives his play by play).

WATCH for these awesome match ups...

Yuki Ishikawa v. Quinton Jackson
Murillo Rua v. Dan Henderson
Semmy Schilt v. Masaaki Satake
Renzo Gracie v. Michiyoshi Ohara
Igor Vovchanchyn v. Mario Sperry
Tom Erikson v. Matt Skelton
Heath Herring v. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Nobuhiko Takada v. Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic
Kazushi Sakuraba v. Wanderlei Silva



The U-Japan Superfight '96 as a whole is an oddity, but the biggest oddity of them all has to be the main event, which featured Bam Bam Bigelow vs Kimo Leopoldo. Bam Bam called this fight a work. No one told Kimo. W.T.F.


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