From April 20, 2018

Subject of debate.
Jeff Ahl to Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (S)
In 2015 there was a mass migration, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe. Initially, few countries in Europe wanted to stop this wave.
Sweden was unfortunately one of the foremost proponents of letting the migration continue.
until it became obvious that this was unsustainable. Countries that acted responsibly, mainly Hungary, received and receive unjustified criticism for their actions.
I would therefore like to ask Foreign Minister Margot Wallström:
Is the Foreign Minister prepared to apologize to Hungary and Viktor Orbán on behalf of the Swedish Government, and thank Hungary for it's action in stopping large sections of the migration wave?

The debate is from 27 Juni 2018
Question from Jeff Ahl,
to Culture and Democracy Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP)


From Tucker Carlson Tonight

Det blev inget drev när Löfven inte valde vem han föredrar mellan Trump och Putin.

Howard Stern fired from WNBC

Inslag från SR

Taken from his podcast, I added the video of the beating.

The debate is from 27 Juni 2018

By Kent Ekeroth On integration
Challenged by Siv Holma (V), Bengt Berg (V), Adnan Dibrani (S), Emma Henriksson (KD),
Gunnar Andrén (FP)

Kent Ekeroth from the Sweden Democrats holds a Speech on Immigration.

Tycket att det var en konstig Intervju. Det är från tiden när han var SDU ordförande.

A cat eats a dead mouse.

James Gunn tells a interesting joke. "She should've been broken in by me already"

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven humiliates himself over foreign rapist.

Free health care for illegal immigrants In Sweden, speech and debate in Swedish Parliament.
Speech by Björn Söder from Sweden democrats the Anti-migrant party.
Challenged by Ulf Nilsson Peoples party. Jonas Gunnarsson, Social democrats. Adnan Dibrani Social Democrats, Emma Henriksson christian democrats

A Fun and easy debunking on a Chinese TV-show.

Michael Moore Trump Will Win 2020

Speech and Debate in Swedish Parliament from 16 October 2013,
Lead by Richard Jomshof (SD) Sweden Democrats.
Challenged by Bengt Berg (V) Left Party Emma Henriksson (KD) Christian Democrats Jonas Gunnarsson (S) Social Democrats

Richard Jomshof Is a Swedish MP from the Swedendemocrats
The Speech was held 16 Oktober 2013

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven Thinks he is in China.

1988, i en intervju med Jan Guillou och Stellan skarsgård om filmatiseringen av Coq rouge. Guillou möttes av en passivt-aggressiv journalist som kom med frågor som inte uppskattades.


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