WARNING! There is a virus going around. I'm on the lookout for a cure. There is only thirty minuets to find the the vaccine.

Early voting done and October 21 being voting day, I go over what each platform is going to achieve. #donotvoteliberal.

Garfield goes around the house trying to beat his record. One muffin he forgot it was somewhere. Special announcement at the end of the video.

Garfield goes back to the house to beat his previous time. We see a few familiar faces. Nothing will slow Garfield down.

I search high and low for the corrective fluid that I can use on the newspaper. It's hiding somewhere in the house and I'm determined to find it.

Royalty free music are from The Holiday Spot and Studio

Zombie Hoodoo
Edge of Conspiracy - David Fesliyan
Slough of Despond
Fear - David Fesliyan
Detective Caution - David Fesliyan
Chase Scene Music - David Fesliyan
Sarah - David Fesliyan
Evil and Horror
Mystery and Suspense
Scary Atmospheres Chapter 2 - David Fesliyan
Hide - David Fesliyan

Duke Nukem forms a team of Johnny Cage, Ashley the witch (WarioWare), Nate (Yo-Kai Watch), and Alf (Gordon Shumway) goes on the open road. They shoot some zombies, some get bit, a few get lucky with barley anything interesting happening. A lot of tombstones are visited. We meet some interesting characters and I come to the most difficult decision ever. After I was done recording, checking the volume levels, audacity froze up and I tried to recover it and I had to do post audio. This is the PS4 version.

After nearly dying I manage to form a new team. I meet a very special character. I'm still on the lookout for Garfield. After all of that, can I make it to Canada?

Starting off Spoopy 2019, Hanzo and Stevie fight the zombies to find new members. They fight through waves in building to find supplies and get out. A very close call happens. Hopefully I can find Garfield.

Everyone has been talking about backwards compatible games but no one has really talked about controllers in the same sense. I look at Sony's controllers as well as Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers and I mention Nintendo in there. Sony has done gimmicks since the PS3 controller and Microsoft has done the same thing as the 360. They only changed the name of back and start. The future shows they will resell the same controller with a new gimmick with a higher price point. Like the Duelshock 1 and 2, the 360 and One controller are basically the same.

I just played Ico with a Playstation Duelshock 1 Grey controller and it worked. A duelshock 2 on Playstation works. I can only navigate the menu because the games and cds aren't recognized. Which leaves me to believe that Duelshock 1 and 2 are the exact same controllers.

Justin Trudeau did the biggest oopies. I make some predictions on what will happen on what will happen to the country if each person were to run. October 21 is voting day. Mad Max all the way. This will be my last political video.

The Chumara Tribe have my Shaman locked up with the help of the Dakini. Sending spies on the prison was a dumb-dumb move and should have attacked different buildings. Preachers show up and the tides turn.

After building Huts and trying to proceed, I managed to being attacked on one side and build defence. After the first tribe go down everything is smooth sailing for the most part.

On top of a hill I have to deal with uneven land. Over time a shaman wrecks my land. For some reason I the shaman to attack the enemy alone a few times. A spell seems to be missing maybe.

I found a way to make the game run higher resolution that comes a few drawbacks. I'm on a small island, build some huts and everything goes well until the huts stop providing. A decision is made in which tribe to attack. The Matak is chosen. The other tribes attack each other. I takeover some land. Eventually I slow down a tribe.

Welcome to the first Google Feud where I try to answer the peoples choice. The stupidest answers may not always be correct. Happy raiding

Pooh Bear decides to play a nice easy game of baseball. As the characters get harder I keep my cool.

Get ready for some baseball, bowling, and tennis. Baseball went as you'd expect. I didn't get my perfect 300 game. Tennis was just a back and forth match with the dumbest last match. The score I got in bowling was 166 in five pin. I couldn't remember when recording.

After getting nearly destroyed I managed to get a few braves to build new civilization. I wait to raise an army of warriors and fire warriors. I stop the tyranny of the Matak tribe.

I face off against two tribes while trying to gain spells, building my army, and landscaping room for huts. I left some braves to get a temporary spell and left a swamp there.

The Matak shaman has cursed my tribe with erosion leaving most of them behind to find a way to survive.

For the first time we fight in the fog of war. I spend some time building huts and exploring the area. The enemies are sneaking on my land to attack me.

I gain the power of fire warriors. The Dakini tribe attacks me a few time and I send my army for revenge.

The braves builds some huts while I make preparations on organizing a team. It took a little longer than I wanted to.

Two tribes are are trying to conquer this planet. There's an intense preacher battle. I go off trying to make new settlement and possibly made an oopies.

I start off with a time limit and no braves. I gained limited amount of Convert spell and move across the island.


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