I make my decision on the androids. I pick up an old friend. Arriving in a quarantine zone with a catch, I can only bring three people.

I make my decision on the androids. I pick up an old friend. Arriving in a quarantine zone with a catch, I can only bring three people.

I investigate an apartment, pick up a package and deliver it to Mr. Anderson. I am left with a decision.

Huxley hitches a ride to head over to the holocash machine. I take him over to the office.

I pull a prank on one of the signs. My next assignment sends me to a place to deliver rations. A mysterious weird person contacts my hova.

Making my way to Null Gate and delivering the package, I find myself blocked in an the area with no way out. Destination is set to Vinculum Ascender.

I buy a new Hova and got in contact with Camus. I hideout at the nightclub.

My next mission is to drive a couple of people to their destination and something happens to Camus.

After some hard work I go get some coffee. I send another package to Cloudpunk.

Joo is collected for the bouncer and I dropped off a package while I drop off a package for Slow Joe.

I head back home to my apartment, receive my next assignment and attempt to deliver a package.

Taking a look at my town I started since 2013 late into the evening on my birthday. I look at the store to see items I already have. Showcase some messy rooms in the museum and my house.

After the explosion, Control claims it was unrelated to me, so I carry on with the mission. I get access to the weirdest package.

I pick up a delivery and ask about the package. You don't ask about the package. Another one has some ticking so no worries there.

Rania discovers the futuristic city of Nivalis. I pick up a payload and deliver it.

I face off against 5 other bots to beat them in a game like Monopoly.

Will takes offence to a joke Chris said.

The Food critic arrives and I make my way to the three star restaurant.

The grind continues with getting the upgrades very slowly. The days of burning down the restaurant approaches closer.

A grind fest of cooking for these ungrateful customers who pay way too little eventually get me through the day. Painfully but surely enough I buy a few upgrades.

Still in the purgatory of buying stuff only for more stuff to buy leaving me in agony, I knock out a few more items off the list.

I slave away trying to impress the customers so I can get out of this dump. New customers arrives while I have bigger fish to fry.

Some new things are bought for the restaurant. Grinding away forever until the store stop selling stuff.

After waiting patiently for the day of the upgrade, the critic finally decides to show up.

I get some new food to cook. Still suffering from one upgrade a day.


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