Officer Kelly is on the mission to find the whereabouts of John Doe and send out tickets. Kelly gets a call about a hostage situation.

I've encounter a glitch that makes Kelly legs stop moving in the most crucial moment.

The moon walk is having some pest problems. Kelly calls for something to take care of the bug problems in Moonside. Interesting information comes out of the Fat Mike innocence.

After the park built and ready for testing, I take it upon myself to see who can make it all the way through this pay to get out park. Will they leave the park or continue on like insane people? Go-Karts bad. Roller Coaster good.

I build a park where the guest have one option to proceed. They have good choices and bad choices.

Mario fights Jr. Troopa. They explore the sewer fighting Gloombas. Mario finds some treasure but someone pops up. The train is ready for Chapter 2.

Mario makes his way to fight the Koopa bros. Princess Peach is locked in a room and find a diary.

The mafia is making a move while Kelly is tasked to stop the extortion. He gets an offer to move out to Mexico. Kelly sees a family face while learning that something big is going down.

Officer Kelly gets assigned to show a Russian guy around his beat. A request is asked to get some drugs in a trunk. A bad situation happened while Igor was out.

Mario enters the massive fortress looking at all the nooks and cranny. Bombs are being imprisoned.

Chapter One commence finding out who the mysterious black Toads are. Mario makes his way down to a Koopa town which are being infested by Fuzzies. Mario gains the help of a blue Koopa. The new party arrive at a castle.

Officer Kelly starts the day by delivering tickets. A call comes in and he has to go see an old lady and then has to go get some thing for her. Fun times.

Kelly returns to the investigation to find the missing jewellery. A murder takes place and Kelly helps someone else.

Kipper traverses up as he is stopped by tamers wanting to battle. Kipper should have stocked up on Balm.

Kipper traverses up as he is stopped by tamers wanting to battle. Kipper should have stocked up on Balm.

After Mario confronts Red and Blue Goomba, they run off to a castle and they fight it out with King Goomba. The npcs talk Mario to death.

Mario gets a letter to visit Princess Peach's Castle. Bowser crashes the party and takes over the castle. Mario wakes up in a strange village.

I make a delivery to Rome from Sweden while trying not to rely on the map so much.

Kipper learns the Temtem strength and weakness and explores the area while finding some new Temtems. With so many battles going on and Kipper getting close to the destination, will a battle cause a setback?

1:46 - Temtem Strength/Weakness
3:52 - Back To Adventure

A new trailer of The Origami King came out which goes over a few things. More information on the battle system and partners.


Testing this on different computers I forgot one important setting, which is fixed in the next one. I didn't check the output setting and I'm a dumb dumb.

Kipper Bop collected a Temtem from Professor K. Kipper battles a few people with little challenge so far.

Pepper prepares for his next task. The Brickster bots are stronger. Space training required to reach Ogel Island.

Reuploaded due to incomplete video.

Pepper makes some pizza on the moon and climbs up to fight the Brickster. Pepper uncovers a secret.

More minigames happen and it just won't stop. Frustrating minigames pop up but will the day be saved?

Another dumb short video with some character doing crazy things.

After a mutiny happened caused by Hanzo and Marilyn is dead, Eddie attempts to get his way back and makes a horrible decision.


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