An endless run of Wednesday Addams and the crazy adventures travelling 7000 miles and more. A scavenge hunt has the craziest outcome. The challenge approaches sunset.

I attempt to do the Leaf Cup with Blue Shell only. A challege of trying to get first in all races in 100cc.

I go through chapter 1 of the demo exploring a haunted building taking some pictures. I check out the price for the full game purchase.

Taking one last look a week before the shut down of the Wii U eShop. I reminisce of some games and regrets of not buying games. I also look at some newly released 3ds games.

I talk about my struggles.

I sneak my way into the aquarium breaking fish tanks. Making my way to the cafeteria, I fight the chief.

Trapped in a fish tank, I swim my way to escaping the tanks. After being chased and the grand escape, I find myself in a locked store. A disguise is my only way out.

Plugging in the Creeper Minecraft controller after caused me to lose the game audio and resorting to ASMR sounds. Boarding the ship naked, I sneak around looking for clothes and become the captain. Rumours about a woman are said to be on the ship.

I go to the arcade where Scarlet is located. I try to win prizes for her and use those prizes for something else.

The kids ask to play hide and seek while given a tour of the Aquarium.

I go to the grocery store to buy stuff. Let the anxiety kick in.

An octopus getting married to a human?! After the marriage and returning home, I make some coffee and give my kid some chocolate milk. Some burgers are cooked and chores are done. We take a trip to the supermarket.

A constant battle to get past waves of enemies, I finally make my way to the Netherlord for the final battle. Minehead has been conquered.

I challenge the Dark Alchemist as I run out of potions. As I proceed downward, the way forward is painfully slow.

I explore the realm grinding for gold. I travel over to the realm of Cacklespit and take him down. Next fight I partake in is the War Titan.

I explore a dungeon taking down the dragon Vyrax.

I enter the dungeon that contains Thiss. I get stuck in a wall while placing the last element. Ember is explored until I see that Level requirement. Traversing to Cacklespit Realm proved to be difficult with limited health.

On the lookout for four skulls and four power source, I explore the land for the elemental sources. An opportunity to proceed to Cackle Spit is offered but I decline to finish off my other mission.

A rematch commences in the arena, I take down the remaining health of Bloatfang, fight some waves of enemies battling Ror'ubil.

I find a new quest with one of them leaving me in a endurance round of pain.

I attempt to fight Bloatfang and doesn't go as planned. Fight some monsters to grind while exploring to find a new quest.

Taking a look at some Doctor Who levels. Travelling through time to find something interesting and a quiz on the Doctor.

A request from @gametestplay to see how well it works on Linux. I pick the only option I can and go the Tourist route and attempt to figure out what's going on and my objective.

A house is under way preparations decorating for Christmas. I clean up the house and attempt to put a Christmas tree in every room.

I play various games using the pop soundtrack.

0:36 Billiards
4:38 Balance
5:51 Chess
16:34 Blackjack
21:37 Old Maid
23:54 Mahjong Solitaire
31:11 Field Tactics
36:55 Hearts
40:24 Checkers
44:58 Chinese Checkers
49:48 Last Card Plus
55:46 Connect Five
58:11 Word Balloon
1:00:28 Soda Shake


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