Hugo and Penelope fly back home but get caught up in a storm and crash land in South America. Hugo has to go venture out and find a cure for Penelope.

Mr. Bean is about to unveil the remake project of the Diamond and Pearl Remakes.

Hugo and Penelope make a romantic getaway trip to Uncle Horace in Europe. Hugo Disappears somewhere and Penelope encounters a murder. She must find out who the murderer is and find the location of Hugo.

Dick Solomon wants to take a family road trip after conspiracies arise of them not being human. Dick ask for help from Officer Don to ensure that there trip goes smoothly. Lieutenant Sally tries to keep the team together. Some crazy events unfold and Harry should be smacked in the head.

I attempted to draw Puppetmon but quickly abandoned that to draw a less complex Digimon. I mess around with a colouring book and mistake the Coffee Break for the Undo Dog.

Seeing Rotterdam in a different way, someone is injured with no way of getting help. A fire breaks out and the pilot is incompetent to put it out.

Taking a look at something I made in Simcity 2000 around 2007. Packages are delivered and a building is destroyed.

0:00 Game Intro
1:25 Selecting City
3:24 Rotterdam Habour

Playing through nine classic card games.

1:30 Solitaire
9:12 Gin Rummy
23:33 Free Parking
30:28 Spades
44:19 Rack-O
54:03 Hearts
1:14:27 Rook
1:17:30 Cribbage
1:25:46 Mille Bornes

I play 7 classic board games on master difficulty while the ego is tested.

1:00 Backgammon
5:39 Checkers
12:26 Pente
14:34 Connect Four
20:00 Parcheesi
30:23 Chess
35:42 Dominoes

Taking a look at an old racing game with ovals and a rectangle, it's just a basic racing game with no challenge. Five tracks of high speed exhilaration.

A small town needs a new mayor. Some crazy guy comes in and attempts to build on the town without any plans.

Welcome to the first meeting of AA. I deliver a plane from Miami to Seattle not knowing there's a time limit. Didn't look at suggested routes because I was going my own way.

A new way to cook the turkey, the chiefs cook up to the top and attempting to burn the turkey at the end. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Years.

The chiefs working overtime during Christmas with moving counter space. They can finally mix some food in the soups to improve the restaurants. One kitchen leaves all the food out with no worries of rats.

Crazy kitchens with a rat problem, the chefs also try to get through fireballs even washing dishes. Buttons separate the ingredients they finish up with the ingredients moving places.

The chefs take on a few kitchens separated for the most part making burritos, burgers, and soup.

Exploring the back part of the Cossack world, Croc steps on top of a snowball rolling down various narrow paths. Seven Gobbos need saving while Croc glides for them. Flavio is causing havoc when surfacing. The mysterious tree opens up an things heat up. Croc goes into the Gobbo door which was a big mistake.

Entering the cold Cossack world, Croc moves a frozen TNT barrel through the mountain. Roger Red Ant sets up explosive games for Croc to get through. A runaway train transporting Gobbos that will run off the track is imminent. Croc must get to the switch before anything bad happens.

One snowman is missing a scarf and another is missing a hat. When brought together, the path opens up. Mario explores the area and finds two Koopers.

Mario seeks help from Merlon on where to go next. A Ninji is present and lead Mario to the next destination. Down in the sewers Mario buys one more thing from the crazy guy, then proceeds to make way for Shiver City. After exploring the residence, Mario gets caught up in a murder mystery. He ask around the town with everyone saying it was someone named Herringway. Once that mess was dealt with, Mario exits and someone wants to fight him.

The gems are collected from the first level. A Gobbo is looking for the lost Birdie. Croc goes back to the minecart to collect the gems. Soveena wrecks havoc on the beach. A Gobbo with spring boots is missing his sandwich. Croc fights the Captain.

Croc finds himself on an island on a mission. A Gobbo has been locked up by the pirate Dantini. Croc now must items to collect Gems, hearts, and boxes. Croc buys an item from Swap Meet Pete. Croc goes to the minecart to collect gems, for the most part. The Gobbos need help in a boat race against the Dantinis.

A smash bros dlc fighter was announced this morning and I go over a couple of possibilities.

The bean stalk is planted and the clouds are now accessible. Huff and Puff is mad that Mario destroyed his machine and challenges him to a fight. Peach infiltrates the castle.

Mario attempts to do a puzzle in which can't be solved because he needs a new power up. A detour is taken back to the sewers of Toad Town. The machine is spotted and Mario whacks it while being told to stop.


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