This one didn't go as expected. It will be a slideshow for this one. Release dates are posted for most of the games, I was wrong about one release date, and one section will have it's own video. Smash predictions will also have its own video. A surprise happened at E3 and you can expect what happened there.

I didn't noticed it was shorter then what it was supposed to be. Some things were wrong and the next predictions will narrow down the correct one.

I discuss the possible smash bros character for the remaining 4 DLC character. I forgot to mention Banjo Kazooie VS. Minecraft Steve. Between the two I'd have to say Minecraft Steve because of what Nintendo would say about Banjo.

I prepare for the last few days serving baked potato so the food inspector arrives. I knew the music wouldn't want to record once I realised which recording this was. OBS has something against multiples of fours. Some days were chaotic, one point I had something and never noticed I should have served it out. Joggers, Divas, and Punks showed up trying to stop me. Artist show up with their weird food choices. It took a bit to get the last reward.

The song list is from:

Spook Castle - Lobo Loco
Fainted - Unheard Music Concepts
Galaxies - Split Phaze
Chicago Train - Lobo Loco
Busline - Gilman Mom
The Crash - Fascinating Earthbound Objects
Bonbin Hicham - Chahidi
Normal Crazy Day - Lobo Loco
Stairs - Tagirlus
Two Pianos - Tagirlus
Render Me - Nctrnm
Even Happy Days - Lobo Loco
Four Way - William Ross Chernoffs Nomads
Big Street Gang - Lobo Loco
Frisco Nights - Lobo Loco
Bad Hostel Party - Lobo Loco
Super String Theory - Lobo Loco
Goodbye - Dee Yan Key

Homer Simpson is in charge of what Pokemon are cut from the team.

The last few goals are slowly being achieved. I bought another dispenser for beer and pop. The second server really helped me on this one.

I light up some fireworks for Canada Day

I discuss what's going to be happening over July and August, Political videos will resume in August, Post E3 video will be out later sometime, A surprise happened over the weekend.

The restaurant eventually gets a microwave and some alcoholic beverages. We meet some new customers. Divas are throwing their food up in the air. A few customers order weird food. A few joggers come in and some were mad.

With the restaurant expanding and the new server helping out, I can finish the objective in no time. Things got chaotic. Joggers are mad I didn't get their orders in time. The game audio didn't record again.

Music from http://freemusicarchive.org/

Whiffle Whaffle - Fascinating Earthbound Objects
Elevator - Fascinating Earthbound Objects
Month Funk - Split Face
Flurries - Fascinating Earthbound Objects
Listen To The Color Of Your Dreams - Gilman Mom
It Makes No Difference - Fascinating Earthbound Objects
Muted Space - Tagirijus

The music in the game was there for a little bit and somehow not recorded. I tried my hardest to impress the food critic until I thought of a great plan. Ignore everyone but the critic. I managed to get a minor upgrade. Slowing but surely the rating is going up.

The music is from http://freemusicarchive.org/

Morning Coffee - Dan Yan Key
Moon Sonata - King Imagine
Cheap Cafe - Dan Yan Key
Morning Train - Lobo Loco
Comsmic Evening - Gilman Mom

The three star restaurant is slowly slaking in service. The punks keep getting away and not enough focus is on the order. The food inspector arrives and everything did not work well.

The rating of my restaurant has gone down. Thing are getting out of control, a few orders are missed, and things are only going to get worse before they get better. If I get a two star rating, I will close the restaurant.

Things were getting to easy with the server so I bought the ice cream upgrade for my restaurant. A mistake was made and everything went smoothly enough. Some orders got there just in time.

I hired a server to help me out with the restaurant. I can finally achieve that 5 star rating and have the best restaurant ever. For some reason OBS didn't record the audio from the game and I couldn't find the OST anywhere so I found so royalty free jazz music. Thank you VVVVEEERRRRRYYYYY much Windows 10 update.


Bees - Dan Yan Keys
The Game - Dan Yan Keys
Town Searching Murder - Lobo Loco
Searching For Zelda - Lobo Loco

With the restaurant upgraded, I face the challenge of trying to get the food out on time. It hasn't become a 5 star restaurant yet. The rating dipped a little and I get it back up.

This one got hectic. I try to serve as many people as I could. The inspector comes for a visit.

A restaurant is bought and ran by myself. I sell some burgers and slowly upgrade my kitchen. It got a little bit hectic and I managed through.

A farm is started and I get the combine ready to harvest. I tell stories about the farm. The grain is sold and getting back is another story.

I go over the games to be expected at E3. My source is gamespot.com (E3 2019) and there wasn't a lot of games confirmed. I also go over what to expect and I somehow managed to cover something that wasn't on my list while forgetting to include something on the list. Mother 3 was something quick I was going to put in. I believe we may get a mention and we could see something on the switch or nothing at all.

I tried to salvage as much as I could for this one. The laptop I use for recording is testing my patients. I was fighting mainly on Pokemon Stadium and Animal Crossing stages. I encountered a few lag on the matches. I won a few matches as I was only able to save one match.

I jump back in the online after not playing it for so long. The team won some and lost some. The last match I had to wait five minuets.

I did some racing in the evening and did much better this time. I might have encountered a cheater or can't admit I'm not as good as that person.

I did an oopies of not being patient enough to close an application and that affected the Elgato recording partly. Not a lot was accomplished. Mario went through some garbage levels and died a lot.

I start the journey of finally trying to beat expert mode. The levels I've gone through were more easier than the ones I usually get.

I attempt to race with other people. I didn't find a lot of people. I talk about my experience with the elgato so far and other things like current issues with console and computers while racng which probably cost me a few seconds.


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