The following video is a snippet of my interview with El Gato News at Los Gatos High School. In this clip, I discuss the importance of journalism in a tech-dominant world where documentation goes unnoticed.

As a teenager who enjoys attaining attention, I believe content creation through journalism always stands as a solid means of expression through words. Whether it be on Instagram or on my personal website: https://kooshaazim.com/, writing has power/influence on how people perceive me.

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El Gato News Sports Editor Sasha Ryu had the opportunity of interviewing Los Gatos High School student Koosha Azim.

In this interview, Koosha dove into his work in cryptocurrency startups, his academic pursuits, and his unique outlook on life.

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Koosha Azim is an Iranian-American teenage entrepreneur leading the next generation of cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain technology. He has worked with John McAfee's Illumnine Corp., Pi Network, Block Blox LLC, and CoinBene in the past.

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Koosha Azim (born January 3, 2003) is an Iranian-American tech adviser, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is the Founder of Rupsure, a blockchain startup focused on increasing cryptocurrency exchange security through efficient KYC. He is also an ambassador of the Africa Blockchain University as he helps run a multitude of blockchain community events in over ten African nations. https://kooshaazim.com/