Happiness vs Pleasure - our consumer culture intentionally perpetuates a cycle of pleasure seeking resulting in unhappiness
Robert Lustig, MD

The #whiteness chickens come home to roost... A University of Vermont professor in the process of getting red-pilled finally realizes how disingenuous and malignant #identitypolitics is and how racism has been institutionalized at his school. I fully expect this guy to own a red stapler. His story reminds me of Bret Weinstein and Jordan Peterson - hopefully more educational faculty will follow his lead. #itsokaytobewhite #systemicracism Source:

Why is it so hard to find this interview in its entirety? Chamath just disassembled the host limb by limb. $GME $AMC $NOK $BBBY $BB

Do you know how drastically masks restrict the flow of oxygen? Do you understand the impact of excessive CO2 intake? You are NOT crazy. How will this impact the next generation? #facemasks

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A veteran and patriot technically and systematically dissects the flaws in our election system and the potential for abuse.

A short video on the psychology of Lockdowns.

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"Is it possible that a malevolent authority could exist, not only in the history books, but in the very present times?"

The Milgrim Experiment & the Social Experiment of 2020.
Original Script by Kate Wand.


Show Host / Narration: Kate Wand
Artistic Team: K. Wand & W.G. Gervais
Original Music: K. Wand
Audiovisual / Editing / Producer: W.G. Gervais

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Milgrim Experiment:
Maoist China:
Adamson BBQ:
Pastor Henry’s fines:
The new normal back to school:
Event 201:

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For decades #Democrats have orchestrated and overseen #antifamily policies. The #BLM plan to destroy the family is just a follow up to decades of government attempts to keep black people as #slaves on their #welfare plantation. #poverty #Section8 #Section3

Marriage vs Debauchery #HomoAgenda #LGBTQIA

How the #DeepState controls our government and you. Is this video the reason she was arrested? #Shadowgate #FreeMillieWeaver

The video Big Tech and Big Pharma don't want you to see.

Trump Campaign video removed by Twitter


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