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Knives Come Out Against Elon Musk After He Defends Free Speech FULL SHOW 5-20-22

The American Journal: Learn Why The Globalists Are Waging War Against Free Speech – And Their End Game For Humanity - FULL SHOW - 05/19/22

Fauci And Gates Funded Gain-Of-Function Research On Bird Flu To Infect Humans

Why Did The US Just Buy 13 Million Doses Of MONKEYPOX Vaccine?

New Biden Press Secretary Embarrassingly Bad At Her Job

Israel In Total Crisis Over Murdered Palestinian Journalist

Fiona Hill Admits That Putin Was Scared To Invade Ukraine While Trump Was In Charge

Abortion Activists Dumbfounded By Simple Questions During Congressional Hearing

Disinfo Board NOT Defeated, Will Continue To Operate In Secret

George W. Bush Accidentally Tells The Truth

Where Is The $40 Billion For Ukraine ACTUALLY Going?

House Passes “Domestic Terror” Bill Establishing Multiple New Agencies

Masks, Lockdowns, And Vaccines Worked EXACTLY As Intended

The Disinfo Board Is Dead!

Lauren Witzke Fires Back At Disgusting NPR Anti-Christian Hit Piece

Good Morning America Admits Vaccine Boosters Destroy Your Immune System

Finland And Sweden Break Centuries Of Neutrality To Join NATO

Find Out What The Penn. Senate Race Says About The State of America – And What’s Coming FULL SHOW 5-18-22

American Journal: “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech,” Says Senior Engineer - FULL SHOW - 05/17/2022
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TEXIT Gains Steam As Over 100 Candidates Sign “Texas First” Pledge

“Replacement Migration” Decimates UK Population… Of Red Squirrels

It’s Not Just Censorship - Here’s What The Latest Project Veritas Sting Revealed About Twitter

Buffalo Shooter’s Family Blames Covid Lockdown For Mental Collapse

SF DA Faces Recall After Policies Lead To Horrific Murders

Democrats Claim It’s “Fear-Mongering” And “Hate” To Point Out Baby Formula Shortage


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