Here's my new Ed, Edd n; Eddy AMV I worked extremely hard on, and it was worth it. To this day, it's up there with Dexter's lab as was of my top fav cartoon network classics. Through my extreme hardship in my young teen years, this show really meant allot to me. I'm glad it finally got a full series DVD release. The song I used is "Oh, No You Didn't" by the Wojahn Brothers.

Here's a new Cardcaptor Sakura music video I worked on, centered around the love circle between Sakura, Syaoran and Meiling. I was a huge fan of Cardcaptor Sakura several years ago, and still go back to it. I loved Clear Card, from what I saw of it, and the old English version from 2000, is a nostalgic guilty pleasure, which I actually wouldn't mind watching again, lol. I used an obscure early 90s song, called say something" by Dina Douglas.

here's a Kenen and Kel slideshow, centered around Kel's love for orange pop, one of, if not the best love story in Nickelodeon history, :XD I've been getting back into several old school live action 90s nick shows.

Here's a new funny random video I did of Cow and Chicken facing The Red Guy, trying to save the day, so they can get home for some pork butts, lol. I also added Lenny Loosejocks, a character created by the Ezone website, from several online Micromrdia Shockwave online games and cartoons during the 90s. The music is from the Ed, Edd n' Eddy Jawbreakers GBA game! The Red Guy also was used in a number of old Ed, Edd n' Eddy fanfics from the early 2000s. Unfortunately, similar to CatDog, Cow and Chicken has also become a target in recent years , by these morons in the shitty ass YouTube cartoon community, which it's pathetic they're going after these harmless classic cartoons that ended so many years ago. Enjoy, guys!

Here's a new Rocko music video I did, with an obscure early 80s New Wave song "Some Die For Money" by 3D (A Fish in Sea), Rocko's Modern Life has had a good place in my heart for a long time, as it was the last show I watched with my dad, and I've recently rewatched the new "Static Cling" TV special several times. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Rocko's voice actor's toxic behavior on Twitter lately., which I hope he betters his ways. Enjoy guys!

Here's a new slideshow I did, Cuphead and Mugman, from the new Netflix The Cuphead Show, based on the 2017 game, and Willie Whopper from the 1930s UB Iwerks studio cartoons. The music is the boss fight ost from the 1999 Gameboy Color game, "Conker's Pocket Tales. Enjoy!

Here's a short One Piece slideshow I did that took hours to make, lol. I wanted to use the song "Way Away" by Yellowcard, which I feel it fits Luffy's adventuress spirit. I might do a full music video in the future, but enjoy this slideshow project, lol.

Here's a brand new Winx Club music video I worked extremely hard on, I was listening to song by the old swedish group Abba, and figured it could work real well for a magical girl AMV. This is pretty much about Stella having a great time at a party. She's a very funny character and one of my favorites. Winx Club was originally licensed from Italy to 4Kids in the United States, which they it got similar treatment as most of their anime dubs, and aired on their Saturday morning blocks, before Nickelodeon later bought the franchise around 2011, I believe. It has such a very civil fanbase, unlike Sailor Moon, which I'm so glad this innocent cute series can't be ruined me. Enjoy, guys!

Here's a new video I did for the fantasy anime aeries, "Is it Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls in a dungeon" I discovered it around 2016, and it's a very good, funny and heartfelt series, I would love to check the light novels in the future, The song is "Blind the Wind"

Here's a Home Movies slideshow/music video I worked super hard on, which I looked through a number of pictures of the old Home Movies Toonzone fan site, which I'm so happy that site wasn't taken down for good. Home Movies to this day remains my favorite Adult Swim show, and one of my top Cartoon Network shows, It especially has one of the most most civilized cult followings ever. The song I used is "The Homo Rainbow" by Ween, from a classic Season 2 South Park episode.

Here's a new music video I did for One Peice, with the classic pirate song, Dead Man's Chest! Featuring some of Luffy's best fights from the east blue ark. One piece is a series I've always liked, but have had some trouble keeping up with it due to its very long length. There are even a good amount of One Piece movies that are very obscure in the US. I'm planning to start watching episodes again soon, enjoy!

Here's a music video I did for Melody Valentine, from Josie and the Pussycats, one of my top favorite Hannah Barbera characters. I haven't read the Josie and the Pussycats comics yet, but I love the show. Melody especially is so funny. The song is a 90's children's song called "Dr Looney's remedy"

Here's a level map card custom video of a few levels of the gameboy color version of A Bug's Life, including some character clip art and two of the music tracks, which are Super Gameboy quality. This game is a favorite of mine, which it was the first retro 90s platformer I got good at , which I'll never forget beating it for the first time. The cut scenes are also amazing for GBC quality.

Here's my first new video in awhile, a slideshow of the 1988 Tokyo Pig/ Fair, then Partly Piggy feature film. If you enjoy the Tokyo Pig series, from 1997, I strongly recommend this movie! It's funny, very silly and charming and has incredible animation. Sadly, the movie is extremely obscure, it finally got a release in the US, and it has almost no attention. This movie has actually helped revive my love of anime. Song is "Heroes Win" Gregor Narholz.

Here's a Harley Quinn music video I did, I still haven't seen the new Harley Quinn show yet, but it looks so good! This videos also includes funny mages from the hilarious Batman the Animated Series episode, "Harley:s Holiday" song is "She's Got Skills" All -4-One. Enjoy!

Here's an AMV I did for one of my favorite anime/manga series, Kodocha, including some of Sana's funny moments in gym class, challenging Akito, lol. She's without doubt of the most fun and hilarious characters in anime history, and this song fits her perky, fun loving personality.

Disclaimer: I don't own the content used in this video. This is a fun AMV and nothing more, completely fair use.

Here's an AMV I did for my favorite Cartoon Cartoon from the 90, Dexter's Laboratory, includes some of his triumph and action packed moments from the show and about how being a boy genus can really take things too far for the little guy. This music videos Aldo includes clips from one of the show's darker episodes, "Dexter Detention" the song is from the 1983 film Scareface.
Dexter belongs to Cartoon Network and Scarface belongs to Universal.

Here's an Ed, Edd n' Eddy music video AMV I did, with one of my favorite 80s "one hit wonder" tunes, "Let's All the Way" by Slyfox,this AMV features the eds breaking the sky and Eddy rising up to a king, the Eds are going out to break the impossible, lol. This is a massive upgrade of a short EEnE music video I did with this song back in 2016. It's a long AMV and I hope fellow Eds fans will enjoy it.
Ed, Edd n Eddy belongs to Cartoon Network and this video is purely fan made!

Here's a new Ed, Edd n Eddy AMV I did, with the song, "Rockin' Into the Night" by 38 special, mostly about the Eds trying to win the heart of the Peach Creek sweetheart Nazz.
Ed, Edd n' Eddy belongs to Cartoon Network and Time Warner, this is a fan made video just for fun.

Her a video dedicated to Abby from NCIS and an analysis on why she's such an awesome character, funny and an interesting goth. Includes some cool Abby pictures.

Here is a small retrospect on possibly my most beloved childhood TV block. It's impossible to even describe how awesome Cartoon Cartoon Fridays was, especially being a kid, up late on a Friday night. The live action block wasn't too bad, what mostly caused the downfall of Cartoon Fridays was when Adult Swim started consuming too much of the channel. which took the fun out of watching cartoon Fridays late at night.

Here's a Brandy Harrington music video! I felt this song fit her personality and her as a strong, athletic hot rich dog girl. One of the most well developed characters in any Disney cartoon. She's so much fun to watch!

Here's a new Dexter's Laboratory music video I did featuring some action packed scenes from some of my favorite episodes, including some cool wallpapers and stills of Dexter's Lab video games! Song is by Five Victims Four Graves.

Here's an NCIS music video I did, with my favorite character, Abby, homering her awesome personality, love of coffee, her job and relationship with other characters. She may have left the show, but she will never forget!

Here's a new Halloween themed slideshow I did, featuring Rocko's Modern Life, Ed, Edd n' Eddy and others! I used the song 'Ghost" by Buckethead.


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Hello, I'm Bradley. I recently picked up a hobby in video making, while I used to do music slideshows, now I'm focusing trying to do more interesting stuff to express my fandoms, interest, favorite nostalgic shows and more. I have an interest in lost media, so expect some videos like that in the future.