Here is a new Home Movies video I did with funny pics of one of my favorite characters, Jason.

Here is a slideshow I did of one of my favorite, more forgotten Disney cartoons, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.

A slideshow I made of several of my favorite Halloween-themed episodes of classic Nicktoons; including. Catdog, Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, among others to celebrate Halloween, enjoy!

Sorry I haven't put up a new video in a while. I decided I wanted to give a look back on the awesome Cartoon Network bumpers from 1997 and why they had such a big impact on me as a kid.

This is a list of episode of Rugrats that never made it passed early production. I might do a similar video about the scrapped episodes of Ed, Edd n' Eddy.

To read more about these episodes you can go here.

I'm doing a big retrospect on possibly my favorite Saturday morning cartoon block of all time, and how I really miss it, well when it was in its golden years mostly.

Some awesome old promos for those who grew up with the block in the early days!

A fun Pokémon memory game that used to be on the Kids WB website.

Here is a list of some of my favorite shows from Disney Channel and Disney's 1 Saturday Morning I liked watching as a kid. While I like some of the current Disney XD cartoons like Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, I wish there was a better way to see some of these shows.

Here is a tribute I made dedicated to one of my top favorite fan sites that sadly doesn't exist anymore. I included a thanksgiving card my good buddy ChronoArcAile made for me and awesome pictures I got from the site, which I will keep safe in my desktop folder collections.Rccko's Modern Life won't feel the same with this awesome site gone/

Here is a list of favorite episodes that I really enjoy from my favorite Cartoon Cartoon and one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows, Dexter's Laboratory. This was a very hard list to do, because there's so many great episodes. Most on this list are from season 2, which is because it's a very long season and for sure the most amazing season of the series,

This is a fun little video I wanted to do, listing some of my favorite female characters from my favorite series Home Movies. Not only does the series have clever writing, relatable characters, creative animation and great music, but also some good eye candy. :XD . I really recommend you check out this series if you're not familiar with it. It's been a favorite of mine for almost ten years. To find allot of information about the series, I recommend you check out this awesome website,

Here is a list of the missing obscure Powerpuff Girls shockwave games that were deleted from the Cartoon Network website. I rememper playing these as a kid, but it was many years ago. It's surprising Powerpuff Girls doesn't have all the old Cartoon Network website games archived despite the series being so popular

Since I'm really into flash games at the moment I'll be doing more videos like this. It's interesting how many flash games from our childhoods have gone missing.

The missing games are: The Danger Grid, Townsville Terror, Hot Air Bafoon , PPG vs RRB, Laser Cha Cha,

Here is a slideshow of Bouquet from Blue Dragon, with the song "Stay in Shadow " by Finger Eleven.

Here is a slideshow music video I made of Jimmy Neutron with the song "Time Machine" by Click Five


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Hello, I'm Bradley. I recently picked up a hobby in video making, while I used to do music slideshows, now I'm focusing trying to do more interesting stuff to express my fandoms, interest, favorite nostalgic shows and more. I have an interest in lost media, so expect some videos like that in the future.