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I feel pretty passionately about this subject in particular.
Sorry for being dramatic and ragey!

I ended up being extraordinarily thrilled with the results of the art I created on my Twitch stream on 09/08/2019 so I decided to repackage it in this more bite-sized format. Please enjoy!

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I wanted to post a bit of an update for folks who might be a little in the dark about what I've been up to lately.

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I wanted to make something quick and simple that showcased the general Idea of what I do on the regular to upload to Bitchute.
So, here's me talking over the timelapse of a sketch of a sexy succubus fairy lady.

I found a pretty decent browser version of the classic Doom game I played back in the day! So, I proceeded to play it for a while until I got mad at it... and rage quit. LOL -- Watch live at

I took a sketch request at the end of my stream on 07/14/2019. The result was a sexy pin-up sketch of Harley Quinn from the upcoming Birds of Prey film. -- Watch live at

After I gave up struggling with other flash games that were laggy, I went back to my favorite flash version of Tetris.

-- Watch live at

Lee offered me a bowl of watermelon a few minutes into my stream.
So, obviously, I spent a good chunk of time sitting there eating it. It was boring. -- Watch live at

I have been seeing a lot of negativity and pettiness going around lately. I don't want to preach to anyone, but I would LOVE to encourage a little more peace, civility, and friendship!

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