First they conditioned us to tolerate degeneracy. They are tryinging to normalize Paedos. Is cannabalism the next new normal?

Dr. Sam B tells us about diagnosis vs test results. She explains it better than I can.

This never stops being funny

The potato in charge has our back. I mean their back. They have squatter rights. More rights than you. Just because infrastructure can’t handle current population. Just zip it.


I talk here

New study finds that Idiots driving while face diapered are causing traffic accidents. Go figure.

It’s a secret until you watch it. 😬

White people appeasing aggressive people has turned them into monsters. It’s time to reclaim our integrity and put a stop to this nonsense.


Americans have been fed lies for decades. Legal immigrants have also been fed lies. But, they’ve been conditioned to HATE us. Where do you think this White Supremacy BS originated?

Nick Fuentes says he wants to save America, but he talks shit about women ie the other half of the equation.

Why is degeneracy glamorized?

This video hits YouTube right in the Hypocracy.



I talk about stuff. My videos are short. You won’t die.

A video of acknowledgement and appreciation for men.


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