From Talarno Station.
The Darling Barka and it’s deliberate murder by greed and corruption by corrupt government and the corporate puppeteers , has effects on the entire river systems through the whole of Australia. With the fires and later the ask killing millions of fish in the Murray River system , it shows how critical the MENINDEE lakes are for the survival of the native fish species throughout the whole Murray Darling Baaka Basin. Also a good report from TOTT NEWS Please subscribe.

Darryl OBryan and the Battler discuss his work with Senator in Exile Rod Culleton. He tells us how he started studying our
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, his thoughts about Rod, and the day Rod challenged then Attorney-General George Brandis in Parliament to explain why the High Court is acting unlawfully and against the Constitution. How the Tax Department is totally unlawful & they even admit it. Darryl then goes on to tell us what happened after that.
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Free Download of Original Constitution

Wayne outs the treason of the political parties in Australia today, the bush fires, Cubby Station owned by banks that are tied to Malcolm Turnbull, & China, plenty of bribes there we would say. He also touches on the Commonwealth the relation to States & how it is set up in our Constitution.
Our Constitution is a book of limitations on both state and federal parliaments...the Constitution binds the crown in every legislative area in the constitution and binds the states by 107..108..and 109 of that Constitution....106 binds the state Constitutions to our Constitution without exception......the monarch is fully bound by our Constitution to the authority granted by our Constitution to it...

This Australia day is day 1 on returning our country back to Common Law & the Constitution, these corporate criminal party hacks are going to pay for their crimes against our country, our Constitution our wildlife & our people. Enough is Enough. IT STARTS AUSTRALIA PEOPLE MAKE AN EFFORT stop CONSENTING, use YOUR CONSTITUITON Section 100 is a good place to start especially for FARMERS... OBEY THE LAW your CONSTITUTION not these snake oil legalese frauds, they are criminals, ignore them obey the Constituion and watch them RUN.
1: Download your free Constitution here:
2: Stop paying their UNLAWFUL UNCONSTITUTIONAL FINES: They are full of bluff & bullshit.
3: Stop paying water rates to the Rothschild's who "own" most water companies that were once public utilities OWNED BY YOU. Tell them simple copy & paste below. Ask them if they know of any lawful change to the Constitution they can provide to you. Give the morons 28 days to reply. THEY CANNOT, Farmers start using your Constitutional rights you will win every-time.
Section 100 of the Constitution.:The Commonwealth shall NOT BY ANY LAW, or REGULATION of TRADE or COMMERCE , ABRIDGE THE RIGHT of a STATE or of THE RESIDENTS to the REASONABLE USE OF WATERS of RIVERS for CONSERVATION or IRRIGATION... Do not sign any contract with Corporate Government, if you do put V.C. before your signature it means under DURESS. Null & VOID. Cut up all credit cards use cash only, barter or use silver, destroy their system by not participating in it.
Also another good site with great information to win against these corporate government legalese losers, stop taking them seriously they are A Grade idiots.
Your heartlands Rivers, lakes and floodplains are linked in the survival of the whole river ecosystem of the Murray Darling Barka Basin. Science has been silenced or threatened by the greed of corporates and the ineptitude of politicians without integrity , who crave power above their own children’s and countries future. While the Bushfires have rightly grabbed the headlines, we must never forget the corruption that has killed out rivers and lakes over the last decade, have been clinically and deliberately undertaken by both state and federal governments . The MDBA total disregard for the river systems and it’s future must be exposed and the police must eventually investigate. The floodplains are not an opportunity to destroy for short term profit but an intergal part of the living heart of the river systems . We need the facts to be exposed as they had been thru the SA royal commission , but with the major TV press deliberately silenced to the carnage it is thru social media we must alert the whole Australian public to the criminal activity condoned by both federal and state government leading to the disasters on the river system. As rains have started to return to the system, we must always alert the public that the drought did not kill the rivers and Menindee lakes but wholesale corruption within successive governments, as Australia has never seen. We must continue to fight for justice and have the criminals exposed and face justice for the destruction of the Darling Barka River System.

Compromised Corporate Crooks as Government? What could possibly go wrong? All bribed, compromised, honey potted & worse, that is how the Banksters/UN control these criminals to thieve all your wealth & also your royalties of minerals etc that belong to you under the Commonwealth of Australia, not to foreign corporations or China. Everything on this continent belongs to the people not corporations, they have no mandate or permission to rape our resources.
Harry from talks to Mike Holt from & are joined by investigative journalist Robert Lee discussing Queensland Labor gearing to legislate Child Sexual Offenses Reform intended to control the people but will destroy the establishment. Further they intend to lock up the rivers to environment halting water harvesting to reduce drought destruction in Queensland …

Please don’t think this is endorsing the global warming myth or any Unlawful political party we despise them all equally as they are all Unconstitutional, on the contrary this video is to show the damage they are doing to our country & why they must be removed ASAP.
The damage done to our most precious comodoty in Australia because of corrupt policticians
who are more interested in lining their own pockets than their childrens future.

The King James Bible And Our Constitution

Harry from talks to Mike Holt from Harry and Mike discuss the corporate police raid on Mike’s home on a fishing expedition confirming the establishment are worried. Is Kangaroo Island on fire to get mining wealth by stealth? Also it is so obvious now, when you realise the cops are not arming up against the RED HERRING "Muslim Terrorists" THEY ARE ARMING UP AGAINST YOU when you find out HOW CORRUPT THEY and their FOREIGN CORPORATE FRAUD FAKE GOVERNMENT BOSSES REALLY ARE.. Time to be counted with your MY WILL submission as the Grand Jury moves closer. LETS TAKE THEM OUT....

Karen Brewer at her best, we love her. Mr Morrison (fake PM of Australia) is spending 76 Million dollars of your fraud money to push people into his big pharma mates money pit & nutters in the mental health industry, instead of helping people rebuild their homes & lives. AUSTRALIA CAUSE YOU GOTTA KNOW the detail
Parliamentarians base salary $211,250 *** PLUS LOADINGS
EG. Prime Minister 160% loading on top of base salary.
EG. Opposition Leader 85% loading on top of base salary

While up working on Tolarno last week we heard former SA premier say on ABC radio “all it needs to rain and all the other issues are just noise and should be ignored”. We need more than rain Mr Kerin , we need a plan or the future including such necessities for the rivers and lakes as water embargoes be in place , investigations into flood plain harvesting and an investigation into water theft throughout the system. There are many factors that must be worked on but it appears the liberal line is drought and wanting it too rain. The river system must be investigated fully so we understand all the factors at play, the criminals and the sustainable and unsustainable irrigators on the system. We all know the flows are reducing the science proves a bleak outlook so therefore, water can no longer be wasted on flood plain irrigation and practices must adapt to crops that suits the landscape rather than the profiteers pockets such as almonds and cotton. Start treating the Murray darling Barka rivers and lakes with respect rather than an opportunity to plunder the huge profits at the expense of our rivers, food security and children’s future . A whole lot more than the liberals saying all we need is rain . Coutesy of Rob from Tolarno Station & ABC TV

#Scomo there is nothing that comes out of your mouth
Could add to the human stored of knowledge
You are a lying traitor!

Sue Maynes interwiew some year back proves the illegitimate corporate government that infects our nation today.It started in Queensland with the Labor fake government.
Removal of all ownership rights in Queensland and soon Australia wide.
The QLD Constitution 2001 and the Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD.
Prepared by Sue Maynes from the research of the Envirowild Team headed by David John Walter.
.In order to bring about the structure now known as the State of QLD / Brigalow Corporation a
long process of legal manipulation was instituted.
As the aim was to remove QLD from the Australian Federation, it was necessary to remove it back
to the original QLD Constitution 1867,
prior to Federation and make sure that Constitution was able to carry the intended results.
Consequently, this Constitution was reprinted but withheld for a date to be fixed, with 114 Changes,
131 Additions and 116 Deletions. [I have the Document Comparison here.]
The most relevant change initially was the addition of over 14 sections regarding the expansion of
the role of Parliamentary Secretary.
During the early 1990’s all major laws were reprinted, but held over for a fixed date.
On approx the 29 January 1998, the leader of the National Party placed on the table in Parliament,
a document seeking to move the Governor of the State of QLD, into the Constitution Act 1867 as a
parliamentary secretary and a public official.
This was done under the Imperial Acts Application Act 1954 section 15DA.
This document was not challenged by any member of any party or any independent member of
the QLD Parliament, and therefore became official on 29 January 1999.
See Constitution (Parliamentary Secretaries) Act ©The State of QLD 1996.
On the same day the QLD Constitution 1867 reprint was proclaimed, thus verifiying the position
of Parliamentary Secretary under its Constitution.
From this day on, the Governor of the State of QLD was no longer a sworn representative of
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but was now inside the 1867 Constitution, conducting the
daily business of the government and allocating “laws” applicable to each government department.
He was removed from his “no party allegiance” and had become, effectively,
a part of the QLD government and under the Premier’s control.
On 9 November 2001, the Premier of the State of QLD, the Honorable Peter Beattie presented to
Parliament the new Constitution of Queensland 2001 Bill.
The elected Members for the people of QLD, the Members of the Legislative Assembly,
passed the Bill, said only to 'modernise' the Constitution of QLD.
This constitution was assented to by the Governor on 3rd December 2001 and upon assent,
under section 95 of the new Constitution, Acts subject to the Constitution Act 1867 were repealed.
Section 92 immediately came into force which repealed parts of the Constitution Act Amendment Act 1922. This allowed the Parliament to move back prior to the
removal of the Legislative Council at referendum in 1922 and 'recreate' the positions of
that former Legislative Council.
QLD then became, at the completion of these matters, without the assent of any of the laws by
the Crown or Her Representative, an independent sovereign State and fractured the common law
and the separation of powers in that state.
Although the Governor was clearly now a public servant under the current QLD State Government,
he still held the Public Seal of the State, and sealed all documents signed under the
Hand of the Sovereign with the Public Seal of the State, therefore rendering void, any contracts,
Acts, Laws, etc under the Hand of the Sovereign.
In fact, on that day, 3 December 2001, the Governor of QLD with the authority of the
Entrenched Provisions contained in the Constitution Act 1867 (Reprint No 1), and the
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act which in their manner and form hold the entrenched
provision of “The Governor of QLD”, and exercising the delegated authority of “The Crown”,
did unilaterally ‘Assent’ to the ‘Constitution of Queensland Parliament of Queensland Bill’ without
the consent of the People’s of QLD through the ultimate and absolute authority gained through
a vote of ‘Referenda’.
And in doing so, this Constitution of Queensland 2001 became the ‘Fundamental Law of QLD.’

Article 61 of the Magna Carta... The time is well nigh here for Lawful Rebellion... We've all had enough...You political party hacks have made your bed, now you are going to reap our firestorm.

One year ago, millions of Murray Cod, Golden and Silver Perch died in the Darling River. This was a man-made disaster, and it continues today. You want to see Terrorism Australia? This is it, done by foreign Corporations employees called "politicians" of foreign Parties, the LibLabs, National & Greens, both State & Federal FAKE "Governments" registered in Washington DC just like McDonalds or KFC masquerading as legitimate Government, these foreign entities plus the Chinese Government are committing Terror on the Continent of The Commonwealth of Australia & the Australian Constitution 1901 which they have no allegiance. TERRORISM. Wake up take these dog turds out Australia we have been to trusting & asleep for way to long, our Country & Constitution NEED US, it is OUR DUTY.
What have these fake foreign corporate governments done to prevent millions of native fish being killed in the future? NOTHING it is their UN mandate, & line their pockets with fake FIAT dollars on the way. TAKE THEM OUT.

I can’t say I am surprised to see former Liberals Deputy Julie Bishop popping back up on TV and exploiting the tragic bushfires to push for more leadership on "climate change" at "international conferences."

The last thing we should be worried about is how we can jet more politicians around the world to globalist talkfests.

We should be focused on making sure our volunteer firefighters have the resources they need to do their job and that affected communities have the support they need to rebuild.

The last thing we need is politicians who think virtue signalling at the United Nation will help us deal with fires lit by arsonists and made worse by states failing to perform adequate hazard reduction burns!

Expect us. The first of many rallies this one is in Melbourne in January 2020, we are going to keep going until the two party system is abolished in this country and the Constitution and Common Law are RESTORED like it is supposed to be, every court is going to be Common Law only. No more of these corporate crap rules, the Constitution is the Supreme Law in Australia, always has been..

Time for the politicians & Australian to WAKE UP !!!
You all politicians are accountable for all your crimes against the people of Australia our land & our wildlife.
You created the problem, its all your UN agenda & China driven agenda to destroyed this country.
And you want the people to suffer and die, well guess what that is what is going to happen to you, & China is going have everything they bought/invested in taken off them it was all done by FRAUD.
Now you are setting up 5G for control, them towers won't last five minutes when we lock you all up, and you want to make people move into smart cities so you can control the the people and cook their brains through 5G.
NOT HAPPENING we KNOW WHAT you are DOING, GAME OVER FOR YOU. Back off admit it, go to Prison or carry on & get HUNG for TREASON. It is all up to you, but you have very little time left.

Australia, the reality of the corruption today has come home to roost. The only good thing about this is the Australian people are finally waking up. We have to take this country back anyway we can & put it under Common Law & the Constitution 1901 like it is supposed to be. All political parties must be banned, the LibLabs/Greens/Nationals must all be abolished.

For those who asked why the truck filming didn't move, they went into "Burnover" mode, A video showing this can be found here - Video from the Pinery fire in S.A last year, A number of trucks were overrun by the fire front, This footage shows what they endured as well.
Footage courtesy Chinasa.

MAIN-STREAM-MEDIA is now a weapon of the foreign military administration that has taken over Australia by fraud, deception and now terror....

Alan Jones interview, the domino's are falling people they are turning each other in for first go at the noose.
There are both state and federal politicians that secrectly own and trade water. Also, there is no obligation for these crooked politicians to disclose their water ownership to the general public.
Conflict of interest much?

Traveling from Tolano to SA. Almond plantation after plantation. This is madness as the amount of water needed is extreme for these fruit trees . Short term profitability means the water is diverted from agriculture and sustainable irrigation into these massive plantations . Your food security is collapsing due to the highest bidder for water in the basin being currently almonds and cotton. We must have the royal commission before our whole Murray Darling Basin collapses. How much longer will our rivers supply with huge water crops like almonds drain the life out of the rivers . How much water being forced down through the Murray is actually for the environment and how much for these massively water thirsty crops like almonds. Everyone else is subsidizing these crops fire to the costs of the desalination plant further down the system . The rivers will collapse as these crops are terribly ill suited to Australian conditions due to the hide anonymous of water per almond and its tree .

So these fake Politicians just found a way to circumvent our Constitution to protect each other.
Courtesy of 10 NEWS FIRST Channel
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#scottmorrison #corruptcanberra

Karen Brewer. White Scott Morrison travels all over the world at our expence in his new "Shark One" plane farmers have no water & fire fighters are dying.
MISSION Get Australian's thinking ... $25 per hour = $0.29 cents per minute in hand.
proven FACT nothing good comes from party politicians.
Do what your gut feels, your heart wants and your brain understands.
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Go fund me to organise & kick the crims out of Canberra.
Reversion process to get out of there system.


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The BAR which all lawyers/Atorneys/Judges are members of is the "British Accredited Registry" who are - Foreign Agents... Anything that is legal/illegal is fraud as it is only rules of the BAR. Lawful/Unlawful are the law which is Common Law which all Western Countries are until they were infiltrated by the BAR and its agents...?Good channel on Lawful information & not legal fraud crap. Attention BAR attorneys & criminal county, municipal, and state actors & you fucking crooked judges.. IT IS OVER... also cops who act to serve & protect, in reality all you do is serve & protect the banksters and the criminal BAR Association and other disgusting anti family groups.
This channel is dedicated to free people of the world, it is against police brutality which people now days seem to think is the norm. Study history people it always repeats and the best thing to study now is Nazi Germany in 1934 it is very much on parallel as too what is happening today. And turn OFF THE F#CKING TV.... ITS MIND CONTROL & VERY VERY DANGEROUS... Especially those that glorify criminal cops shows, bashing in doors & airport so called protecting you when the criminal govt is shipping in the drugs via the back door, etc, etc, etc... Yes not all cops are dopes but it is time they woke up too their abusive masters the bankster Zionists who own them, the media & corporate unlawful governments...