A casual chat with Wayne regarding the Constitution, the Satanic courts in Australia & the rule of Law.

To Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. CHAPTER 12.
An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. A.D. 1900.
[9th July 1900.]
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Harry and Mike do a breakdown of the election that raises some serious issues as to the polling results of independents and minor parties.
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A look into the Dirty Usury banks in Australia. Who was responsible for the Banking Royal Commission? Time to ban Usury in Australia.
Who was it that pushed hard and never gave up demanding a Royal Commission? The Great Australian Party, Rod Culleton.
Who stood up to the denial and media smear campaigns trying to discourage and belittle the push for the Royal Commission?
Who ended up paying the ultimate price to bring every Australian a Royal Commission into criminal banks running wild under the driverless regulator called ASIC. Arguably guided and directed by ex Goldman Sachs banker turned dirty career politician Malcom Turnbull?
Who was it?
The Great Australian Party leader and true blue Aussie legend, Rod Culleton- senator for WA (in exile) that's who!
What was the parliaments reward for Rod exposing the governments practices to the public?
He was Booted from parliament in any way they could think of, even changing words in law to achieve it. This also exposed how corrupted our courts really are.
Without Rod Culleton's Great Australian Party pushing it, don't hold your breath!
So please support The great Australian Party. We will set the wheels in forward motion again and expose the criminal corporate parliament to the world. Because Rod was not finished, he had just begun, even on the outside after more than 2 years, here he is still fighting for all Australians from his own pockets, literally putting his own skin in the game.
We will restore the asset Australia inherited at federation which threw government sovereignty OVERBOARD and placed the supreme ultimate uncontrollable authority of government into the hands of the people. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (uk) is our asset, it is the very book that politicians don't want any Australian to read let alone knowing its existence or the contents of it. We know it very well and it has parliament very worried, as they should be! We mean business.
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Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974. The same is being replicated worldwide, including Australia.

CORPORATION NATION. Clint Richardson from Corporation Nation who used to be on RBN radio. He now has a web site & written an amazing book, this guy is brilliant people, you want to take a deep dive on the matrix we live in, learn what the bankster/legalese/corporate fake government model/zio bastards are all about? Then I encourage everyone to check out his work. He has a free download of his book, but a donation would be nice for Clint if you can.
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In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of the nation. "We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains" is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society.
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The corruption of the "Australian Government PTY LTD" & money stolen from the Australian people.
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We will reverse what they started. Treason. The fake elections are over but we have only just started to wake the people up.
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Meet and greet GAP in Kingsway WA, Wayne talks about the unlawful corporate government, & how we are going to take our country back & if we have to, lock them all up. Even after this fake election we are still going to get them.

Wayne explains the path & plan for UN Australia, remake of his earlier video in January 2019 with explanations & easier to understand the crimes & treason committed on the Australian people & Constitution 1901.
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The $80 Million fraud "government" water buy back involving PM’s Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor using Cayman Island hidden companies.

Eighth Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Joined Her Sport. A growing number of school administrators want to silence women and girls who dare speak out about the ways transgender policies are harming them—but these brave young women refuse to be bullied or made to believe their concerns are hateful.

GAP Promotional Video. By Tracey Singer. LOVE HER WORK a TRUE AUSSIE PATRIOT.
Her Great Channel Please SUBSCRIBE.
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Senator in exile Rod Culleton and Wayne Glew live from Esperance, Western Australia! Plus how to vote & much more.
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Vote Liberal or Labor this is what you have got to look forward to people. Without restoration of our Constitution we are big trouble in Australia.

Senator in exile Rod Culleton and Wayne Glew live from Esperance, Western Australia! Plus how to vote & much more.
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Wayne tells how the churches, courts, government, police departments etc have all been hijacked by private corporations which is total treason & Unconstitutional. The solution & the penalty for such actions.

Shorten & Sco mo the challenge is right here put the Great Australian Party to the test or are you pair to scared the truth will come to light of your unlawful Government Existence under the still lawful Commonwealth constitution UK act.
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Highlights of Kerry Packer's 1991 House of Reps Select Committee on Print Media Appearance. He shows that he is not only opposed to government intervention that disadvantages him. It also includes perhaps the most famous Australian anti-government quote, where Packers says that anyone who pays more tax than they can get away with needs their head examined.

Ingri Castle from In Defence of Humanity, on the Republic Broadcasting Network discusses the Julian Assange arrest, banker wars & atrocities, & the control of free speech & control AIPAC has over the United States Government.

GAP’s bank reform policy is subject to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK).#votegap #auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes19 #Australia
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This was the address The Parliament didn’t want me to make in the Senate. The time for silence is over.
“I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make it drink.”
I hope all the Subjects of the Commonwealth become thirsty after watching this!

On the election trail Rod Culleton gave Harry this interview covering the AEC trying to remove him from the ballot papers by involving Federal Police who are not interested indicates he is threatening the establishment power base big time. Rod speaks frankly as he addresses his party Great Australia Party (GAP) candidates, policies 100% for the peoples voice to be heard in their parliament.

Rod Culleton whilst in parliament speaking about our Commonwealth Constitution.


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The BAR which all lawyers/Atorneys/Judges are members of is the "British Accredited Registry" who are - Foreign Agents... Anything that is legal/illegal is fraud as it is only rules of the BAR. Lawful/Unlawful are the law which is Common Law which all Western Countries are until they were infiltrated by the BAR and its agents...?Good channel on Lawful information & not legal fraud crap. Attention BAR attorneys & criminal county, municipal, and state actors & you fucking crooked judges.. IT IS OVER... also cops who act to serve & protect, in reality all you do is serve & protect the banksters and the criminal BAR Association and other disgusting anti family groups.
This channel is dedicated to free people of the world, it is against police brutality which people now days seem to think is the norm. Study history people it always repeats and the best thing to study now is Nazi Germany in 1934 it is very much on parallel as too what is happening today. And turn OFF THE F#CKING TV.... ITS MIND CONTROL & VERY VERY DANGEROUS... Especially those that glorify criminal cops shows, bashing in doors & airport so called protecting you when the criminal govt is shipping in the drugs via the back door, etc, etc, etc... Yes not all cops are dopes but it is time they woke up too their abusive masters the bankster Zionists who own them, the media & corporate unlawful governments...