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They have denied us power from the constitutional grid since 1973. GAP is making that constitutional power - as per clause 2, available once again by giving it back to the People through the Restoration of the Commonwealth.
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Iron ore sold to the Chinese so they can sell it back to us in steel & junk cars etc that we should be making here, but not junk. What happened to Australian made Holden cars etc?
The US Corporation "The Australian Government" is selling our country from under our feet for pennies on the dollar without our consent & certainly not abiding by our Constitution 1901. TREASON has an attachment lawyer$ take note the - DEATH PENALTY.

Australian Patriot Radio Harry is joined by special investigator Brumbyy (with 2 y’s) being part of the team since 2001. Brumbyy reports on his findings of the fraud fake corporate criminal "government" agenda changing the constitution to segregate Australian citizens you need to be aware of this lawyer deception to change our constitution 1901 people ….Today the Aboriginals get special recognition... Next move Muslim recognition you just wait and see.. Devious divisive bastards...

Clint Richardson from interviews the founder of about the insanity of the drug industry in the world today. From the CIA, Bush Family, US soldiers & US fighter pilots on CIA Grade PURE Methamphetamine "speed". NOTE - Colonel Peter Demitry from the US Military Surgeon Generals office says, "We know that fatigue in aviation kills... Pilots taking Amphetamines is a life and death Insurance policy that saves lives"!.... Meanwhile you are pulled up every 5 minutes for drug driving, but its OK to fly a fully armed F16/F18/F22 with the pilot on CIA grade "speed" his aircraft could destroy a city! Seriously...? Then onto the addiction of big pharma drugs & the massive amounts of money & misery this industry creates.
#CIA #prozac #drugs
REMEMBER FOLKS one rule for them another for us. Colonel Peter Demitry from the US Military Surgeon Generals office says, "We know that fatigue in aviation kills... Pilots taking Amphetamines is a life and death Insurance policy that saves lives", Yes its our Insurance policy" ?

OR Commonwealth of Australia, for the good of our people, Constitution 1901, prosperity & a share of our natural born right to this land under the rule of law, Common Law, our wealth for us, (Commonwealth) the good people it is our God given right. Strength.
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Larken Rose from makes a brilliant speech with 100% truth from beginning to end in Philadelphia in front of Independence Hall, on July 4th, 2009. Most people are too afraid, but if we get educated & stand up we will win, that is what they are afraid of the most, they really are the ones who are afraid. Wake up People worldwide lets take our countries back from these bankster owned corporate coward crooks called Unconstitutional fake Governments who are leaching off all of us.
“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

Swearing in of New Governor General, he did swear the correct oath but the rest is wrong, fresh elections coming up? is he for real or more treason coming up?

Wayne Glew tells of the treason of Peter Cosgrove the fake Governor General who did not do his job, went against the Australian people and the Constitution of this country & will go down in history as one of the biggest crooks this country has ever had. Treason is Treason & his day will come along with the others.

The traitor fraud Corporate Rambo, Peter Cosgrove who has put a new meaning to fake Governor General in Australia. He says "Lynne and I express to all Australians our thanks for the wonderfully warm way we’ve being received over the last 5 years." This grub has done more damage to this country almost as much as Whitlam & Hawke.

Wayne Glew after defeating the City of Greater Geraldton council in court with the Coram fake "Judge" walking out admitting councils are unlawful & committing treason, Wayne now explains the fraud of the Election system in Australia. Totally unlawful, preferences, parties etc are all against the Australian Constitution. Section 42 says they are all committing treason in the circus called government today, State and Federal.
They do not swear the proper oath along with hundreds of other breaches they commit. He touches on the unlawful presumption of guilty until proven innocent such as the fraud of the drivers licence, "drink driving", speeding tickets, statutes etc, etc, etc....

Brenden Casey tells how we must resist this unconstitutional satanic usury banking system, & the evil media, politicians, courts & enforces that willfully blind,beat or punish the people of this earth especially western countries to the truth & freedom, all to go along with the lie so they can collect a pay packet from their evil masters at our expense & freedoms.

The real face of the European Union, a warning of what the Corpus Juris really is and the implications it has in relation to one's common law rights and the protections of the Magna Carta...

These former Prime Ministers - Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbot, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are all TRAITORS!

A caller on Incendiary radio, Republic Broadcasting, tells the difference between being a "presumption" or "corporation" or what they presume you are. Example a fiction all CAPS NAME like on a DRIVERS LICENCE or a CREDIT CARD, BIRTH CERTIFICATE anything they can monetize & make you pay the DEBT.. That is the corporate fiction (strawman) fooling you into believing it is you, same name but ALL CAPS or variants thereof. Which must be rebutted.

Credit to Mike Holts Channel: The Bloody Aussie Battler.
Hear how Dezi Freeman arrested a Wangaratta magistrate.

WHAT THE FUQ? filmmakers Scott Bartle and Deborah Pietsch
shed light on the "impostor" government of Australia that is actually run by banksters and a religious cabal. Why this reality is a manipulation, and the corporation that owns the Australian government is all discussed in a mind-bending interview clip from Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace.

The Lima Declaration is an agreement to wind down Australian manufacturing by around 30% and to import that amount from other preferred Countries together with as much primary produce as we can consume. Such as fruit, meat , etc. The 30% was a target that has now blown out, current estimates are that 90% of our production capacity has gone, and our jobs with it.

There is no mention in the agreement about what will happen to the Australians who lose their jobs, their factories or their farms, it appears they are expendable.

How does The Lima Declaration effect me?

Simply 50% of the productive Australian workforce becomes unemployed.
Taxes on the remainder in employment increases, to pay for the unemployed
With new shortage of income you are forced to buy cheaper — imports, or go without thereby aggravating the spiral of well planned economic transfer (oppression)
The New Economic Order is mentioned no less than 21 times in The Lima Agreement, that is what The Lima Agreement is all about, locking the new developing countries into "their" economic trap and "their" plans for total world economic control, at the same time reducing developed countries to third world status, clamping the shackles of International debt on every human being, bringing about total world slavery, and the legally enforceable shackles of debt, chained to the slave master, money power.

AusExit. The UN is a Communist organisation taking away all countries of the worlds sovereignty & are the main driver along with the Liberal Party & Labor Party, World Bank, BAR society & corrupt corporate courts to create a cashless world wide police state gulag, that is happening in Australia today, our common law/natural law/Constitution is a firewall to this tyranny.
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Australians can learn to do this here in this corrupt usury bankster run circus called Corporate fake "Australian Government" Australia.
The people of Iceland forced their corrupt government to resign.
A public assembly was created to rewrite the constitution.
The banks were nationalized, it was decided not to pay the debt that PRIVATE banks created.
All of this in a peaceful way...
What would happen if the rest of the world took this as an example?

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He made no mistake and was very deliberate when he said her managesty, that phrase does not refer to the queen of England and is further evidence that Australia is a corporate body. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA.
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A casual chat with Wayne regarding the Constitution, the Satanic fraud pathetic so called "courts" in Australia & the rule of Law.
#corporatecourts #wayneglew #ruleoflaw
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To Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. CHAPTER 12.
An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. A.D. 1900.
[9th July 1900.]
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Who did you vote for link:
Harry and Mike do a breakdown of the election that raises some serious issues as to the polling results of independents and minor parties.
#australianelection #laborparty #liberalparty
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A look into the Dirty Usury banks in Australia. Who was responsible for the Banking Royal Commission? Time to ban Usury in Australia.
Who was it that pushed hard and never gave up demanding a Royal Commission? The Great Australian Party, Rod Culleton.
Who stood up to the denial and media smear campaigns trying to discourage and belittle the push for the Royal Commission?
Who ended up paying the ultimate price to bring every Australian a Royal Commission into criminal banks running wild under the driverless regulator called ASIC. Arguably guided and directed by ex Goldman Sachs banker turned dirty career politician Malcom Turnbull?
Who was it?
The Great Australian Party leader and true blue Aussie legend, Rod Culleton- senator for WA (in exile) that's who!
What was the parliaments reward for Rod exposing the governments practices to the public?
He was Booted from parliament in any way they could think of, even changing words in law to achieve it. This also exposed how corrupted our courts really are.
Without Rod Culleton's Great Australian Party pushing it, don't hold your breath!
So please support The great Australian Party. We will set the wheels in forward motion again and expose the criminal corporate parliament to the world. Because Rod was not finished, he had just begun, even on the outside after more than 2 years, here he is still fighting for all Australians from his own pockets, literally putting his own skin in the game.
We will restore the asset Australia inherited at federation which threw government sovereignty OVERBOARD and placed the supreme ultimate uncontrollable authority of government into the hands of the people. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (uk) is our asset, it is the very book that politicians don't want any Australian to read let alone knowing its existence or the contents of it. We know it very well and it has parliament very worried, as they should be! We mean business.
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Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974. The same is being replicated worldwide, including Australia.


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The BAR which all lawyers/Atorneys/Judges are members of is the "British Accredited Registry" who are - Foreign Agents... Anything that is legal/illegal is fraud as it is only rules of the BAR. Lawful/Unlawful are the law which is Common Law which all Western Countries are until they were infiltrated by the BAR and its agents...?Good channel on Lawful information & not legal fraud crap. Attention BAR attorneys & criminal county, municipal, and state actors & you fucking crooked judges.. IT IS OVER... also cops who act to serve & protect, in reality all you do is serve & protect the banksters and the criminal BAR Association and other disgusting anti family groups.
This channel is dedicated to free people of the world, it is against police brutality which people now days seem to think is the norm. Study history people it always repeats and the best thing to study now is Nazi Germany in 1934 it is very much on parallel as too what is happening today. And turn OFF THE F#CKING TV.... ITS MIND CONTROL & VERY VERY DANGEROUS... Especially those that glorify criminal cops shows, bashing in doors & airport so called protecting you when the criminal govt is shipping in the drugs via the back door, etc, etc, etc... Yes not all cops are dopes but it is time they woke up too their abusive masters the bankster Zionists who own them, the media & corporate unlawful governments...