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Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters, Richard Inman & more walk through Telford protesting at Child Grooming Gangs on January 22nd 2022

Freedom Rally - April 24th 2021 - when an estimate of a million people marched through London in Protest

Free hugs & Kisses given out on the Freedom March 24th April 2021 in London!

Mick Stott - an Army Veteran of 30 Years Experience talks about how the Lockdown has effected Army Veterans, the effect of vaccination on Gulf War soldiers & how the Police have dealt with Protestors. Mick Stott thinks we no longer live in a Democracy - Interview by Liam Galvin

Heather is a Grandmother - in a powerful interview she talks about how nothing would keep her from her Grandchildren, how she has been assaulted by Police & urges the youth to stand up before they lose everything they hold dear! Interview by Liam Galvin

Winston Churchill's 2020 Message to the Nation, the Politician's & Sheep - Stand up for Freedom!

Part 2 of an interview with Prof Dolores Cahill who discusses our loss of Civil Liberties, how the Police have acted, suicides among the young & wearing masks in school - Part 2 of an interview with Liam Galvin

Part 1 of a new interview with Dolores Cahill when she answers questions about - should you take the vaccine? Being pressured into taking it - Lockdown & not wearing a mask! Interview by Liam Galvin

Dr Kevin Corbett gives an interview to Liam Galvin at Trafalgar Square at The Freedom Rally on 29th August 2020 - The Government Science is wrong!

'Is the Vaccine Safe?' - Laurence Olivier Tortures Matt Hancock (Played by Dustin Hoffman) to Find out the Truth! The infamous Dentist Scene from 'Marathon Man'

'Government' Message To All Loyal Sheepies

Kate Shemirani in Downing Street today (5th Sept 2020) standing up for our children - shortly before her arrest - then release. Interview by Liam Galvin

Veterans & Bikers March! Blair Twins Emotional Speech & Interview! Standing up for Veterans! Nottingham Demo 22nd Aug

Veterans & Bikers March! Dean Cumberpatch Speech! Standing up for Veterans! Nottingham Demo 22nd August

Anne Marie Waters - Hard Hitting Speech Re Grooming Gangs at The Hearts of Oak Rally on August 1st at Westminster

Richard Inman's Passionate Speech 'Deport The Rochdale 3!' at The Hearts of Oak Westminster Rally on August 1st 2020

Tommy Robinson gives his most Passionate Brexit Speech at the Brexit Rally on 29th March after Politicians betrayed the voters!

So James Goddard gets arrested today for calling Anna Soubry 'a Nazi' while masked Left Wing Protesters carry obscene banners & call Pro Brexiteers Nazis & chant about Auschwitz at Own Jones & John McDonnell Rally - Police of course do nothing!

Tracy Blackwell gives an Emotional & Powerful Speech in support of Tommy Robinson at The Free Tommy Robinson Rally in June 2018.

Geert Wilders gives a Passionate Speech about Tommy Robinson at the Whitehall Rally on June 9th

Police & Tommy Robinson supporters clash after the Free Tommy Robinson Rally on June 9th!

Free Tommy Robinson - Supporters of Tommy Robinson gather in Trafalgar Square before the June 9th Rally!

Massive Crowds arrive outside Downing Street on the Free Tommy Robinson Rally on June 9th 2018.


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