The shameful destruction of German cities in February & March of 1945

Post-war Germany & the Allied devastation

The real push to exterminate people - the sounds of the bombs from the airplane are massive, I couldn’t imagine what the innocent people went through on the ground. This was in February of 1945, there was no need to destroy Dresden this way. Reprehensible conduct by the Allied forces.

This documentary will reshape your views of ancient history - a must watch!

A mind blowing documentary - Mandelbrot Set

Best line in presidential debate history!

Interesting video which presents evidence that 9/11 was orchestrated by an omnipresent elite. The part with the photographs of the alleged victims is strange, to say the least.

Video taken from south of WTC 2 facing north.

NATO’s use of Depleted Uranium ammunition during their illegal & immoral bombing of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s and it’s effects on the population.

Very powerful video clearly showing detonations inside the towers prior to the collapse of each building. The first video cut is really disturbing, showing the people in the North Tower experiencing a strong shock wave that literally rattles the blinds. No one above the impact zone in the North Tower survived. God bless the dead, may you rest in peace.

One of the best presentations I have seen regarding the nuclear demolition of the WTC.

What kind of energy was released 10-12 seconds before the North Tower collapsed? Most likely nuclear energy, which literally disintegrated the steel building into molecular sized dust & gas particles, hence the infamous pyroclastic cloud that swept through the streets of lower Manhattan like from a volcanic eruption or from a nuclear explosion.

“Don't try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.”
― Madeleine L'Engle, A Wind in the Door

The International Clique was real envious & afraid of this...

Relevant considering what Mayor ‘Lurch’ Diblaso is doing in NYC with the alleged measles epidemic (measles is not life threatening) & the authoritarian mayor of Rockland county in New York is implementing.

American journalist Theodore Andrica visited Germany - Includes scenes from the annual National Socialist Party in Congress in Nuremberg, Hitler’s Berchtesgaden home & even the Führer himself. (NO SOUND)


Great documentary by Ace Baker. This is part 1 of 8.


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