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The second interview with the UK's public enemy, Kierran Stevenson.

The man jailed for filming a hospital at the height of lockdown in 2020.

In this interview we ask how things have developed, how public perception has changed and the consequences of the Facebook post.

Exploring the idea of the Prince and Princess archetype and why I believe if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle followed the historical archetypal roles the public would have much more love and respect for them.

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The Joe Biden situation is turning into the biggest scandal in US history.

Donald Trump is now by far the sensible choice. For the US economy and world peace.

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The rhetoric surrounding Brexit has certainly shifted for the better, but a No Deal Brexit or Australian trade deal still is far from certain at this point.

Both the currency markets and betting markets have shrugged off the probability of a clean break exit from the EU.

Expect the European Union to reply with counter deal offers over the next few weeks.

#Brexit #NoDeal #BorisTheBulletDodger

Boris Johnsons tagline, 'Build Back Better' is also used by Joe Biden, the UN, NGO's and central planners.

Is this the language of a man elected to support the working class man?

#BuildBackBetter #BorisJohnson #Brexit

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) gives billions of euros to European farmers each year. This money distorts the market, increases tax and means higher food prices for consumers.

It also makes it much harder for farmers outside the EU, notably farmers from developing nations to export to Europe as they has to compete against subsidised food commodities.

Surplus food than the EU doesn't consume is sold into Africa, there by putting local farmers out of business as they can't compete with the cheap food flooding the local market.

#EU #EuropeanUnion #CAP

The new Director General Tim Davie offered some optimism for critics of the BBC, the possibility of ending the licence fee and reigning in some of the more ideological opinions of its staff, that don't represent the wider UK.

However the rot is so deep, reform is unlikely.

#BBC #TVLicence #EndTheBBC

The UK Government 'Eat Out to Help Out' is no free lunch.

It will be paid for with higher taxes and inflation.

#EatOutToHelpOut #HelicopterMoney

As gold surges in value, it will increasingly cause problems for governments as they flee gilts/bonds offering near zero interest rates, and pile into gold and other assets to protect against inflation.

#Gold #Inflation #Gilts

The dust is settling, now is the time to prepare for the next phase.

#Prepping #Meltdown

The US and UK government have previously outlawed private gold ownership in 1933 and 1966.

Will gold confiscation happen again?


How to assay a gold or silver coin at home.

Using a spectrum analyser app on a phone one can determine with high probability that a gold or silver coin in genuine.

#Gold #Silver #Bullion

The talk of the UK economy bouncing back to pre-lockdown levels is unlikely.

#VeeShapeRecovery #Economy #Recession

Until the UK leaves the EU on 31 December 2020, there is still the opportunity to acquire VAT free silver.

#Silver #Bullion

The UK came very close to insolvency in March this year, the Bank of England stepped in buying bonds/gilts to keep the UK debt market, and thereby the wider country functioning.

#BankOfEngland #DebtCrisis #Gilts

Interview with Kierran Stevenson, the man jailed for 12 weeks for making a Facebook post and taking pictures inside a UK hospital during lockdown.

Incumbent President Donald Trump will comfortably beat Joe Biden.

#Trump2020 #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden

The recent rally in the FTSE, Dow Jones and other global indices is being fueled not by fundamentals, but by cheap money, Quantitative Easing and rookie retail investors

#StockMarket #FTSE #CrackUpBoom

There are growing calls for the BBC to be defunded and end the TV Licence model, as bias withing the British Broadcasting Corporation becomes exposed.

The charts between the UK and Sweden suggest no lockdown was necessary.

#HerdImmunity #Sweden #Lockdown

How safe is your money in the bank?

Could we see further runs on the banks, similar to Northern Rock in 2007?

#Meltdown #Recession

With no credible way of reducing the UK national debt, the politicians will be looking at historical charts, and the UK has hit a debt to GDP level of 250% in the past, they will view this as a safe level.

#Meltdown #Debt

In the last 100 years the UK has found ways to avoid financial collapse what can they do this time?

A study used by the media to smear President Donald Trump has been retracted by The Lancet medical journal.

#TheLancet #DonaldTrump

A speech by Dr Gertjan Vlieghe, External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, gives and insight to the thinking at the BOE/Bank of England.

#Inflation #Meltdown


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