US Treasuries and UK bonds both inverted this week indicating a coming recession.

An inversion of US Treasury Bonds has been accurate in predicting a coming recession for the last 50 years, so this is a huge warning for the global economy.

On top of this we know manufacturing is slowing across the world, China, India, Russia and the Eurozone are all slowing, some countries are already in recession.

The politicians maybe able to kick this can down the road for another year or so, but ultimately nothing can stop the inevitable.

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Italy has the third largest gold reserves in the world, behind America and Germany.

If we calculate gold per capita Italy had some of the largest central bank reserves in the world, certainly within the Eurozone.

Italy is in a huge financial mess, government debts are large and there is very little prospect of the Italian government paying back it's debts, this will trigger a crisis within the Eurozone and could possibly cause contagion across the global since fiat money only works while users in the system have confidence.

In a post financial collapse world, Italy would likely to be one of the first countries being able to rebuild itself because of its large gold reserves, in a previous video we calculated a estimated gold price of $14,500 per troy ounce would be needed to return to a gold standard (priced in today's dollars since post collapse the USD will have devalued and the gold price could be anything)

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Do the global establishment now support a WTO 'No Deal' Brexit?

The media, large corporations, financial institutions and most politicians have been overwhelming in support of remaining in the EU.

However as the world tips in to a deep global recession Brexit maybe the perfect scapegoat. Brexit is already being blamed for the coming recession in Germany.

I expect over the coming months for the media, corporations, banks and other financial institutions to increase the blame on the recession on Brexit.

In the same way the Great Recession of 2007/2008 was blamed almost exclusively on speculative bankers and credit default swap derivatives, while the real underlying causes of the bubble were excessive liquidity coming from central bank low interest rates, loose monetary policy, fractional reserve banking.

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The economics of an independent Scotland.

Eurostat data shows that the per capita GDP of Scotland is lower than the UK average.

This isn't to say Scotland is a poor region, it's actually wealthier than many regions of England, however the wealth generator that is South East England and London raises income and taxes for the whole of the United Kingdom.

The SNP has a very left leaning socialist view that the role of government is the provide as 'free' services to the public as possible.

In Scotland NHS prescriptions are free, university tuition fees are free, council tax is lower, Scotland has no 'bedroom tax' as well as a slightly lower income tax rate for poorer workers.

Scotland needs to choose if it should pursue independence and to face upto a likely reduction in living standards.

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The pound has lost significant value against the Euro since the Brexit referendum (The sell off actually began before the referendum)

How much further will it go? will the Euro reach parity with Pound sterling?

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Michael Buerk has come out saying that day people should be left to die to save the NHS money. He also claimed that obese people are 'weak and not ill'

Buerk also claims it's better for the environment and reduces over population if people die early.


Why German bonds are negative and what it means for the global economy, future quantitative easing and the potential breakup of the Euro currency.

German bonds are seen as a safe haven and while the global economy continues to decline investors are seeking safe assets.

Banks and large financial institutions are likely anticipating a further round of quantitative easing from the European Central Bank, and maybe speculating on an increase of bond prices when the ECB enter the market of large amounts of bond purchases.

The smart money in countries such as Italy, Greece and Spain is quite likely weighing up the risks of a collapse of the Euro currency, if this happens it would be prudent to have assets that are parked in Germany, since the bonds would be revalued in Deutsch Marks rather than Lira, Pesetas or Drachmae.

The protests in Hong Kong and how its portrayed in the UK media

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Are Extinction Rebellion hypocrites?

Photos have emerged allegedly showing a Extinction Rebellion protest boat being towed by a Land Rover Freelander.

Is this a useful protest or should XR 'be the change they want to see'?

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Boris Johnson has been growing in confidence in the UK's ability to leave the Eu on the 31 October 2019. Since Parliament has been looking to block any form of prorogation maybe Boris has a secret plan?

He could ask another European Union country to veto the extension of Article 50 which would mean the UK has to be ejected on the 31 October deadline.

UK political satire.

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn out celebrating Boris's win as the next Prime Minister.

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The Boris Johnson baby balloon flies in London today to protest the likely next Prime Minister of the UK.

The balloon shows an angry baby Boris Johnson with £350 million on the t-shirt, in reference to the £350 million that would be give to the NHS after Brexit.

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Ursula von der Leyen has said in a statement today she no longer supports a EU United States of Europe.

Pro-Federalist MEP's are disappointed by this,but others think this is a strategy to keep other countries on board while further integration takes place

BritBox is a new streaming service from the BBC and ITV.

It aims to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube Premium.

The service plans to upload content that was on BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, and also plans to produce its own original content from next year.

News today that the Conservative MP's are threatening to resign from Cabinet positions to stop Parliament being suspended.

Will we see a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson's government to prevent a 'no deal' Brexit

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The British Pound drops to 2 year lows as continued Brexit uncertainty looms.

London house prices drop 4.4 percent

Britain is bracing for a Brexit shock while it remains to be seen if the next UK Prime Minster will be able to deliver a withdrawal from the EU before the 31st October 2019

Ursula von der Leyen has been announced as the next President of the European Commission has confirmed the withdrawal agreement is non-negotiable, she would allow for an extension of the Brexit deadline.

Boris Johnson must now commit to pushing a No Deal Brexit through, he needs to make sure the Tory rebels now toe the party line, or the Conservative party risk being destroyed.

In my opinion I dont see Boris Johnson as brave enough to deliver on the 31 October, in which case its likely a general election or second Brexit referendum will have to be called.

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Ursula von der Leyen elected as next EU commission president and she is happy to agree to an extension of Article 50 if a good reason is provided.

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Gold or Bitcoin could be world currency. It's just a question or revaluing the price of these assets higher.

The global broad money supply is in the region of $91 trillon, how much would gold or a bitcoin have to go up to be able to cover this money supply.

The above ground reserves of gold are approximately 195,000 tons, the total number of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is 21 million.

From this it's easy to work out the ball park numbers for either a gold standard or bitcoin to become a world currency.

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Latest Unemployment data from the ONS shows that record low unemployment rates in the UK and that wages are rising to attract new workers.

'In spite' of Brexit, the world is facing a economic slow down, so this is positive news for the UK

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Read comments on Extinction Rebellion's official Facebook page.

The UK climate change group have gained popularity in Britain after a series of popular protests aimed at changing government policy to save the planet.

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Womens football (soccer) although growing in popularity still only brings in a fraction of the revenue of mens football.

In a Forbes article mens soccer players in the world cup earnt around 7% of total revenue, for female soccer the figure is around 22%.Women are paid more as a percentage of revenues earnt.

Jeremy Hunt calls to increase spending on the Royal Navy following the recent conflict with Iran.

The UK pushes ahead with the Digital Services tax, inspite of threats Donald Trump made this week.

Prince Charles says we only have 18 months to save the world from environmental disaster.

Theresa May says people only mocked her for crying as she is a woman.

Stowaways found inside Ferrari Formula 1 truck at Silverstone Grand Prix track.

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Facebook's community standards allowed violence as long as 'high severity' violence is directed only at those on Facebook's 'Dangerous Individuals and Organisations Policy'

Facebook App engagement is down 38% in the UK and I would anticipate such policy with further push away users.

Mark Zuckerberg has called from more regulation of social media, is this a tactic to stop smaller start up social medias taking Facebooks crown?

Leaked documents from the Telegraph show a lack of progress on a free trade between the UK and USA, Whitehall are blaming chronic staff shortages for the problems.

A solid trade deal between America and the UK is crucial for Britain to build a solid base for itself in a post Brexit world. one has to wonder if the civil servants in Whitehall are stalling on purpose.


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