Malta could be targeted to veto an extension of Article 50, thereby ejecting the UK from the EU on 31st October without a Withdrawal Agreement in place, the so called No Deal, or WTO Clean Break Brexit.

Will it happen, probably not, but £12/€12bn is only one years payment for the UK into the European Union so represents possibly good value.

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After saying he'd rather be 'dead in a ditch' than ask for an extension, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has capitulated and sent a letter asking the EU for an Article 50 extension, albeit on cheap photocopy paper and unsigned. Either way the European Union have received the letter and are considered the request.

As the days go on more institutions and Brexit figures come out saying Boris's deal is bad.

Can we trust Boris or is he selling out.

Is the Tory party more important to Boris than delivering Brexit at all costs?

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Boris Johnson indicated in Parliament that he will use a loop hole to avoid any extension of Article 50.

The Prime Minster said the law does not compel him to delay the UK remaining in the EU beyond 31st October.

This likely means Boris Johnson will use Article 51 of the Vienna Convention or the fact that Article 50 outweighs UK law, so regardless of the Benn Act, the UK leaves as stated in Article 50 on the 31 October.

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The European Union is winning on Brexit as the EU's biggest fear when the UK voted to leave is that other European countries followed Britain's led.

In 2016 there were 15 political parties across Europe pushing for a EU membership referendum in their countries, today this has faded completely, meaning the EU's agenda to make leaving the Union look almost impossible is working.

Now as the UK enters it's transitional period on leaving the EU, expect the every spanner to be thrown into the works to make it as difficult as possible.

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Has Boris Johnson's Brexit Withdrawal Agreement sold out Brexiteers? Is this what people voted for in the 2016 EU referendum.

I think this has been a masterful play from Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson and the senior Tories in pushing through a Brexit that the EU would agree to, but sooner or later the average Brexit supporter will realise the European Union still has alot of control over regulation in the UK.

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Helicopter money is a radical form of monetary stimulus, first coined by Milton Friedman and made famous more recently by former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

In a hypothetical situation a helicopter could be loaded with money, fly over a city and drop the money, citizens would collect this money from the streets and spend in the local economy, in theory driving economic growth.

With interest rates near zero and large amounts of Quantitative Easing already completed, is helicopter money the central banks final tool to preserve the economy and the fiat money system.

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Could the UK face civil disorder/riots if Brexit is extended beyond the 31 October 2019?

The mainstream consensus is underestimating the risk of not delivering Brexit.

When people feel they have no voice and not represented by their political leaders civil disorder is the common outcome.


Why Remain will always lose. Remain haven't learnt a thing since the 2016 EU referendum. They continue to treat Leave voters with contempt.

The Leave side would never have won the referendum without the support of the working class which overwhelming supports Brexit.

It's not surprising the working class support Brexit since the current crop of MP's look down on the working class, this was shown best in Emily Thornberry's infamous 'Rotherham' tweet.

Since then the view of many on the political class hasn't changed.

If Remain really wanted to win, they should do as Dominic Cummings suggests and get out of London and stop talking to rich Remainers.

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If Boris Johnson extends Article 50 delaying Brexit I'll be voting for the Brexit Party.

The risk of another Tory government is that even if Boris Johnson can manage to gain enough support for the Conservative party to do well in the next general election, what if he is toppled or is forced to resign?

We could easily be left stuck for 5 years with a Tory remainer government.

The safest outcome for Brexiteers is a Conservative and Brexit Party coalition government, led by Prime Minster Boris Johnson with oversight from Nigel Farage.

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The real reason the European Union doesn't want Brexit to happen. It's not about the money.

The UK pays a net contribution to the EU of around £11 billion per year, but the EU will continue operating without this money.

The real reason the EU don't want a successful brexit is because the EU has many serious problems including the unsustainable national debts, possible Euro currency collapse and a coming deep recession.

The EU must ensure Brexit is difficult as possible to stop other nations leaving the EU on the future.

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How the EU will federalise. With Brexit the European Union cannot allow any other European nation to leave, we should expect a push for federalisation over the next 5 years under incoming President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to lead the EU to becoming a political superstate.

Areas to expect the further integration of EU will be the EU Military, Eurobonds, EU income tax and sale tax, a much more assertive European Central Bank and more state security integration from agency's such as Europol.

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Boris Johnson's cabinet will resign if a no deal brexit goes forward.

This is a fresh problem for the Prime Minister who made sure back in July that all cabinet members would sign to say they would stick by brexit on 31 October deal or no deal.

While the Conservative party is in turmoil the Brexit Party looks on from the side lines.

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In a previous video I emailed Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid, now the Treasury have emailed back.

In the original email I outlined how those who are fiscally conservative are concerned about the growing national debt and the current increase in government spending which will only increase the budget deficit.

Long term the UK will be bankrupt if it continues down the current path.

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A ComRes poll for the Telegraph shows that the public will blame Parliament and Remain MP's if Brexit is delayed beyond the 31 October 2019, and not Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Extinction Rebellion is a political movement as much as a environmental protest.

With widespread protests planned in London and cities across the world, XR's agenda also includes tearing down free markets and capitalism.

In the last decades capitalism has lifted over a billion people out of extreme poverty.

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Boris Johnson could sabotage the European Union to force Britain out if Brexit is delayed beyond the 31 October.

Tactics could include voting down the EU budget and sending Nigel Farage as EU commissioner for the UK.

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The Liberal Democrats, who have been exposed in recent months as neither liberal nor democratic have decended into further chaos as comments emerge from a Lib Dem candidate saying fighting brexit is like fighting 1930's Germany.

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Boris Johnson's government has been reported as asking Hungary to veto an extension of Article 50, as a way of ensuring the UK leaves the EU on 31 October 2019.

I believe this is just a deception tactic by the government and the real strategy will be played nearer the time.

Hungary receives a net contribution from the EU of around €3 billion per year. Hungary is also likely to face punishment from the European Union if it disobeys EU policy by vetoing.

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Will Boris Johnson's deal to the European Union get approved?

The deal needs to be approved by the EU, and also pass a vote by UK Parliament and lastly needs to not to get a veto from any other EU nation.

Some back for a fag packet numbers.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fly a fleet of Range Rovers to Africa to transport them around.

The Palace could not find any armoured vehicles in in South Africa which is the world's capital on security vehicles.

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The reason the British working class voted for Brexit and are in favour of leaving the European Union is easy to understand once you look at downside risk versus upside potential.

The British workers in the lowest social groups voted for Brexit in a Lord Ashcroft Poll (social grades defined by the National Reader Survey)

Working class have felt the influx of workers competing for jobs, housing and the NHS much more than other groups.

Middle class and higher earners are usually much more insulated from the effects.

Therefore the downside risks of leaving the EU versus the potential upside is much greater for a working class person than those in the middle class and high earners.

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The latest attempt to smear Boris Johnson and Brexit, is that hedge funds supporting Boris Johnsons no deal brexit to short the Pound Sterling.

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After the UK Supreme Court's ruling that Boris Johnsons prorogation of Parliament was unlawful, can the Prime Minister still deliver brexit on the 31 October 2019.

The Mr Johnson has said many times the UK will leave the European Union on 31 October with or without a Withdrawal Agreement deal in place.

Mr. Johnson insists the UK is still on course for Brexit.

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The UK Shadow Chancellor has promised that the Labour Party will reduce the working week to 32 hours or 4 days.

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Remainers have one final option to stop a No Deal Brexit being pushed through by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

When MP's return to Parliament after prorogation in October and it looks like Boris Johnson will not be taking a Withdrawal Agreement exit from the European Union and leaving on No Deal terms.

The Remainers will have one last option to topple the PM through a vote of no confidence in the government. It's possible this would be done either by voting down the Queen's Speech, or a separate motion of no confidence under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011.

If the pro-EU MP's could pressue the Queen to dismiss Boris Johnson and appointment a Prime Minister that could have confidence of the House of Commons, the so called Caretaker government or government of national unity, this new PM could extend Article 50 and possibly call a second referendum.

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