Building Us is the last song played on this video of songs by Rob Mayes from his album Didn't Do This On My Own. This is video of Camp Blount and the surroundings in Fayetteville Tennessee. I took the pictures and video today September 22nd, 2022.

I put this video together one day while visiting with some friends in Petersburg and used a song by Billy Currington, "Good Directions" for the audio. It is an old town but this is where I spent a lot of time growing up having been born in Nashville in 1963. At Halloween the children have horse-drawn hayrides and Fire Trucks sit the city square giving out free candy. There is one building in town where the fiddle players gather every 2 weeks. We are Christians here in the agriculture belt, having places that haven't changed much in a hundred years.

This video is a collage of some river spots I like to visit. I used music performed by a band I listen to a lot for the audio, a band called Before The Dawn. The Lord Jesus Christ created these places in 6 days time and I am very appreciative.

Max is a 9 year old male Chow. I have been looking after his health along with the care of another Chow named Cujo and a Doberman Pinscher named Mama for 4 years. They belong to my neighbors. The temperatures were over 100 degrees when I made this video and Max was suffering from the heat.

This bridge is along the part of town near the jail and hospital, a road leading to an Auction House and then the square of Fayetteville Tennessee proper. There is a little drive-down place on one side you can go to watch the river from. On down from this point of the river is a place where giant birds roost. I guess they are called Cranes but do not know.

I love creeks and rivers and there are plenty throughout Lincoln County. This is middle Tennessee a few miles from the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Enjoy the peace of the river and read a book. This bridge hangs in the air but has nothing on either end. This particular point of the Elk River flows directly behind the Army National Guard facility off the Thorton Taylor Parkway in Fayetteville Tennessee.


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