Ark Official PvP _ Samurai Empire _ Valentine's Day Event with TPG-9DEmB07_FyI

It's finally upon us, the age of the $60 game. They've started to crack down on cheaters, and at long last started to fix the magnitude of bugs the initial release had to offer. Included in this, a bug that has caused me a lot of confusion and distress; The bug meant that the Ovis (sheep) couldn't be teleported. One of the slowest moving, least agile tames the game had to offer wasn't able to use the easiest form of transportation. At first it seemed to me to be a sick joke played on us by the developers. Though upon contacting several Ark representatives, filing several bug reports, and hearing nothing of the sort, it has left me to believe this was a serious problem. The likes of which they didn't know how to solve. This seems to have been the case, as until late there was no mention of this from the developers, until a teleporter issue which """disabled""" its use on Aberration servers was declared fixed in the change log. A side-effect of which seems to be the ability to finally teleport the Ovis. Still with no mention of the Ovis in the change log, it seems the developers would rather sweep the existence of this bug under the rug, pretend it had never crippled the game, though I feel we should be thankful to the developers for fixing this, whether it was done intentionally, or by proxy through fixing other bugs. It shows that the developers care enough to at least try to solve the more confusing bugs that the game has to offer. -LKD70.


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