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_one-Song _two-Loops _four-Samples _eight-beats _sixteen-ideas ~{OBS recorded me making a film and geting side tracked into a practise DJ-set then geting side tracked into a mash-up-idea-soup }~ I up load this vid ---> as a "101" on how to "terror-wave" 1) find a video to be used as a visual 'sink-track' mute it 2) find good jerry tecno-industreal make meny new tabs of the best shit 3) duplicate the tabs ,find sume good 0.72 , 0.5 , speeds 4) smerge them together using only stop-play till they sink -no volume just beat 5) dig out some ~~~songs~??? 5) practice loading them in to 5 little media players & pressing play till they sink end of one on begining of next 6) practice x2-3 time mixing using media player volume then RECORD -a white label 7) send to internet file convert MP4 TO WAVE 8) cleen up wave -wrong-beat-match or wrong beat order 9) get the wave and rerecord using OBS over the origenal visual-que-track this is called a record 10) repeat the last 10 steps till yo have Two records 11) practice mixing on two little medea players till you can visual sink song to song with one volume off ---then when you bring up the new beat using volum slider only two taps of the porz button, will sink at 1/3 volume, ready for, slide up to V=100 11) put white-tabel ONE on an old lap top, and white-label TWO on an old lap top and use,,,, aux out,,,, thru a mixer THRU a big Amp ,,,,,,and you too, will have the power of 'TERROR-WAVE


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