Oreo's Family & Friends

Out feeding the kitty's and I notice Lucy and Jessy eyes are half closed with crusty stuff. So I bring them in one at a time and apply the antibiotic ointment. They were so easy to work with for feral cats. Only I can get close to them. Its a Good thing because my neighbors don't like cats.😼❤ 子猫に餌をやっていたら、ルーシーとジェシーの目がカサカサしたもので半分閉じているのに気がついた。それで一匹ずつ連れてきて、抗生物質の軟膏を塗った。彼らは野良猫にしてはとても楽な仕事をしていた。近づくことができるのは私だけ。近所の人が猫嫌いなので、良かったです😼❤。

Jessy is a boy playing in my garden with his family. Hissy (mother) Oreo (Father) Junior (Brother) Lena (Sister). Sadly Oreo, Junior and Lena are no longer with us. I miss them all so much. 😿 ジェシーは、家族で庭で遊んでいる男の子です。ヒッシー(母)オレオ(父)ジュニア(兄)レナ(妹)。悲しいことにオレオ、ジュニア、レナはもう私たちと一緒ではありません。私は彼ら全員がとても寂しいです。😿 🎈

Maria searching for his family & tree climbing.ファミリー&ツリークライミングで検索しているマリア。

Jessy leads the way across the road. Tiger boy climbs a big pine tree.

Feeding Jessy, his 3 brothers, 2 tuxedo's, 1 tiger & 1 tiger sister. Jessy must have been in a fight defending his new territory. His eye has a big cut above it. There's goop closing it up too. I have some antibiotic eye ointment that will help him out.

My outside furry friends having fun in the biggest snow storm we've had in 39 years❄☕☃.39年間で最大の雪嵐の中で楽しんでいる私の外の毛皮の友人たち。

Maria of the outside tiger cats is being a daredevil. Maria is a brave kitty cat. 😸 マリアは勇敢な子猫です。

Clearing a path for Jessy and the kittens to come home.😸❄☃ ジェシーと子猫たちが帰ってくるまでの道筋を整える 😸❄☃

Jessy is defending the territory now that Oreo has past. He's the oldest son still living from the first litter. He's protecting his younger siblings, from the 2nd litter. He's a very good brother.😺

Getting ready to feed my Kitty's.😺 キティちゃんに餌をあげる準備をしています。😸

I went looking for Oreo when he was missing & found Jessy and his younger brother. 行方不明になったオレオを探しに行った&ジェシーと弟を発見。

Mama cat (Hissy) won't let any one into the heated A-frame cat house I built for them all. So Jessy and his 4 brothers & sister try & squeeze into a 22 gallon tote cat shelter to stay warm. ママ猫(ヒッシー)は、私が彼ら全員のために建てた暖房付きのAフレームのキャットハウスに誰も入れてくれません。だからジェシーと彼の4人の兄弟&妹は、22ガロンのトートキャットシェルターの中で温かく過ごそうとしています。


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I'd like to bring you the story of Oreo, the stray cat that showed up on my back patio around September 2019 with his girlfriend Hissy. It took 2 months of food & treats before I could pet Oreo & 3 months for Hissy. They have had 2 litters of Kittens since we meet. They stay in a barn across the road and bring their kittens over every night to eat. I built an A frame house for them with a heating pad inside. The top 1/3 of his left ear is bent at a 45 degree angle & his nose has constant scratches with many scares from defending his territory. I will be using security camera video, cell phone & sport XDV footage. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I do.😸
I Wanted to Include Oreo in this story about his family but sadly he past away around 11pm 2/11/21 in my arms from mysterious injury's. He disappeared in the early morning hours of Jan 31st, limping off into a snowstorm. Oreo disappeared for 5 days and finally made it back on the 5th of February. He hadn't missed supper in over 2 years, I was very worried. I took him to the Veterinary clinic and the doctor said Oreo had a 105 degree temperature, was dehydrated, ear was lacerated, eye infection in left eye and both eyes were badly bloodshot. They said it looked like a traumatic head injurie. I cared for him for 6 days but he couldn't pull though.
I would like to continue with telling and showing stories about Oreo's family and friends though his son Jessy. One day I would like to show you videos abut Oreo and what a wonderful cat he was, one day I will. Hissy is pregnant again. I'm pretty sure there Oreo's.