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What is a Pharisee? They are not just characters from the Bible. They epitomise hypocrisy and false teachings, and we are still dealing with them today in modern-day Christianity...probably even in your own church. If you don't want to be deceived by the Pharisees, as so many people were when Jesus walked the Earth, you need to learn to recognize them, and do all you can to avoid getting sucked in by their respectability and lukewarm doctrines.

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Backsliding is avoidable, but only if we stay humble before God. We all need to "take heed, lest we fall". Pride comes before a fall, so don't over-estimate your immunity to failure. Some say that salvation is predestined, or predestinated, by God; we have no say in the matter. This is often referred to as the "doctrine of election" and it is used to support the concept of "assurance of salvation". It's true that the elect can't be deceived, but it's not because true Christians have no say in the matter. Watch this video to understand this great paradox in Christianity.

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This study on the Book of Acts is the second in a mini series.It tackles dispensationalism head-on. Christians all agree that we must believe in Jesus, and many see something magical in his name. However, what does "in the name of” mean? For that matter, how do we "believe in" someone, without believing what they say? Sadly, that is what dispensationalists do and teach. They go so far as to teach that there is a separate gospel for Gentiles (non-Jews) to the one Jesus taught. These Lord, Lord "Christians” say that the gospel changed in the Book of Acts. Watch this video to see if that is true.

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A Voice in the Desert examines how man made traditions in the church have made the Word of God of no effect. They have many names: alter call, sacraments, rituals, sinner's prayer, emotional experiences, life changing experiences etc. What they all have in common is that they are religious traditions which are not directly based on anything Jesus taught. If we put our faith more in these experiences than in Jesus' message, then we will be misguided. There are many legalistic Christians today. These are modern Pharisees, who strain at gnats and swallow camels. In order not to be one of these, we must start obeying the teachings of Jesus today!

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This is a paraphrase of a well-known American theologian David Bentley Hart. He is refreshingly open about the standards Jesus set, and the need to follow them if we are to be genuine Christians. Hart says that New Testament Christianity, based on the teachings of Jesus, as well as on what other New Testament writers say, is one of extreme aversion to wealth. This is inconsistent with today's watered down version of Christianity, he says. Hart’s overview of the New Testament sees the writings of Paul and the teachings of Jesus as being consistent in their description of the relationship between God and money. Paul, says Hart, totally supports the need to obey Jesus. While first Christians like the desert fathers supported Christian communalism, other teachers justified accumulating wealth, and, contrary to the Bible, they became the leading voices of institutional Christianity. Jesus said "Woe to you who are rich!" and many scriptures support this view (James 5, 1 Timothy 6:10 and many others). It's time to stop making excuses for not following Jesus.

Watch "The Desert Fathers" here: https://youtu.be/A0toMSxi1tE

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Of all the strategies used to limit the spread of Covid-19 during this pandemic, one thing has shown itself to be most effective: government surveillance of citizens using CCTV, facial recognition, and mobile phone tracking. It may seem reasonable to employ such measures when dealing with something as serious as the novel coronavirus, but have you considered how these systems will continue to be used even after the pandemic has ended? This video will help you to see where this is all heading, and how these surveillance systems tie in perfectly with the Mark of the Beast.

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There is a doctrine which most self-professing Christians believe, at least in part, even though they probably don't know the name of it. It's called dispensationalism, and it is often used to argue against needing to obey the teachings of Jesus because, they say, we are now under 'grace'. This video Bible study on the Book of Acts gives examples of how the doctrine of the Apostles was really no different than Jesus' message. If you've ever asked yourself "Do we need to obey Jesus as Christians?" then this video will answer that according to recorded practices of the early Christians. Don't be fooled by false teachers who want to accuse you of "working your way to heaven" for simply wanting to obey Jesus.

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A Voice in the Desert recognizes that Jesus was known for associating with outcasts, publicans and sinners. Could it be that what brought about such strong persecution to Christ's ministry was this willingness to associate with those rejected by the world? Modern persecution of Christians in the West is quite rare nowadays, probably because there are so few who dare to be different from the rest of society. Jesus, outcast is offensive to those of us who fear rejection. Jesus uses a new wineskin, ready to be stretched, to illustrate the kind of people he is looking for! A Voice in the Desert YouTube channel hopes to be part of the coming change that Jesus wants in the world today. Are you ready to trade your old wineskins for new wineskins?

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Why is there so much division in Christianity? Partly because anyone who teaches something that is obviously true, but something that is, at the same time, different to how they do things, is called a “sect” or a “cult”. But what is a cult? Look closely, and you’ll see that it’s anyone who dares to challenge the institutional church. Jesus’ message is ignored everywhere. Worse than that, the church has rejected Jesus along with anyone who dares to suggest we take his teachings seriously.

Groups like Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists have been condemned by the religious establishment for their outspoken criticisms of it, even though most professing Christians could not coherently explain why they have such repulsion towards these groups. The right religion in the world is not found on a list put out by the World Council of Churches. The true church is the one founded firmly on the rock, on Jesus the Cornerstone. Let's get back to him. Let God be true, and every man (and every man-made religion) a liar.

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A Voice in the Desert asks: what is the purpose of a miracle? Does telling others about a miraculous experience in our lives, or does just experiencing miracles prove God's favor in our lives? This video explores the true purpose of a miracle and suggests that a genuine miracle is an intimate part of our relationship with God, not to be bragged about. There's a reason that Jesus often told the people he healed to keep it secret. Jesus was surprisingly quiet about his own super powers, and even his own supernatural nature, something we could all learn from.

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Resist the Devil and he will flee (James 4:7). In Luke 4 we read about three temptations of Jesus. From this story, we learn important lessons on how to deal with temptation as Jesus did. The kind of spiritual warfare that Jesus had with the devil teaches us how to deal with sin in our own lives; in particular greed, pride, and the lust for power and popularity. It's amazing how the devil's tricks have not changed much over the centuries. Watch this video to see the temptations of Jesus explained in a way that is relevant to all Christians who are serious about following the teachings of Jesus.

Don't know how to read the Bible or where to begin? Start with Jesus, the Cornerstone. Discipleship starts with getting to know the Master, and the best way to do that is to read Jesus' words for yourself.

The church world is so full of religious clichés that many valid Bible phrases have totally lost their meaning and become little more than church jargon. It's time to rediscover (or maybe discover) how to be born again, again. This video gives some pointers on how to read the Gospels in a way that we can become more effective for God. Here's a hint: put aside everything you've ever learned. It's time to sit at the feet of the Master and directly hear from Jesus.

This video takes a look at one of the early church movements which practiced obedience to the teachings of Jesus. An early ascetic, St. Anthony of the Desert (also known as St. Anthony the Great) read, "Sell everything you have and give to the poor". This changed his life, and by living these words out, in community with other believers, he helped propel a movement which greatly influenced the world at the time.

Movements which believe you should sell everything you own need not be limited to the early church. They can come alive today, and we can change the world for Jesus, if only we would have the faith to practice the teachings of Jesus.

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What Babylon means (literally) is “Confusion”. What a perfect description for the religious world today! The word is often used in reference to Catholicism, but this video looks at confusion in Evangelical and Pentecostal circles as well… including attempts at ecumenism.

Are the churches wrong? Look at the fruit. The greatest hope of the church in the 20th Century ended in false healings, exaggerated “miracles”, insane antics, and unbridled greed. Now others are wanting to start the false gospel all over again. Unwilling to exercise and teach real discipleship, live like the early Christians and practise radical obedience to Jesus, these lukewarm counterfeits will never make an impact for Jesus, much less cause a revival of genuine faith and love in a selfish and godless world.

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Romans 10 is the most popular place in the Bible to hear what Paul said about salvation. There are some slightly difficult Bible verses in this passage; but the real question is whether we should look to Paul or Jesus to find a reliable formula for salvation. Paul is favoured in churches promoting Calvinism. They focus on the need to believe Jesus rose from the dead, but do their actions reflect genuine belief even in that one theological statement? How much do they really believe that? This is one of several very good Bible studies aimed at untangling twisted Bible verses in the churches today.

In all the hype about the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, many of you may have overlooked the most significant - and arguably most likely - direction in which the world is now heading. This video examines the Mark of the Beast prophecy of Revelation 13 in relation to the cashless economic system that has been steadily gaining momentum over the past decade, and how the coronavirus pandemic is pushing that system even more quickly than before.

Whether it's politics or religion, the world ultimately divides itself into two sides, and during this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the world is dividing itself more than ever in the hopes of choosing the best political candidate to lead us to safety. Whether it's Left vs Right, or East vs West, you pick the side that lines up best with your political ideologies. But deep down, you know that neither side represents the ideal political system, and that you will always be left with one problem or another, regardless of who is in power. So what do you do? This video will show you.

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This is arguably Francis Chan's best sermon because of his clear emphasis on the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my Father who is in heaven."(Matthew 7:21) He finishes that passage by telling those that did not obey him, "I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.” In this sermon from Francis Chan Jesus’ words are highlighted. Praise God for that. He called it Christians who go to hell. Good for you, Francis Chan, best sermon yet!

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Church reformation today is as far away from a revival in Christianity as ever before. Jesus' message was about more than just "how to get to heaven", and while the original church understood that, the lukewarm churches these days have no idea about how to be a disciple of Christ. Watch this video to find out what Jesus wants from us. When we start doing that, it is guaranteed to bring about a radical global change that will usher in the return of Christ!

John 14:6 is often quoted to support how Jesus saves only those who perform some religious ritual to identify themselves as Christians. This video challenges us to take a radically different look at what it actually says. The John 14:6 sermon in this video asks, if Jesus is the way, the only way, then can non-Christians be saved? Most would say no. But consider how this teaching of Jesus relates to his statement to some on judgment day: “Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.” Or John’s statement that “Anyone who loves is born of God."

Viewers often ask, "Do I have to keep the Law?" "Do I have to keep the Sabbath?" and even, "Can I eat pork?". There is a growing movement which says we must follow both the law and Jesus. But in practice, Jesus’ message gets replaced with talk about how to fulfil the Torah. Old Covenant, New Covenant? Is it a choice or can we do both? This video looks more closely at this quote from Jesus: "I did not come to destroy the law but to fulfil it". To find truth through Jesus Christ, we must rationally examine what he really said.

What do Isaac and the Holy Spirit have in common?

People keep asking, "Who has the Holy Spirit?" and "Where is the Spirit?". As usual, Voice addresses these concerns by focusing on the teachings of Jesus. The words of Jesus and the Holy Spirit have a lot to do with one another, but it gets lost in religious talk about baptism, the gifts of the Spirit, speaking in tongues, and a lot of lying signs and wonders.

Pentecostals are most famous for popularizing doctrines relating to the Holy Spirit, and many people have been confused by it. But, by remembering important things Jesus said, we gain a deeper understanding of the role the Holy Spirit plays in the grand scheme of things.

Atheists and Christians have little common ground. Many Christians try to convert atheists by preaching the sort of things found in the Apostle's Creed, which focuses on theological faith in Jesus. Not surprisingly, this method is fairly ineffective!

This video takes a look at the Historical Jesus, which is an academic term for a Jesus without miracles. The goal is to see if there is evidence for Jesus that both Christians and academics can agree on as a starting place for dialogue. In particular, it considers whether the Jesus of the Bible, has anything to offer academics who are prepared to confront the historical words of Jesus.

Can sincere academics apply such an empirical method to the historical sayings of Jesus and, in doing so, find evidence for faith in his teachings, whether or not they believe in anything supernatural?

Quantum computers and AI are playing an increasingly bigger role in our day to day lives...and you may not even be aware of it! But what is a quantum computer? This video will answer that question, and it will also tell you how this technology could be used to implement the Mark of the Beast (666) mentioned in Revelation 13.

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Most Christians believe that all of the Bible is inspired, or God breathed. Does that mean that all of the Bible is equal in authority, or that all of it is infallible? There seem to be errors in the Bible, and that seems to include the four Gospels. How can we believe in the authority of the Gospels, if we do not believe them to be perfect? This video will help you to discern truth without needing blind faith in biblical dogmas, or the false doctrines which stem from using proof texts to support them, with many of those false doctrines leading to disobedience to the teachings of Jesus, who is the Word of God.

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Jesus came to start a new nation called the Kingdom of God. His teachings are the cornerstone of this new Kingdom. But the churches left out Jesus' teachings and replaced him with a counterfeit. It's time to point people back to the real Jesus.