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Poor mixed race racist Akala is deeply ashamed of his white heritage and his white mother. This guy is so conflicted and confused over his identity. I feel slight pity for him and his deep rooted psychological issues.

As I grew up I became embarrassed by my mother's whiteness:

A surprisingly good dialogue. This person was reasonable and nowhere near as far gone as I feared. For those of you unfamiliar this conversation came as a consequence of me being censored while commenting on articles on the internal website of my employer.

Work censorship Part 1: (23/5/18)

Work censorship update Part 2: (14/6/18)

Work censorship update Part 3: (28/6/18)

Work censorship update Part 4: (29/7/18)

I represent Earthling Carl accurately

An update on my last update...

Reporting restrictions were rescinded. I don't know when exactly.

Ezra Levant summary:

The savvy state have imposed a reporting restriction for tomorrow (18/7/18). I'm not abiding by it.

Michelle's video on the Free Tommy movement:

Only 15% of Londoners voted for Sadiq Khan:

Make my hat tolerated again:


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