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Computing Forever video:

Best not to mimic your enemy

You used to be funny Jim, what happened?

Jim Jefferies on religion:

Ali Rizvi and his wife Alishba Zarmeen are racists and bigots.

Make my hat tolerated again:

Thw brains behind AOC part 2:

Gun debate:
Kaitlin Bennett lies:
London vs New York 2018 Murder rates. Facts over partisan narratives (1/1/19):

Politico justifies Cambridge decision and Cambridgeshire Police conduct:

Ezra levant speaks to Tommy around 00:59:

Julia Ebner is a liar:

Quilliam apologise to Tommy Robinson on BBC:



How high does this go?

Ezra Levant report:

MCU had very a good run but it's next 10 years will see a massive decline.

Tim Pool Captain Marvel review:

Nerdrotic Captain Marvel review:

Brie Larson is a racist, sexist and misandrist:

Tommy details his past persecution:

Paul Weston details recent Contempt of Court related persecution:

Woke Carl continues to be woke on Red Pills.

Woke Carl being a racist:

Woke Carl "proof" that Evil Juice run tings:

Right wing woke (Red pilled) Jewish conspiracy theorist Squatting Slav thinks calling someone a "Zionist" and linking Guardian hit pieces is an argument

Anti Jewish Canard:

Come all ye Jew haters:

Let's blame the Jews:

Squatting Slav and his linked Guardian fake news:

Times hit piece on Tommy's alleged finances:

Tell Mama Islamofauxbia; Muslims safer in Britain than in their own countries. Muslims physically assaulted in Britain at a rate 90x LOWER than non Muslims:

Stand up to Racism physically assault me unprovoked:

Faf left violence outside Lewisham hustings 2018:

"Hate crime" definition, explanation:

Far right:

Terrorism in Britain:

Matthew Collins:

Up to 35,000 "Islamist fanatics" in Britain:

HNH fake stats:

HNH exposed:

6oodfella reports Surgeon for "Hate crime":

Jonaya reports David Lammy for "hate crime:

If you want to reduce Muslim problems in the west you need to reduce the number of Muslims in the west and restrict Islam.

Muslim problems in Britain:

Criticism of Islam vs criticism of Muslims (part 2):

To be fair, I also missed the reason for Tommy's Facebook ban in my first video on it

Politico video:

My video on why Tommy was banned:

Facebook justification for ban:

My thoughts on Panodrama

Tom Dupre Jonaya English interview:

Big tech maffia censor Tommy Robinson:


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