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I hate censorship and lies !

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Video published on 27/11/2023 following the riots in Dublin in reaction to the stabbings of 5 Irish people, including 3 children, by an Algerian immigrant who should have been expulsed 20 years ago

2023 documentary debunking the lies about the death of George Floyd : He was NOT killed by the Police !
0:01:20 The arrest
0:21:00 The fall of the 3rd district
0:37:40 The autopsy
0:51:30 The trial
1:16:50 The aftermath and the right side of history

Video published on 24/11/2024 following the stabbing of 5 Irish people, including 3 children, in Dublin by an Algerian immigrant.

Video published on the 17/11/2023 (yes dd/mm/yyyy as everybody on Earth does because it's the most logical way... except Americans for some reason)

There are stark differences between The Synagogue and The Church.
Judeo-Christian’ serves to impose the notion that Judaism possesses the requisite root of Christianity. But is this view correct?
source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VEl7ySmjkI
(I just back it up in case YT would delete it)

Main part of the stream made by Devon Stack on 11/11/2023 in which he reveals that the SPLC has declared war on him and explains what is this organisation that makes hundreds of millions of dollars by doing anti-white actions (lawsuits, censorship, propaganda, and so on)

Video published on X (formely known as Twitter) in Nov 2023

Video published on 7 Nov 2023 following the scoop by Steven Crowder of the leaked anti White manifesto of the crazy trans mass shooter that the authorities were hiding.
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Video published on 04 Nov 2023 by Blackpilled (Devon Stack)

Video published 30/10/2023

Video published on 28/10/2023 by the History Legends Youtube Channel which warns the West that the winter offensive is coming from Russia and is going to be devastating, especially since a part of the weapons that were planned to be sent to Ukraine are being re-routed to Israel.

Video published by Paul Joseph Watson on 23/10/2023

Extract of the video published on 'JFG Tonight' on 22/10/2023 in which JFG gives his opinion on the Israel vs Gaza conflict and more generaly on the JQ
Source : https://odysee.com/@JFGTonight:0/jfgt973:9

Main content (intro and hyperchats at the end removed) of the Blackpilled Insomnia Stream published on 19 october 2023 in which Devon Stack gives the history of Israel secret nuclear program, how they've managed to get it, how important it is for them, and the odd relationship Israel has with the USA especially since they assassinated JFK in order to protect this nuclear program.
He also talks about the hospital bombing in Gaza, which can only have been made by Israel contrary to what all the (Jew own) mass media and social media pretend.

Video published on 19 Oct 2023

Extract of the Blackpilled Insomnia Stream (by Devon Stack) of the 15 Oct 2023 in which he gives some important truths that everybody (especially the retards who believe what he says) should know about Ben Shapiro

Blackpilled (Devon Stack) published this video on 12 oct 2023 in which he compares how Jews behave regarding immigration in their country, Israel, VS how they behave in the USA (and Europe).

Blackpilled (Devon Stack) published this video on 12 oct 2023 in which he reminds younger people that the current 40 beheaded babies story (with not a single picture) we hear from Israel this last days is the same kind of war propaganda story than the one (proven fake by journalists but way too late) used in 1992 to convince the US people and politicians to launch the Desert Storm operation against Iraq.

Video published by Paul Joseph Watson on 13 oct 2023

Video published by Paul Joseph Watson on 11/10/2023

Video published by Scott Adams on 12 oct 2023

Video published on 11 oct 2023


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