In 2011 me and a friend made a short action film on my iPod Touch. Over the next couple years we tried to make it into somewhat of a series. We ended up bringing in my cousin, and had a huge plan for a story and chase scene. However, at the time I had no idea how to edit that on iMovie. So years later, after graduating and getting Final Cut Pro, I decided to edit NGMW 3.

This is a compilation of every episode, along with every blooper I could find. Hope you enjoy this invention of 9th graders.

Watch the originals at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL69EAA8DC7B3825FF

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The PSP has quickly become my favorite handheld, and in the last year I have found so many cool things for it. Here's a look at everything that's on my PSP, as well as why you should get one too! If you're interested in buying a PSP from me please email me at [email protected]


Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3ri2Xq2EZpioMx1Sn_3nEKClJrGkcOZG

I've been enjoying the PS3 since I got mine in 2009. Not only was it a great console then, but the familiarity of just being able to pop in a game and play it has lead me to play it just as much as my new consoles. I made this video, kind of in a rant-y fashion, to explain my absolute love for the PS3 even in 2022.

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This has been a project of mine for awhile. I've been riding quads since I was 7 years old, and playing ATV Offroad Fury since I was 9. The past year I've been trying to find the best ATV racing game out there, and here are my finding so far! Hope you enjoy.

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Published Jan 3, 2015

So these are some pretty cool headphones I got for Christmas. Basically the successor to the PlayStation Pulse headphones.

Watch more unboxings here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtqwOydH1vc&list=PL3ri2Xq2EZpjMHt5xHCq4aJN2lXe6u80C

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Published Feb 19, 2012

This is a random action comedy short me and my friend made in the early days of my YouTube channel. It was filmed on an iPod Touch and edited using iMovie HD and then reimported onto iMovie 11 for addition effects. This video was the first live action video of ours that was directed by nsusie, instead of me.

Published Oct 28, 2014

Klonoa is a very memorable game from my childhood. After making this video I went on to collect every Klonoa game, and would recommend you take a look into the series as well. There is even going to be a remastered bundle coming out on Switch, PS4 and PS5 later this year.

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Published Jan 6, 2014

Well this was all because of a dare. Hope you enjoy the cringe.

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Published Jan 7, 2014
One of my first serious reviews. It's not the best review, but I spent 4 hours doing re takes, so i did my best :l

This was a silly AMV I originally made for Facebook, but got taken down.

Published Mar 6, 2013

This was my first co-op Let's Play with my friend Nick, who at the time went by Nsusie. Enjoy our shenanigans.

Originally Published Aug. 30th 2011 on YouTube (my third ever video).


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Hi! My name’s Alec Pavlik, but through some convoluted logic, I became known as Apav in the gaming community. When I started posting gaming related content on YouTube, nearly a decade ago, it was because I wanted to share video games with the world. However since then I’ve realized that the market for gameplay and reviews is simply oversaturated. Because of this, and that I’ve always wanted to share the love I believe Christ has given to me, I’ve decided the best way of adding to the gaming community is to introduce more people into that hobby on a personal level. So I hope you join me in playing some games, and helping out other's trying to join in on this awesome hobby :)

In 2022 I decided to branch outside of YouTube, both as a precaution against censorship, but also to reach a broader community of gamers. You can find me on YouTube, BitCHUTE, Odysee and Facebook. Once I secure a better ISP I plan on expanding to Twitch and maybe even DailyMotion.

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I do not accept random friend requests on my main PSN account. If I do end up doing any community based events on PSN I will use the account "apav5s_youtube"