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Ted Bundy, an infamous serial killer responsible for the murder of as many as 50 young women and girls, granted an interview to psychologist James Dobson just before he was executed on January 24, 1989. In that interview, he described the agony of his addiction to pornography. Bundy goes back to his roots, explaining the development of his compulsive behavior. He reveals his addiction to hard‐core pornography and how it fueled the terrible crimes he committed.

Still think porn is harmless. Think again!


This judge speaks with such conviction. Thank you for giving the maximum penalty allowed! ⚖️


On today's show Executive Producer Leanna Borsellino Swingler joins us to discuss her documentary, "Another Child".

From the time she was 3, Leanna knew what her cousin did to her body behind closed doors was wrong. Still, shame kept her from telling anyone for many years. When she finally found the courage to tell her mother, the startling response caused Leanna to choose silent torment for several more years to come.

Why did Leanna’s mother repress her cry for help? ANOTHER CHILD is director Leanna Borsellino’s attempt to unravel the confusing maze of emotion, religion, sexuality and family history to grasp her mother’s triggers, and why she failed to protect her daughter. Finally reunited, Leanna and her mother Cyndi set out on a cross-country journey to rediscover their true selves, and to attempt to right some wrongs.

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People often ask me why I am passionate about the issue of human trafficking and child exploitation. For almost as long as I can remember, I have had the desire to stand up for the underdog and fight against injustice. I believe in the dignity and value of every human life, and in fighting for those who don’t have a voice.

In light of all the problems in the world today, it’s hard not to lose hope. This is why educational outlets, organizations, and non-profits dedicated to fighting human trafficking are so important. We find hope through the work that they do and the solutions they provide; from those who put their lives on the line to take down traffickers, pimps, and johns to those who offer support and healing to victims on their road to recovery.

It is my hope that with Mad Trafficking I can make a difference by shining a light not only on human trafficking but also on the good work these organizations are doing.

When people hear the words “human trafficking” they often think of a scene from the movie “Taken”: women drugged, kidnapped, and forced into prostitution. While situations like this do exist (and must be stopped), the issue is even more extensive than we would like to think.

How would your perspective change if you learned that exploitation and abuse impacted almost every facet of your life?

Victims of human trafficking can be found in high schools, their bodies sold so that their boyfriend or girlfriend can earn money or drugs. They can be in restaurants, working long hours for little to no pay under the threat of deportation. They can be seen in pornographic films or photoshoots, being forced to work under duress or under the false promise of “making it big”.

The clothes that we wear can be made by adults and children that are forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions. The produce and coffee we enjoy is often picked by migrant workers that are coerced to work long hours without receiving the pay they were promised.

When the Super Bowl ..

"This class, your class isn't just doing work that has to be done, you're joining in the work that has to be done. You chosen ones are going to form the new structures and define the new realities and make the NEW WORLD." - Tom Hanks Commencement Speech Wright University 5/2/2020

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An Ex-Prosecutor Breaks Down the 'Sex Cult' Trafficking Case Against NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere. The broad strokes of the celebrity trial are not all that different from cases against street-level pimps.

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I wanted to share this life-changing book with our audience. We'll be discussing childhood trauma and abuse in many of our upcoming shows.

The Drama of the Gifted Child is a bestselling book on childhood trauma and the enduring effects of repressed anger and pain.

Why are many of the most successful people plagued by feelings of emptiness and alienation? This wise and profound book has provided millions of readers with an answer--and has helped them to apply it to their own lives.

Far too many of us had to learn as children to hide our own feelings, needs, and memories skillfully in order to meet our parents' expectations and win their "love." Alice Miller writes, "When I used the word 'gifted' in the title, I had in mind neither children who receive high grades in school nor children talented in a special way. I simply meant all of us who have survived an abusive childhood thanks to an ability to adapt even to unspeakable cruelty by becoming numb.... Without this 'gift' offered us by nature, we would not have survived." But merely surviving is not enough. The Drama of the Gifted Child helps us to reclaim our life by discovering our own crucial needs and our own truth.

For the second time within 18 months, a man has died at the West Hollywood home of wealthy Democratic donor Edward Buck,


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Producer, John Paul Rice, joins Robin & Jeremy to discuss a variety of topics, including election fraud, child advocacy and his latest film, A Child's Voice.

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In this interview, from The Deep Show Episode #2, comedian Sam Tripoli sounds off on his feelings about Kevin Hart, the #MeToo movement, Hollywood, the Oscars and censorship. [WARNING: Language]

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Rapper and activist Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on The Illuminati.

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Dispenza
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